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The Canadian 

Year Book 


Published under the direction of 

The Congregational Union of Canada 

Congregational Publishing Co, 



Government, Municipal 

and Corporation 


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Elected Chairman for 1924 of the Congregational Union of 

Canada, June 7th, died on July 26th, 1923. 


Canadian Congregational 
Year Book 











Volume No. 31 


Printed for the Congregational Publishing Committee by 
Douglas Brothers 

Price 35 cents 


Congregational Institutions , 3 

Congregational Union of Canada 5 

Officers and Executive for 1923-24 5 

Constitution 6 

Standing Rules 6 

Annual Meetings 9 

Ministerial Members 10 

Licensed Pastoral Supplies .• 11 

Minutes of Union, Annual Meeting 11 

Church Union Committee Report .,.. 12 

Young People's Department Report 18 

Membership Committee Report 20 

Executive Committee Report 22 

Apportionment and Receipts 26 

Treasurer's Report (Union, Office and Y. P. Department) 27-32- 

Forward Movement Pi.eport 33-36 

Nominating Committee Report 37 

Publishing Committee Report 38 

Military Service Committee Report 41 

Social Service Committee Report 41 

Resolution Committee Report 44 

Canada Congregational Missionary Sqciety 46 

Officers and Committees 46 

Constitution 46 

Annual Meeting 49 

Form of Bequest 49 

Annual Report 50 

Immigration Department Report 56 

Treasurer's Report 58-66 

Canada Congregational Foreign Missionary Society 69 

Officers and Committees 69 

Constitution : 69 

By-laws 70 

Form of Bequest 70 

Minutes of Annual Meeting 71 

Annual Report 73 

Prayer Mission Department Report 76 

Educational Secretary's Report 77 

Treasurer's Report ". 77-89 

Congregational College of Canada 90 

Board of Governors, Senate, Faculty and Ladies' Auxiliary 90 

Form of Bequest 91 

By-laws 91 

Graduates 93 

Annual Meeting 97 

Board of Governors' Report 98 

Senate Report 99 

Librarian's Report 101 

House Committee's Report 102 

Treasurer's Report 102-106 

Congregational Union of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 109 

Canada Congregational Woman's Board of Missions Ill 

Officers and Committees Ill 

Annual Meeting Ill 

Financial Statement 113-114 

Provident Fund Society 115 

Officers and Directors : 115 

Beneficiaries and Annuitants 115 

By-laws 116 

Annual Meeting 121 

Secretary's Report 122 

Treasurer's Report 123-126 

Association Directory 127 

Summary of Statistics 13.1 



Congregational Union Of Canada (formerly of Ontario and Quebec) — 
Chairman for 1923, Rev. J. Lambert Alexander, B.D., Hamilton, Ontario; 
Chairman for 1924, Rev. Hugh Pedley, D.D., (obit.) ; Recording Secre- 
tary, Rev. R. Wilson Carr, Cowansville, Que. ; General Secretary, Rev. Dr. 
Gunn, 137 Confederation Life Bldg., Toronto. 

Congregational Union Of Nova Scotia And New Brunswick — Chair- 
man, Rev. G. W. Ball. Liverpool N.S. ; Secretary, Mr. J. W. Flewwelling, 
69 Prince William St., St. John, N.B. ; Treasurer, Mr. A. E. Williams, Yar- 
mouth, N. S. 

Congregational Association of Quebec — Moderator, Rev. M. H. San- 
derson, Montreal, Que. ; Scribe, Rev. T. W. Jones, M.A., Montreal, Que. ; 
C.C.M.S. Representative, Rev. A. E. Teale, Waterville, Que. 

Western Congregational Association — President, Mr. J. B. Waugh, 
Stratford, Ont. ; Secretary, Rev. M. T. Walker, Stoney Creek. 

Toronto District Congregational Association — President, Rev. W. R. 
Mackay, Toronto; Secretary-Treasurer, Rev. W. J. D. Gibson, Birchcliff, 

Canada Congregational Missionary Society — Eon. President, Kev. 
Hugh Pedley, D.D. ; President, W. J. Aitchison, Hamilton; Secretary, Eev. 
W. T. Gunn, M.A., D.D., 137 Confederation Life Bldg., Toronto; Treasurer, 
H. W. Barker, 137 Confederation Life Bldg., Toronto; Superi^itendent of 
Immigration, Eev. T. W. Jones, M.A., 4206 Dorchester St., West, Montreal; 
Educational Secretary, Rev. A. L. Richards, Toronto, Ont. 

Congregational Church Extension Society of Western Canada {Incor- 
porated). — President, Arthur Wickson, Winnipeg; Vice-President, James 
Hooper, Winnipeg; Treasurer, F. C. Hamilton, Winnipeg. 

Canada Congregational Foreign Missionary Society — Eon. President, 
Rev. E. Munson Hill, D.D. ; President, Rev. E. C. Woodley, Montreal ; Secret- 
ary, Geo. A. Moore, 359 Querbes Ave., Outremont, Que.; Treasurer, H. W. 
Barker, 137 Confederation Life Bldg., Toronto. 

Canada Congregational Woman's Board of Missions — Acting President, 
Mrs. C. R. Crowe, Guelph ; Secretary, Miss Ef f ie A. Jamieson, 137 Confeder- 
ation Life Bldg., Toronto; Treasurer, Mrs. M. H. Haight, 18 Boswell Ave., 

Congregational College of Canada — Principal, Eev. David Lakie Eitchie, 
D.D. ; Board of Governors, Chairman, Charles Gurd, Montreal; Treasurer, 
Thomas Moodie, 30 St. John Street, Montreal; Secretary, Alexander McA. 
Murphy 76 Bleury Street, Montreal. 

Congregational Publishing Company — President, F. J. Smith, Toronto; 
Secretary-Treasurer, J. H. Pedley, 43 Harbord St., Toronto ; Messrs. 
D. Hilton, Robt. Wightman, C. A. Tubby, and Rev. A. L. Richards, Canadian 
Congregationalist and Year Book Editor, H. W. Barker, 137 Confederation 
Life Bldg., Toronto; Assoc. Editor, Rev. Dr. Gunn. 

Congregational Provident Fund Society — Chairman, Charles Gurd 
Montreal; Secretary, W. H. Black, Montreal; Treasurer, Thomas Moodie, 30 
St. John Street, Montreal. 

Young People's Dept. — President, Rev. J. L. Alexander, Hamilton, Ont. 
Secretary , A. P. McNabb, 105 Donlands Ave., Toronto ; Treasurer, 
H. W. Barker, 137 Confederation Life Bldg., Toronto. Editor Y. P. Dept. 
'Congregationalist' , Rev. T. DeC. Rayner, Watford, Ont. 



Congregational Union of England and Wales — Chairman for 1923- 
1924, Rev. A. R. Henderson, M.A., D.D., ; Chairman for 1924-1925, Rev. 
Arthur Pringle ; Secretary, Rev. S. M. Berry, M.A., 22 Memorial Hall, 
Farringdon Street, London, England ; Treasurer, Sir R. Murray Hyslop, J. P. ; 
Chief Clerk, Mr. C. Stancliff. 

Colonial Missionary Society — Office, 20 Memorial Hall, Farringdon 
Street, E.C.4. ; Chairman, Rev. H. Elvet Lewis, M.A., London; Secretary 
Emeritus, Rev. D. Burford Hooke, D.D., (Henleaze, Bristol) : Secretary, 
Rev. A. G. Sleep; Treasurer, Mr. Alfred W. Sully. 

London Missionary Society — Chairman, Dr. W. C. Bentall, Southport; 
Vice -Chairman, Rev. W. Hopkyn Rees, D.D., (late of China) ; Foreign Secre- 
taries, Rev. Frank Lenwood, M.A., F. H. Hawkins, LL.B. ; Home Secretary, 
Rev. W. Nelson Bitton; Treasurer, Wm. Somervell, J. P., Offices, 48 
Broadway, Westminster, London, S.W. 1. 

London Union of Congregational Churches — Chairman, 1923, Mr. J. A. 
Simpson, LL.B., Woodford; Chairman for 1924, Rev. F. J. Barson, Penge ; 
Secretary, Rev. R. J. Evans, M.A., Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, Lon- 
don, E.C.4. ; Treasurers, Mr. Harry Barber and Mr. Alex. Glegg, J. P. 

Congregational Union of Scotland — Chairman, Rev. A. Ritchie, M.A., 
Glasgow; Treasurer, Mr. George Wolfe, J. P., Millburn Bathgate; Secretary, 
Rev. A. G. B. Sivewright, M.A., 39 Partickhill Road, Glasgow. 

The Union of Welsh Independents — Chairman, Rev. W. Pari Huws, 
B.D., Dolgelly ; Secretary, Rev. T. B. Matthews, Barry Dock ; Treasurer, 
Mr. John Beynon, Cardiff. 

Ireland — Chairman, Rev. W. J. Todd; Treasurer, Mr. A. E. Macfarlane, 
133 Royal Avenue, Belfast; Secretary, Rev. W. J. Todd, Ballynahinch, 
Co. Down. 


National Council of the Congregational Churches of the United 
States, 289 Fourth Avenue, New York — Officers for 1923 Moderator, Rev. 
William E. Barton, D. D. ; Secretary, Rev. Charles E. Burton, D. D. ; 
Treasurer, F. F. Moore. 

The Congregational Home Missionary Society, 287 Fourth Ave- 
nue, New York. General Secretary, Rev. E. M. Halliday, Sec. of Missions, 
Rev. Frank L. Moore, D.D. ; Treasurer, Charles H. Baker; Secretary Wo- 
man's Dept., Miss Miriam L. Woodberry. 

The Congregational Sunday School Extension Society, 289 Fourth 
Ave., New York — General Secretary, Rev. E. M. Halliday, Extension Secretary 
Rev W. Knighton Bloom, D. D. ; Treasurer, Charles H. Baker. 

The Congregational Church Building Society — 287 Fourth Avenue, 
New York. General Secretary Rev. E. M. Halliday, Church Building Secretary, 
Rev. James Robert Smith, D. D. ; Treasurer, Charles H. Baker. 

Congregational Education Society, 14 Beacon St., Boston, Alass. — 
General Secretary, Rev Frank M. Sheldon ; Social Service Secretary, Rev, 
A. E. Holt; Treasurer, J. B. Robson; Missionary Educational Secretary, 
Rev. Herbert W. Gates, D.D. 


The Woman's Board of Missions^ 508 Congregational House, 14 
Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. — President, Mrs. Franklin H. Warner; Trea- 
surer, Mrs. Frank Gaylord Cook; Home Secretary, Miss Helen B. Calder; 
Foreign Secretary, Miss Kate G. Lamson; Editorial Secretary, Miss Alice 
M. Kyle. 

American Board of Commissioners For Foreign Missions, — 14 Beacon 
Street, Boston, Mass. — President, Rev. Edward C, Moore, D.D. ; Cor. — 
Secretaries, Jas. L. Barton, D.D., Cornelius H. Patton, D.D. ; William E. 
Strong, D.D. ; Treasurer, Frederick A. Gaskins ; Editorial Secretary, Rev. 
Enoch F. Bell; Associate Secretaries, Rev. D. Brewer Eddy, D.D., and 
Rev. Ernest W. Riggs ; Publishing and Purchasing Agent, H. L. Meeken. 


In this Union are merged the organization existing for fifty-three years 
as the Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec, and the organization 
existing for sixty years as the Congregational Union of Nova Scotia and 
New Brunswick. 



Chdirvian 1923 : — Rev. J. Lambert Alexander, B.D. 

Chairman 1924 :— Rev. Hugh Pedley. D.D., (Obit.) 

General Secretary : — Rev. Wm. T. Gunn, D.D. 

Recording Secretary : — Rev. R. Wilson Carr. 

Treasurer : — Mr. H. W. Barker. 

Statistical Secretary : — Rev. W. J. D. Gibson. 

Supt. Young People's Dept.-.—Rcv. J. Lambert Alexander, B.D. 

Executive : — Rev. Frank Sanders, Rev. I. W. Pierce, Rev. Dr. D. L. 
Ritchie, Rev. Dr. W. H. Warriner, Rev. George Adam. Rev. A. F. Pollock, 
B.D., Rev. W. G. Martin, Rev. G. Ellery Read, D.D., Rev. W. J. D. Gibson, 
Messrs. E. J. Joselin, Richard Hooper, Lome V. Johnstone, D. Hilton, 
J. G. Fuller, W. A. Hollinrake, W. J. Aitchison, Mrs. C. R. Crowe, and 
representative of Maritime Union. 

Consulting Alcnibers of the Union Executive: — Rev. M. H. Sanderson, 
Rev. John Murray, Rev. T. W. Jones, M.A., Rev. M. T. Walker. Rev. H. I. 
Horsev, Messrs. W. H. Smith, William Rettie. Fred Robins. Judge S. P. Leet. 
J. H. Pedley, J. B. Waugh. 



I. — That the name of this Association be "The Congkegational Union 
OP Canada." 

II. — That it shall consist of rinngregational churches and of ministers of 
the same church order receis^ed at a general meeting, and of those 
laymen who have been chairmen of the Union and are members of its churches. 

III. — That this Union is founded on the full recognition of the autonomy 
of the local churches, and therefore it shall not, in relation to them, assume 
legislative or administrative authority, or in any case become a court of appeal. 

IV. — That the following are the objects contemplated in its formation: 
1. To promote evangelical religion in connection with the Congregational de- 
nomination. 2. To cultivate brotherly affection and co-operation in every- 
thing related to the interests of the associated churches. 3. To establish a 
fraternal correspondence with similar bodies elsewhere. 4. To address an 
annual or occasional letter to the associated churches, accompanied with such 
information as may be deemed necessary. 5. To obtain accurate statistical 
information relative to the Congregational Churches throughout the British 
American Provinces. 6. To hold consultation on questions of interest con- 
nected with the cause of Christ in general. 7. To receive and administer such 
funds or other property as may at any time be given or entrusted to it. 

V. — To promote the accomplishment of these objects, and the general 
interests of the Union, an annual meeting of its members shall be held, each 
of the associated churches being represented by two lay delegates, the meeting 
to be held at such time and place as may be appointed at each annual meeting. 

VI. — That the ofl&cers of this Union be a chairman, General Secretary, 
Field Secretary, Kecording Secretary, Treasurer and Statistical Secretary, 
and the Superintendents of departments appointed by the Union. That a 
committee of sixteen — eight to be laymen — shall also be elected annually 
who, with the officers, shall be the Executive Committee of the Union. The 
duties of the Executive shall be as follows: (l)To act as an Advisory 
Board with the General Secretary; (2) Eo prepare business for and make 
reports of the Union; (3) To carry out instructions of the Union; (4) To 
act for the Union in matters which may arise between sessions. 

VII. — The various kinds of work of the Union may be committed for culti- 
vation and guidance to departments with a Superintendent and committee for 

VIII. — That alterations may be made in this Constitution at any annual 
meeting, providing that notice of such alterations has been given at the meeting 
preceding, or published in at least four issues of The Canadian Congregation- 
alist preceding the meeting. 

I. Membership 

(A) Applications for admission to the U^ioH) whether by churches or min- 
isters, should be made in writing; and after having been read to the Union 
shall be referred to a standing committee on membership. 

(B) Churches applying for membership shall present a certificate of mem- 
bership in the Association of their district, or if in territory not organized as 
an Association, the written recommendation of three members of the Union. 

(C) Ministers applying for membership shall present their certificates 
of membership in a Congregational Church and in the Association within 
whose bounds they reside, or if resident in territory not organized as an 
Association, the written recommendation of three members of the Union. 


(D) Ministers, being members of a Congregational Church, who bear 
regular letters of transfer from a kindred Congregational organization 
and those who furnish evidence of having completed a course of study- 
in the Congregational College of Canada, and those who have passed 
the Three Years' Union Course under the care of an Association or of 
the Union Executive, and having been ordained to the ministry, may be re- 
ceived at once on these grounds. 

(E) Other ministers shall be required to bring proof of (1) their mem- 
bership in a Congregational Church; (2) their ordination to the ministry; (3) 
their good standing in the denomination from which they come; (4) they will 
satisfy the Membership Committee in relation to their doctrinal and eccles- 
iastical views and their literary acquirements, their course of study to have 
been at least equal to the Three Years' Course adopted by the Union; (5) 
should the Membership Committee! be satisfied on these points and recom- 
mend the applicant for membership, the recommendation shall be filed with 
the Eecording Secretary, and the application shall then lie over until the next 
annual meeting, when a vote of two-thirds of the members present shall be 
requisite for admission into membership. 

II. Ministerial Standing 

(A) By vote of the various Associations and of the Congregational Union 
of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, ministerial standing will hereafter be in 
this Union and transfer to our own denomination in other countries and to 
other denominations shall hereafter be given by this Union only. 

(B) Unless engaged in religious or educational work approved by the 
Union, a minister, who has retired from the pastorate or official service of the 
denomination and follows some other calling, by which he makes his living, 
may be dropped from the roll unless he make yearly request that his name 
be retained, this request to be endorsed by the Congregational Church of 
which he is a member. 

(C) Any member of the Union soliciting funds from the public must on 
request of the Union submit either personally or through a responsible com- 
mittee, a statement of such| funds satisfactory to the Union; failing this 
his name shall be dropped from the roll. 

III. — Meetings of the Union 

The Union shall meet annually on the Tuesday after the first Sunday in 

The opening session shall be at eight o'clock on Tuesday evening and 
shall consist of the Annual Sermon and the celebration of the Lord's Supper. 
The full attendance of the Union is expected at this service. 

The business sessions shall be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 
beginning at 9.30 a.m. 

Wednesday morning session. After prayer the minute secretary shall be 
appointed and the Committees on Business, Nomination, Membership, Finance 
and the Press, chosen on nomination by the Executive. IThe executive re- 
port shall then be presented, other business transacted, and the Union at 
11.00 a.m. shall give place to the Canada Congregational Missionary Society, 

Wednesday afternoon shall be given over to committee meetings and to a 
Conference on Young People's Work, under the charge of the Young People's 
Department. s 

Wednesday evening, the annual address of the Chairman shall be given. 

Thursday morning session. After routine business the Chairman of the 
Union shall be elected by nomination and ballot as hereinafter provided. 
Nominees must be members of a Congregational Church in affiliation with 
the Union, and their consent, in writing, to accept the office, if elected, to- 
gether with the nomination, must be filed with the Secretary of the Union, 
not later than May 1st. 


Nominations are to be made by each District Association at its spring 
meeting. The Secretary of the Union shall, in advance of these meetings, 
write to the Secretaries of the various Associations, notifying them that such 
nomination should be made. 

In addition to the nominations by the District Association, any nomina- 
tion signed by any ten members of a Church or Churches in affiliation with 
the Union, and duly filed with the Secretary as provided above, will be 
a valid nomination. 

Two-thirds of the ballots cast shall constitute an election. 

Ballot papers shall be furnished to all members of the Union present, 
and the votes shall be counted by scrutineers appointed by the Chairman. 
If no candidate has the required number of votes, the names only of the 
two persons having the highest number shall be reported and another vote 
taken as between the two. 

At this session shall be presented the annual Statistical Report. The 
session shall adjourn at 11.00 a.m. in favor of the Canada Congregational 
Missionary Society. 

Friday morning session. With other business there shall be given the 
Annual Reports of Standing Committees and Departments. 

Devotional hour. All meetings of the Union shall be opened with 
prayer, and there shall be held daily during the session of the Union a De- 
votional Hour from t2 noon to 12.45 p.m. 

IV. Statistics 

Application shall be made by the Statistical Secretary one month at 
least before the annual meeting to the Secretaries of the various Associa- 
tions, and directly to churches in districts not organized as Associations, for 
statistics of the churches, and a brief narrative of the state of rehgion 
among them, that he may prepare a condensed narrative of the whole for 
presentation to the annual meeting, and for publication, if so desired. 

V. Finance 

A collection for the funds of the Union shall be made annually in each 
church, on or near the Lord's Day prior to the meeting. From this source, 
supplemented by collectiois taken at the Union meetings, the Finance Com- 
mittee, after providing for other necessary expenses, shall pay in full if 
possible, the travelling fares within the bounds of Ontario and Quebec, of 
each ministerial member and of one delegate from each church, or if unable 
to pay in full, shall deduct from the claim of each such equal amount as may 
be found necessary; such payment shall not be made until after the final 
adjournment, except with permission of the Union (providing always that no 
member of the Union, whether ministerial or lay, attending the meetings 
shall receive anything for travelling expenses unless such ministerial member 
shall have contributed not less than one dollar, and the church represented by 
the delegate, not less than five dollars, to the funds of the Union). 

VI. Miscellaneous Rules 

(A) The term of office of the Chairman and Recording Secretary shall 
be the calendar year subsequent to their election, but the Chairman-elect 
shall from the date of election be ex-officio a member of the Executive 
until the end of his term as Chairman. 

(B) The members of the Union shall register their attendance with the 
Recording Secretary in a book kept for this purpose. 

(C) The minutes of the preceding day shall be read at the opening of 
each day's session and the minutes of the last day at the close of the session. 

(D) Delegates from the Union to corresponding bodies, who cannot fulfil 
their appointment by personal attendance, shall address these bodies by letter, 
communicating in substance such information and sentiments as they would 
furnish if they were present at the meetings of such corresponding bodies. 








June 14-19, 


Montreal. . 





Toronto. . 






W. Clarke 

K. M. Fenwick 

" 13-18 

W. F. Clarke 

E. J. Sherrill 

B. Ebbs 

" 11-17 

' ' 

" 10-16 

• < 


F. H. Marling 

H. Wilkes, D.D 

A. Lillie, D.D 

J. Elliott 

E. Ebbs 


' ' 

" 13-20 

' ' 

" 12-17 

' ' 

" 11-16 

A. J. Parker 

I • 

" 10-15 

W. Hay 

J. Wood 


T. M. Reikie 


1865 Toronto. . 

1866 Montreal. . 
1868 Hamilton.. 

A. DuflE, D.D 

W. H. AUworth 

J. Climie 


" 14-19 

' ' 

" 6-11 

' • 

" 11-15 

R. Robinson 

F. H. Marling 

W. "w. Smith! '.".', !! 

" 9-14 


Toronto. . 
Guelph.. . 

H. D. Powis 

E. Ebbs '.'.'.'.'.'. 

" 8-13 

J. Wood 

, , 


G. Cornish, M.A 

K. M. Fenwick 

Enoch Barker 

E. Barker 


W. F. Clarke 

J. A. R. Dickson... 

4- 9 

W. W. Smith 

" 10-15 


Toronto. . 

J. Unsworth 

K. M. Fenwick 



Hamilton. . 

C. Chapman, M.A 

' ' 

II • • . . 

" 7-12 


Montreal. . 


London . . . 

D. Macallum 

' < 


J. A. R. Dickson 

R. K. Black 


" 5-10 

t < 

W. H. Warriner! ! ! ! 

" 4-9 


Kingston. . 
Montreal. . 
Toronto. . . 
London. . . 

Dr. Stevenson 

S. N. Jackson, M.D. . . . 

George Hague 

C. Duflf, M.A 

J. Wood 

" 9-14 

11 • • . . 

" 8-13 

■ 1 

1 < • • . . 

" 7-12 

i 1 

>• • • • . 


W. W. Smith 

<• • • • • 



Montreal. . 

J. G. Sanderson 

i< • • . . 

3- 8 


Hamilton. . 

John Burton, B.D 

H. Pedley, B.A 

G. Robertson, B.a! ! ! 



Ottawa. . . . 

D. McGregor, B.A 

" ... 



Toronto. . . 

H. D. Hunter, M.A 

' ' 

«• ' ■ ' 



Montreal. . 

John Morton 

W. H. Warriner, B.A. 

it ■ ■ * 




Joseph Wild, D.D 

It ■ ' * 



Kingston. . 

W. Cuthbertson, B.A... 


II ' * * 

" 10-15 


Guelph.. . . 

H. Pedley, B.A 

• • 

II ■ • • 



Montreal. . 

A. F. McGregor, B.A. . . 


J. P. Gerrie, B.A.! !! 



London. . . 

E. M. Hill. M.A 

J. P. Gerrie, B.A 

J. T. Daley, B.A 



Toronto. . . 

W. H. Warriner, B.D. . . 





J. R. Black, B.A 


It . . • . 

'• 10-15 


Montreal. . 

S. P. Leet, B.C.L 


D, S. Hamilton, BA 



Kingston. . 

W. H. Warriner, B.D. 
(for J. I. Hindley, Ph.D.) 


" 8-13 


Toronto. . . 

W. Mcintosh 


C ( 


J. W. Pedley, B.A 

H. E. Mason 

" 6-11 

19 00 

Montreal. . 
Toronto. . . 

E. L. Yeigh 

' * , , , 

"W. J. Hindley! ! ! !! ! 


Prin. George, D.D 

" 4-9 

1902|lJttawa. . . 
1903]London. . . 

T. B. Hyde 

J. T. Daley, B.A. '. '.'. 

J. T. Daley, b!a! ! ! ! 

" 10-16 

J. P. Gerrie, B.A 

" 8-13 

1904iMontreal. . 
1905|Toronto. . . 

H. O'Hara 

" .... 


J. K. Unsworth, B.A 

" 6-11 

1906!Embro. . . . 

J. B. Silcox 


" . . . . 




W. T. Gunn, M.A., B.D. 



Montreal. . 

Chas. Gushing, B.C.L. . . 

W.T. Gunn, M.A.,B.D 

H. G. Rice, B.D ! ! ! ! 



Toronto. . . 

Hugh Pedley, B.A 



Cobourg. . . 

Jas. T. Daley, B.A. . . . 


A. Margrett - 



Kingston. . 

Frank J. Day, B.D 




Montreal. . 

T. B. Macaulay, F.I.A.. 





Toronto. . . 

G. Ellery Read 



" 10-16 

, 1915 

Hamilton. . 
Ottawa. . . 

H. I. Horsey 

W.T.Gunn. M.A. .D.D 



G. H. Craik 

" 6-9 

, 1916 Slierbrooke 

E. D. Silcox 


5- 8 

, 1917 

Montreal. . 

A. F. Pollock. B.D 


, 1918 

Toronto. . . 

W. E. Gilroy, B.A 

• ' 

< I 

2- 6 

, 1919 
, 1920 
, 1921 

Guelph . . 

M. Kelly 




" 7-10 

George Adam 

W. T. Gunn for" A 
Margrett (dec.) 




Rev.H.A. Carson, B.A. 


Rev. W. H. Thoma.s! 


8, 1923 

1 Ottawa . . 

Rev. J. L. Alexander, B.D 





Adam, Geo., 169 Drummond Street, 

Montreal, Que. 
Alexander, J. L., B.D., Cowansville, 

Backus, J. B., Shelburne, Ont. 
- Barnard, A. J., Elgin, 111. 
Ball, G. W., Liverpool, N.S. 
Braithwaite, E. E., Ph.D., Unionville, 

Brown, J. L., Snowflake, Man. 
Carr, E. Wilson, Fitch Bay, Que. 
Carson, H. A., B.A., Cobourg. 
Claris, W. H. A., 343 Maitland St., 

London, Ont. 
Collins-Williams, Rev. T. L., 82 As- 
quith Ave., Toronto. 
^ Cooke, A. E., 1323 Walnut St., 

Vancouver, B.C. 
Cox, J. W., B.A., D.D., E.R. 1, 

Maugerville, N.B. 
Cox, Wm., E.E. 1, Shedden, Ont. 
Gushing, Chas., B.A., 2049 Boyer St., 

Montreal, Que, 
Craik, G. H., B.A., Melbourne, Que. 
Crosby, T. C, Kingsport N. S. 
Daley, J. T., B.A., D.D., Port Hope, 

, Dalton, Wm., Laverna, Sask. 

Day, r. J., M.A., D.D., 19 Edgar 

Avenue, Toronto. 
Geach, J., Listowel, Ont. 
Gerrie, J. P., B.A., Edmonton. 
Gibson, W. J. D., Birehcliff, Toronto. 
i^' Gregory, A. E., Savannah, Ga. 
Gunn, W. T., M.A., D.D., 33 Victor 

Ave., Toronto. 
Hamilton, D. S., B.A., Suite 5, Wel- 

land Court, Winnipeg, Man. 
Hill, E. M., D.D., 366 Metcalfe Ave., 

Weatmount, Que. 
Hipkin, Wm., Barrie, Ont. 
Hindley, Geo. J., Young, Sask. 
Hooker, J. M., Colpton, N.S. 
Horsey, H. I., 53 Fourth Ave., Ot- 
tawa, Ont. 
Hyde, T. B., 26 Eoxbofough Drive, 

North Eosedale, Toronto. 
Hughes, E. D., West Winfield, N.Y. 
Jackson, H. Norman, Embro, Ont. 
Jones, T. W., M.A., 4206 Dorchester 

St. West, Montreal, Que. 
Kelly, Matthew, London, Ont. 
Kelly, G. F., Burford, Ont. 

Knighton, Rev. G. H., Dalston, Ont. 
Laughton, Eev. Geo., Winnipeg, 

>'Lazenby, BJ., 3662 Benoni St., Mont. 
Lyall, John, GUdden, Sask. 
Lloyd, J. E., Camundongo, Africa 
Mackay, Rev. W. R., Toronto, Ont. 
MacKenzie, A. J., Detroit, Mich, 
Mackenzie, Geo. A., Stratford, Ont. 
Mann, Andrew E., Scotland, Ont, 
Martin, W. G., Brantford. 
McColl, Duncan, Middleville, Ont. 
McMinn, A. K., B.A., Victoria,. B.C. 
Moore, Churchill, Keswick Ridge, 

Monroe, T, A., B.A., Morris, Man. 
Murray, John, Forest, Ont. 
Newbery, J. W., E.E. 2, Waterloo. 
Pedley, Hugh, D.D., Montreal. 
Pedley, J. W., B.A., 43 Harbord Si 

Pierce, Ira W., Granby, Que. 
Plant, Jas., Speedside, E.E. 3, Eock- 

wood, Ont. 
Pollock, A. F., B.D., 346 Lewis St., 

Purnell, F. G., Margaree, N.S. 
Ealph, Benjamin, LL.D., Chellwood, 

Eayner, T. DeCourey, Watford, Ont. 
Eead, G. Ellery, D.D., 59 Melbourne 

St., Sherbrooke, Que. 
Eitchie, D. L., D.D., 60 McTavish 

St., Montreal. 
Salter, E. J. B., Winnipeg. 
Samson, Percy V., B.A., Deloraine, 

Sanden, G. A., New Norway, Alta. 
Sanders, Frank, Guelph, Ont. 
Sanderson, M. H., 281 Charlevoix St., 

Searle, E. C, E.E. 2, Wellandport, 

Sileox, E. D., 4 Sussex Ave., Toronto. 
Smith, Merton, Joyce, B.C. 
Spence, W. D., Montreal, P.Q. 
Steed, Arthur, M.A., B.D., Chisamba, 

Tavener, Rev. Campbell, Lower Sel- 

mah, N.S. 
Teale, A. E., B.D., Waterville, Que. 
Thackeray, Joseph, Ottawa. 
Thomas, Wm. H., Ayers Cliff, Que, 
Thompson, E, J., Calgary, Alta, 


Thompson, O. B., (Moved to U.S.) Warren, E. G., Danville, Que. 

Tucker, John T., Dondi, Africa. Whitehouse, Edgar, Frobisher, Sask. 

Walker, M. T., Stoney Creek, Ont. Whitmore, H. D., Maxville, Ont. 

Warriner, W. H., M.A., D.D., 453 Woodley, E. C, M.A., B.D., 216 
Old Orchard Ave., Montreal, Girouard Ave., Montreal Que. 


D. J. Storms, Marshville, Ont. A. S. Duncan, Kingston, Ont. 

Walter Eayner, Listowel, Ont. 




JUNE 4TH TO 8TH, 1923. 


The Union service was conducted by the Chairman, Rev. J. Lambert 
Alexander, B.D., on Tuesday evening, June 4th. The sermon was preach- 
ed by Rev. W. G. Martin. The Communion Service took place at the 
close and was conducted by the pastor of the Church, Rev. A. F. Pollock, 
B.D., assisted by representative deacons. 

The first business session of the Union opened at nine-thirty on 
Wednesda3^ June 5th, with Rev. J. L. Alexander presiding. Rev. G. 
Ellery Read led in prayer. 

The nomination of officers and committees for the Union were pre- 
sented and accepted as follows : 

Minute Secretaries: — Rev. W. J. D. Gibson, Mr. Reg. J. Smith. 
Membership Committee: — Rev. G. Ellery Read, D.D., Chairman; Rev. Dr. 

W. H. Warriner, Rev. J. W. Pedley, Rev. M. H. Sanderson, Rev. H. D. 

Whitmore, Mr. D. Hilton, and Mr. A. E. Revell. 
Business Committee : — Mr. Lome V. Johnstone, Chairman ; Revs. J. W. 

Newbery, A. E. Mann, and Mr. H. Tyers and Mr. W. McKillican. 
Resolutions Committee : — Rev. W. H. Thomas, Chairman ; Revs. W. G. 

Martin, Chas. Gushing, George Adam, and Mr. J. T. Field. 
Nomination Committee : — Rev. I. W. Pierce, Chairman ; Revs. Dr. Hugh 

Pedley, Dr. D. L. Ritchie, Major H. I. Horsey, Frank Sanders, J. 

Lambert Alexander, B.D. 
Press Committee: — Rev. T. DeCourcy Rayner, Mr. Fred James, and Mr. 

H. J. Cotty. 
Finance Committee: — Mr. H. W. Barker, Chairman; Mr. Thomas Moodie, 

and Mr. W. J. Aitchison. 

The Secretary reported having received a communication frorn the 
Tax Reform League, the same was referred to the Business Committee. 

The Secretary announced that Rev. E. D. Silcox was celebrating the 
Fiftieth Anniversary of his ordination and was donating four lots of 
land at Kildonan, Manitoba, to the Home Missionary Society. On 
motion, it was resolved that the matter be referred to the Resolution 


A letter of greetings was read from Rev. C. E. Burton, D.D., Secre- 
tary of the National Council of Congregational Churches, U.S.A. 

The Report of the Executive Committee w^as presented by the Gen- 
oral Secretary. On motion of Dr. Gunn, seconded by Rev. William Hip- 
kin, the report was referred to the Business Committee. 

Applications for membership and transfer were received and re- 
ferred to Membership Committee. 

The Secretary reported that the Paris Church had closed and the 
property had reverted to the Home Missionary Society. 

On motion of Dr. Gunn, seconded by Dr. Warriner, the revision of 
the Membership Roll was referred to the Membership Committe. 

Mr. H. W. Barker presented an Interim Treasurer's Report, and 
moved its adoption. The Report was adopted. 

It was moved by Mr. D. Hilton, seconded by Rev. W. H. Thomas, 
that the rate of interest, namely 7j^ per cent, be reconsidered by the 
Investment Committee. The motion was lost. 

Mr. Barker presented a report on the Forward Movement. It was 
moved, seconded and agreed that the discussion on the Report be de- 
ferred to Thursday Morning. 

The Church Union Report was presented by Dr. Warriner, who 
moved that the Union consider the Report at two o'clock. The motion 
was carried. 

The Union then gave place at 11.10 o'clock to the Annual Meeting of 
the Home Missionary Society. 

The Union was called together again at twelve o'clock, when the 
Chairman of the Union presided at the Devotional hour. Rev. Hugh 
Pedley, D.D., delivered the first of a series of addresses on "A United 
Church", entitled "Its Task". 

After adjourning for lunch the Union at two-fifteen was led in 
prayer by Rev. I. W. Pierce. The Report on Church Union considered 
was as follows : 


The Proposed Legislation 

The Eighth Conference of the Congregational, Methodist and Pres- 
byterian Committees on Church Union met in the Metropolitan Metho- 
dist Church, Toronto, on the 22nd day of September last, at the call of 
the Convenors of the Church Union Committee of the negotiating 

The meeting was called to receive the report of the Committee 
on Legislation appointed in 1921 by the Joint Committee "to consider 
and report on the legislation necessary to give effect to the Union ot 
the negotiating Churches, and to have prepared and submit copies of 
all proposed Bills to be submitted to the Parliament of Canada, and to 
such other legislative bodies as may be necessary in the prem.ises." The 
Bills submitted consisting of a proposed Dominion Act Incorporating 
the "United Church of Canada" with Trusts of Model Deed, "and the 
proposed "Provincial Legislation relating to the United Church of 
Canada." Counsel who had prepared the Bills, — Messrs. G. W. Mason, 
K.C., and McGregor Young, K.C, — were present, and presented the 
proposed legislation, section by section. These were carefullj'^ considered 
and amended where it seemed advisable, and, in general, approved by 
the Committee, which also authorized changes in the proposed Acts 
to harmonize with the action taken by the Committee." 

It was also agreed to send forward the proposed legislation to the 
three negotiating bodies. 


Action by the General Conference of the Methodist Church. 

The General Conference of the Methodist Church on the 13th of 
October last approved of the proposed Legislation, and suggested some 
slight amendments. 

Action of our Churches 
Your Committee, in harmony with our policy which "requires that 
each local Church and Incorporated Society shall take individual action 
in order to give effect to the vote of the Union" — see report of Com- 
mittee June 8th, 1922 — has taken steps to have the acts, as printed, along 
with the Basis of Union and resolutions carefully drawn up, submitted 
to our Churches for their individual and constitutional action. 

The following is a copy of the resolution submitted to the Churches — 

"Moved by ^..seconded by , 

carried "That this Church, ift special meeting convened after due notice 
for the purpose, hereby resolves as follows : 

We approve of the Basis of Union adopted by the Congregational 
Union of Canada, the Methodist Church, Canada, and the Presbyterian 
Church in Canada, for the Union of the three denominations in "The 
United Church of Canada." 

This Church approves the draft Bills of Dominion and Provincial 
Legislation for the incorporation of "The United Church of Canada", 
with Trusts of Model Deed as prepared and approved by the Joint Com- 
mittee on Church Union, and agrees as a Church to enter the said union 
and become part of "The United Church of Canada", when formed. 

This Church authorizes and instructs the Congregational Union of 
Canada to take all such action, legislative and otherwise, as may be 
necessary to consum.mate the said Union." 

One hundred and eighteen of our Churches have voted in favour 
of the Union, as appears from the certified resolutions now in the 
hands of the General Secretary, the resolution passed being, in general, 
the formal resolution recited above. Eight Churches have voted against 
Union, one has declined to vote, and thirteen have yet to be heard from. 

The following Churches voted in favour of Union : 
Nova Scotia: 

Brooklyn, Beach Meadows; Chebogue; Economy; Kingsport ; 
Liverpool; Milton; Lower Selmah ; Noel; South Maitland; Mar- 
garee ; Pleasant River; Baker's Settlement; Yarmouth. 
New Brunswick: 

Keswick Ridge; Sheffield. 

Ayer's Cliff; Boynton ; Brigham; Cowansville; Danville; Fitch 
Bay; Granby; Melbourne; Rock Island; Sherbrooke; Waterville ; 
Montreal: Amherst Park, Calvary, Crystal Springs, Emmanuel, 
Point St. Charles, Union (Coloured), Ste. Anne de Bellevue. 

Kingston First and Calvary; Ottawa First and Welcome Zion ; 
Maxville; Middleville; Hopetown ; Rosetta ; Lanark; Barrie ; 
Churchill; Coldsprings; Dalston; Edgar; Toronto — Birchcliff, 
Broadview, Bond Street, Northern, Olivet, Western; Brant- 
ford; Burford; New Durham; Embro; Forest Central; Forest 
Plympton; Frome; Garaf raxa ; Speedside; Guelph ; Hamilton First 
and Immanuel; London First and Southern; Scotland; Watford; 
Elcho Diltz Road; Bethel; Sherkston; Bloomingdale ; West Mont- 
rose; Freeport; Listowel ; Zion; Lowbanks; Mt. Carmel; Gobies; 


Manitoba r 

Winnipeg Central and Crescent; Brandon. 
Saskatchewan : 

Chellwood; Balmoral; Naseby; Cando; Salter. 

Calgary First. 
British Columbia: 

Vancouver First and Grandview, Kitsilano; Victoria First. 
Russo-German : 

Alberta: — Ebenezer, Calgary; Hopefield, Castor; Zion, Trochu; 

Peace, Irvine; Pilgrim, Irvine; Peace, Walsh; Zoar, Gros Ventres; 

Zion, Hilda; Immanuel, Hilda; Matthew Schuler ; Hope, Schuler ; 

St. John, Kincorth, Alta. 

Saskatchewan: — Postal, Buffalohead ;» Emmanuel, Westerham; 

Zion, Leader; Bethlehem, Eatonia; Peace, Hanna ; Newburg, 

Hanna; St. Johannes; St. Paul's, Sagathun; Grace, Surprise. 
The following Churches voted against Union : — Stratford, Kingston 
Bethel; Warwick Zion; Pine Grove and Humber Summit; and Kincar- 
dine in Ontario, the Swedish Churches at Wetaskiwin and Highland 
Park, Alberta, Hemford Church, Nova Scotia, declined to vote. 

The Following Churches have not yet voted: 
Quebec: — Ulverton and Franklin Centre. 
Ontario: — Rugby, Forest Lake Shore; Tilbury; Shelburne and Maple 

Saskatchewan: — Crane Creek. 
Swedish Work: — Meeting Creek, Alta. 
Russo-German: — Salem, Mayton; Zion, Beiseker; Zion, Three Hills; 

all in Alberta, and Hope, Hatton, Sask. 
The following summary of the votes of the Churches according to 
the several provinces will, no doubt, be interesting: 
Maritime Provinces: 

We have pleasure in reporting that we have received resolutions 
from every Church in the Maritime Provinces, all being in favour of 
Union with the exception of the Hemford Church, one of the Branches 
of the Pleasant River field, which, at a formal meeting, refused to vote. 

We have pleasure in reporting the receipt of resolutions from every 
Church in the Province, with the exception of Franklin Centre and Ul- 
verton, which have not yet reported. This Province is unanimous in 
its vote for Union. 
Eastern Ontario: 

In the Eastern Ontario Association, we have received resolutions 
from every Church in this district, all in favour of Union with the ex- 
ception of Bethel Church, Kingston. 
Toronto District Association: 

The Toronto District Association has reported votes from all 
Churches with the exception of Rugby. The votes are unanimously in 
favour with the exception of the Churches, at Pine Grove and Humber 
Summit, which voted against. 
Western Ontario Association: 

In the Western Association, thirty-two Churches have reported 
out of thirty-six, all in favour oi Union, with the exception of Strat- 
ford, Warwick Zion and Kincardine, which have voted against. 


Western Provinces: 

In the Western Provinces all the English-speaking Churches have 
been heard from except tvi^o, all the others voting unanimously in 
favour of Union. 
Swedish Work: 

Tvv'O of our Swedish Churches, Wetaskiw^in and Highland Park have 
reported resolutions against Union. It is probable that the Meeting 
Creek Church, v^^hen it reports, v\?ill also be against. These Churches 
desire to remain out and have fellowship with Swedish-speaking 
Russo-German Churches: 

Of our Russo-German Churches, twenty-one have already reported, 
all unanimously in favour. There are four still to hear from. 


We have had carefully prepared and approved by Counsel of the 
Joint Committee, a uniform resolution for our Corporate Societies, as 
follows : 
Res olution of the - : 

Moved by seconded by 

and carried — ■ 

That the in a meeting convened 

after due notice for the purpose, hereby resolves as follows : 

That the - - hereby approves 

of the Basis of Union adopted by the Congregational Union of Canada, 
the Methodist Church, Canada, and the Presbyterian Church in Canada, 
for the union of the three denominations in "The United Church of 

That the also approves of the 

draft legislation, Dominion and Provincial, recommended by the Joint 
Committee on Church Union. 

That the - hereby authorizes and in- 
structs the Congregational Union of Canada, through a duly appointed 

Committee, to act for and on behalf of the 

to procure the enactment of the said proposed Acts of Parliament of 
Canada and the Legislatures of the Provinces of Canada, or such other 
legislation of the Parliament of Canada and the Legislatures of the 
Provinces of Canada and the Legislatures of the colonies and countries 
outside of Canada having jurisdiction over any of the -property of the 
negotiating Churches as such committee may deem necessary or re- 
quisite in order to effectuate and consummate the union of the Presby- 
terian Church in Canada, the Methodist Church, Canada, and the Con- 
gregational Churches of Canada in accordance with the provisions of 
the Basis of Union and the general principles contained in the said 
proposed Acts, the said committee to have full power and authority for 

and on benalf of t he ~ to 

consider and deal with any proposals, defined as aforesaid, made by or 
on behalf of any of the negotiating Churches, or any committee thereof, 
or otherwise, with respect to the said legislation, to make or concur in 
any changes or amendments to the said proposed Acts that they, in 
their discretion, may deem advisable in order to carry into effect the 
provisions of the Basis of Union and the general principles contained 
in the said proposed Acts, and with the representatives of the other 
negotiating Churches to settle and determine the final form of any such 
legislation and generally to do all such acts and things as the said coni- 
mittee may deem expedient to procure whatever legislation may, in 



their opinion, be necessary or requisite to effectuate and consummate 
the said Union, pursuant to the provisions of the Basis of Union and the 
principles contained in the said proposed Acts." 

The Montreal Congregational Church Building Fund Society has 
already approved and adopted the above resolution. The Woman's 
Board of Foreign Missions, though not incorporated yet as a recognized 
organization carrying on our work, has also approved. It is expected 
that our other incorporated Societies will take action during this As- 
sembly, and the Congregational Union of Nova Scotia and New Bruns- 
wick early in July. 


In submitting for your approval the legislation necessary to give 
effect to the Union of the three negotiating Churches, your Committee 
recomends that the Union, having been authorized thereto by the over- 
whelming majority of the Congregational Churches in Canada do now 
resolve as follows : 

1. That the Congregational Union of Canada has considered the 
proposed Act of the Parliament of Canada to incorporate the United 
Church of Canada and the proposed legislation of the several Legis- 
latures of the Provinces of Canada submitted to it by the Joint Com- 
mittee ,on Church Union, copies of which proposed Acts are hereto an- 
nexed and marked respectively "A" and "B". 

2. That the Congregational Union of Canada hereby approves the 
principles and in general the form of the said proposed Acts. 

3. That as a matter of form and detail the Congregational Union of 
Canada recommends to the Committee, to be appointed as hereinafter 
mentioned, the favourable consideration of the following change in 
the proposed Provincial Acts, viz., that Section 22 of the Provincial Act, 
relating to Acts of Civil Status in the Province of Quebec be struck out 
and the following be substituted in its place — 

"Each and all of the Churches, congregations and missions of the 
United Church duly recognized as members of the United Church of 
Canada or by the Executive Committee thereof (of which recognition 
the certificate of the General Secretary of the said United Church shall 
be sufficient evidence) shall have and possess the right to keep registers 
of civil status to the full extent and in the manner provided by the 
Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure. 

Each and all of the ministers of the said United Church duly re- 
cognized as such by the said United Church of Canada or by the Ex- 
ecutive Committee thereof, or specially authorized by the said United 
Church or its Executive Committee, shall have the right to act as public 
functionaries keeping registers of Civil Status, under the conditions of 
law, together with all the rights connected therewith, and all other duties 
and ceremonies of such public functionaries in charge of agisters of 
Civil Status, in the manner and to the full extent provided by the Civil 
Code and the Code of Civil Procedure. 

4. That a committee of twenty be appointed by the Congregational 
Union of Canada to act for and on behalf of the Congregational Churches 
as defined by the said proposed Acts to procure the enactment of the 
said proposed Acts of the Parliament of Canada and the Legislatures 
of the Provinces of Canada and the Legislatures of the colonies and 
countries outside of Canada having jurisdiction over any of the pro- 
perty of the negotiating Churches as such committee may deem neces- 
sary or requisite in order to effectuate and consummate the union of the 


Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Methodist Church and the Con- 
gregational Churches of Canada in accordance with the provisions of 
the Basis of Union and the general principles contained in the said pro- 
posed Acts, the said committee to have full pov^^er and authority for 
and on behalf of the Congregational Churches to consider and deal with 
any proposals, defined as aforesaid, made by or on behalf of any of the 
negotiating churches, or any committee thereof, or otherwise, with res- 
pect to the said legislation, to make or concur in any changes or amend- 
ments to the said proposed Acts, that they in their discretion may deem 
advisable in order to carry into effect the provisions of the Basis of 
Union and the general principles contained in the said proposed Acts, 
and with the representatives of the other negotiating Churches to 
settle and determine the final form of any such legislation and generally 
to do all such acts and things as the said committee may deem expedient 
to procure whatever legislation may in their opinion, be necessary or 
requisite to effectuate and consummate the said Union pursuant to the 
provisions of the Basis of Union and the principles contained in the 
said proposed Acts. 

We further recommend : That the Union do now appoint forty 
members to represent our denomination in the First General Council 
of the United Church, when duly called according to the proposed legis- 
lation, with full power to act. 

That these forty be— Revs. Dr. Hugh Pedley, J. W. Pedley, Dr. W. 
T. Gunn, Dr. W. H. Warriner, Dr. D. L. Ritchie, George Adam, Matthew 
Kelly, W. G. Martin, J. L. Alexander, B.D., Frank Sanders, A. E. Cooke, 

A. F. Pollock, B.D., T. W. Jones, M.A., J. W. Newbery, W. J. D. Gibson, 
Dr. G. Ellery Read, George Laughton, H. I. Horsey, R. Wilson Carr, 
Hermon A. Carson, and Messrs. W. J. Aitchison, John T. Field, W. D. 
Lighthall, A. McA. Murphy, George A. Moore, J. Wilfred Kennedy, 
Charles Gurd, H. W. Barker, W. E. Booth, Frederick W. Robins, Thomas 
Moodie, David Hilton, W. A. Hollinrake, J. B. Waugh, T. B. Macaulay, 

B. B. Stevenson, J. W. Flewwelling, J. G. Fuller, Arthur Birks, Allan 

Further, that in case of any vacancy occurring, power to appoint 
other representatives be hereby given to the Executive of the Congre- 
gational Union of Canada. 

Churches Holding Property "Solely for their own benefit." 

The proposed Legislation recognizes that- certain congregations may 
hold "real or personal property belonging to, held by, or in trust for the 
use or to the use of such congregation, solely for its own benefit." It 
provides that the rights of such congregations in regard to their res- 
pective properties shall not be subject to the provisions of Sections 
four and five of the Act, or to the control of the United Church, such 
congregations, however, must be listed in an appendix to the Law named 
"Schedule "D". We, therefore, recommend that all our Churches be 
requested to furnish the General Secretary of the Union with copies of 
(a) The Act of their incorporation, if any, and (b) of the Deeds under 
■which their property is held, with the Trusts thereof. 

And further, that the Committee on Church Union be empowered to 
examine these documents and prepare a list of Churches to be placed 
in said "Schedule "D". 

Non-Concurring Churches 

In regard to the Churches which have voted not to enter into the 
United Church, your Committee would suggest : 


1st — That these Churches be requested to arrange for a church meet- 
ing to be held in conference with a deputation to be appointed by the 
Committee on Church Union, in order that there may be the fullest 
information and consideration of the important issues involved before 
the final definite action is taken by each Church, and 

2nd — That we suggest to those Churches vv^hich may persist in their 
intention not to enter the United Church, that they pass a resolution 
authorizing the Union to act for them in procuring the necessary legis- 
lation, but reserving all rights to take such action as may be provided 
in the legislation for non-concurring Churches should they so desire. 

We further recommend that the Committee on Church Union, in 
co-operation with similar committees from the other negotiating 
Churches, be instructed to inform the Churches of the action now taken 
by this Union, and take such further steps in preparation for the consum- 
mation of Union as will secure the fullest spiritual benefit to all the 
churches concerned. 

Respectfully submitted, 

(Signed) W. Henry Warriner. 

Dr. Warriner moved the adoption of the four clauses of the Union 
Report, seconded by Rev. George Adam. The motion was put to the 
meeting and carried by a vote of 54 in favour and 3 against. 

Dr. Warriner moved, seconded by Mr. J. M. Robertson a list of forty 
names to be on the General Council. Mr. L. Johnstone moved, seconded 
by Rev. T. W. Jones, that the list be referred back to the Committee. 

Moved by Rev. J. W. Pedley, seconded by Rev. Frank Sanders, 
that greetings be sent to the General Assembly. It was resolved that 
the Chairman and Secretary of the Church Union Committee send a suit- 
able resolution. 


After the singing of the hymn "Stand up and Bless the Lord," the 
Conference on Young People's Work was opened by the presentation 
of the Superintendent's Report by Rev. W. J. D. Gibson, who moved its 
adoption. The Report was adopted as follows : 

"This Department has rendered service to our Churches through the 
Associations, the columns of the "Congregationalist", and, where pos- 
sible, through personal visits to Sunday Schools, Young People's Socie- 
ties and Mission Bands. 

Believing our work must be constructive and carried on under long 
range and well related from year to year, we would again urge in each 
Church the carefully organized, graded school and graded lessons, from 
the Cradle Roll to the Adult Classes and Home Department; the organ- 
ized social activities for boys and girls, such as Mission Bands for the 
Juniors, and C.S.E.T. for boys and C.G.LT. for girls of the 'teen age; 
Training Classes for Teachers and Leaders of work with boys and girls. 

In all this we would recommend close association and co-operation 
with the Religious .Education Council of Canada, an organization which 
embraces over ten thousand Sunday Schools and employs sixty men and 
women, giving full time as paid leaders in this work. Through this 
organization you may find particulars re Summer Camps for boys and 
girls, Summer Schools for training leaders. If possible have your young 
people represented in these Camps and Summer Schools. 

Young People's Societies are receiving special attention through the 
Religious Education Council of Canada. The result of this study will 
be obtainable this fall in book form and will be great help to Young 
People's Societies. The book is obtainable at our General Office. 137 
Confederation Life Building, Toronto. 


We would draw attention to recent studies of data on the age ot 
joining the Church made by Dean Walter S. Athearn — 

Six thousand one hundred and ninety-four cases, were studied and 
the median age of joining the church was 14 years 4 months and 22 
days. One-fourth of the persons joining the Church were under the 
age of 11 years 10 months and 22 days, one-fourth joined the church 
after they were 21 years, 4 months and 22 days old. One half, or fifty 
per cent, of the Church accessions were people between the age of 11 
years, 10 months and 22 days and 21 years 4 months and 22 days. In 
other words, of the 6,194 who joined the Church, 75 per cent, were under 
the age of 21 years, 4 months and 22 days. ~ 

Figures like these again remind us if we would reach the men and 
women for Christ and the Church we must reach them in childhood and 
youth. Let the mind dwell upon those precious years 11 to 21, during 
which 50 per cent, of those who come into the church are received. 

In this connection we again urge the Young Worshippers' League 
in every Curch, also the Pastor's Training Class, preparing the young 
for Church membership. 

Rally Day programmes were issued and widely used in our Sunday 
Schools. The financial returns were three times that of previous years. 
A pamphlet giving directions as to where books and supplies for 
the various departments of work may be obtained is being prepared. 

Now that we have come to the final year of the payments of money 
pledged through the Forward Movement, we recommend a financial 
policy for our Young People. 

That this policy shall include a share in the support of the local 
Church, and a share in the benevolences or Missions of the Church. 

To work out this policy, we would recommend: 
1st — Use the Young People's Societies and organized Sunday School 

Classes as a basis on which to work. 
2nd — (a) Use the Duplex Envelope for local Church and Benevolences, 
(b) That we maintain an Industrial Missionary, the appeal in 
each Church to be made through Young People's Societies, Organ- 
ized Classes, etc. 
3rd — That the money raised for Missions be at the discretion of the 
Union or Executive of the Young People's Department for Mission- 
ary work, with the hope of adopting some Missionary of our own 
when the 'system' proposed is working. 
4th — That this plan be made ready to launch on the first or second 

week in September of this year. 
Sth — That special leaflets on Missionary work be placed with the Sec- 
retaries of organized Classes or Young People's Societies. 
6th — That 'Key Men' in each Association be charged with the respon- 
sibility of putting the plan into effect in their .district. 
7th — That the Secretary of the Young People's Department be the Exe- 
cutive Secretary, having the whole plan in charge. 
We thank those who have in any way helped the work of this De- 
partment, and solicit for the Department your continued co-operation. 

Respectfully submitted, 
(Signed) J. Lambert Alexander. 

The Chairman stated that as the time for conference was limited, 
Mrs. Palmer Burgess had been released from her engagement. 


The Union permitted the Chairman leave of absence for the re- 
mainder of the afternoon session, and the Chair was taken by Dr. 

Rev. T. W. Jones, M.A., B.D., delivered an address on "The Problem 
and the Challenge of Service with our Young People." 

Mr. James W. Robertson, C.M.G., LL.D., Chief Scout Commissioner 
for Canada, delivered an address on "The Scout Movement as a train- 
ing for Citizenship." 

This was followed by a Demonstration of Boy Scouts by the Second 
Ottawa Troop, under the direction of Scoutmaster F. Gervan. 

The Union met at eight oTclock in the Church with the Chairman, 
Rev. J. L. Alexander, presiding. 

The Session opened with the singing of the Doxology and prayer 
by Rev. J. L. Alexander. 

Rev. Major H. I. Horsey and Rev. A. F. Pollock, B.D., extended a 
welcome to the City and Churches, — Ottawa First and Welcome Zion, 
to which Rev. J. Lambert Alexander, B,D., replied. 

Rev. J. Lambert Alexander delivered the Chairman's address. This 
was entitled "Some permanent realities upon which the success of 
Christian propaganda rests." 

The Session closed with prayer by Rev. Charles Cushing. 


Devotional exercises were conducted by the Chairman, Rev. J. 
Lambert Alexander, B.D. 

Prayer was ofiFered by Revs. A. Mann and' C. Tavener. 

The Minutes of the Wednesday morning session were read and ap- 

The General Secretary then read letters of regret from Revs. W. R. 
Mackay, B. J. Lazenby, H. A. Carson. 

The Report of membership committee' was submitted by Rev. Dr. 
Read and accepted as follows : 

1. That the application of the Rev. W. J. Hanna be received and stand 
over for a year during which time his application should be made 
and credentials presented to the 'Toronto District Association, in 
accordance with standing Rule No. 1, Section C. 

2. That a transfer to the English Congregational Union be granted to 
the Rev. Trevor J. Williams. 

3. That the application of the Rev. H. B. Storey be received and stand 
over for a year in accordance with rule No.l, section E. 

4. That the application for membership in the Union made by the 
Toronto Evangelical Church of the Deaf be granted. 

5. That the transfer of the Rev. T. C. Crosby from the Yorkshire Con- 
gregational Union to this Union be accepted. 

6. That the application of the Rev. William Mitchell, Guelph, for mem- 
bership in the Union be received, and that on receipt of transfer 
and certificate of membership from the Lansing Association his 
membership be granted. 

7. That the application of the Rev. E. LeRoy Rice for transfer to the 
Orleans Country Association, Vermont, be granted. 

9. That the application of the Rev. H. H. Cragg of Calgary be received 
and laid over for a year during which time the Executive should 
seek completion of credentials. 


10. That the application of the Rev. A. F. Brown of Kingston be re- 
ceived and laid over for the year in accordance with standing Rule 
No. 1, Section E. 

11. That the Paris Church be dropped from the Union, as it is no long- 
er in existence. 

.12. That Revs. J. W. G. Ward, A. F. Brown, Ernest W. Riggs, and 
Ronald McLeod be corresponding members. 

Respectfully submitted, 

(Signed). G. Ellery Read, 
Chairman Membership Committee. 

A letter of greetings was received from Crystal Springs. 

The Secretary reported receiving a letter from Western Association 
nominating Rev. Hugh Pedley, D.D., as Chairman for the following year, 
and that Dr. Pedley had accepted the nomination. It was also stated 
that the Toronto District and Quebec Associations supported the nomin- 
ation, so there was only one nomination. 

It was moved, seconded and resolved that the Secretary cast one 
ballot for Dr. Pedley. 

The Chairman declared Dr. Pedley elected. 

The Chairman of the Business Committee, Mr. Lome Johnstone, 
presented a partial report, moving that the letter of the Tax Reform be 
acknowledged and laid on the table. Agreed. 

The Statistical Report was presented by Rev. W. H. Thomas, Avho 
moved its adoption. The motion was seconded by Dr. Read and carried. 

The Church Union report was again considered, and Rev. Dr. War- 
riner submitted the following names for the Committee of forty to at- 
tend the General Council of the United Church. The list was approved : 

Revs. Hugh Pedley, D.D. ; J. W. Pedley; W. T. Gunn, D.D. ; W. H. 
Warriner, D.D. ; D. L. Ritchie, D.D. ; George Adam; Matthew Kelly; 
W. G. Martin ; J. Lambert Alexander ; Frank Sanders ; A. E. Cooke, A. F. 
Pollock, B.D. ; T. W. Jones ; J. W Newbery ; W. J. D. Gibson ; G. Ellery Read, 
D.D. ; George Laughton; H. I. Horsey, R. Wilson Carr ; Hermon A. Carson; 
and Messrs. W. J. Aitchison, John T. Field, W. D. Lighthall, A. McA. 
Murphy, George A. Moore, J. Wilfred Kennedy, Charles Gurd, H. W. 
Barker, W. E. Booth, Frederick Robbins, Thomas Moodie, David Hilton, 
W. A. Hollinrake, J. B. Waugh, T. B. Macaulay, B. B. Stevenson, J. W. 
Flewwelling, J. G. Fuller, Arthur Birks, Allan Maclean. 

The list was approved. 

Rev. Dr. Warriner read the following telegram which had been for- 
warded to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, 
in accordance with the instructions of the Union : 

"Congregational Union of Canada in annual meeting assembled, send 
hearty greetings to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church. 
Am instructed also to inform you that being duly authorized by our 
churches the Union has by overwhelming majority voted to approve 
Basis of Union and proposed legislation for incorporation of the United 
Church of Canada. May the blessing of our Heavenly Father rest upon 

Dr. Warriner moved, seconded by Dr. Gunn that clause 3 of the 
Church Union Committee Report be approved. The motion carried. 

Dr. Warriner moved, seconded by Dr. Gunn and resolved that clause 
4 be approved. 

It was moved by Dr. Warriner and seconded by Rev. H. D. Whitmqre 
and resolved that the Report, as a whole, be adopted. 


The Union adjourned at eleven o'clock for a meeting of the Home 
Missionary Society. 

The Union convened at 11.30, with Dr. Ritchie in the Chair for the 
purpose of hearing from Dr. Gunn re the apportionment. 

Discussion on the Forw^ard Movement Report was taken up, and 
the Report adopted. 

At 12 o'clock Rev. Hugh Pedley, D.D., delivered the second Devo- 
tional Address, entitled "The United Church — Its Power." 


The Chairman of the Union opened the morning session at 9.45, con- 
ducting devotions. 

On motion, Mr. E. J. Joselyn was appointed in place of Mr. Aitr 
chison on the Finance Committee. 

The Minutes were read and confirmed. 

Rev. Dr. Gunn moved the following resolution, "That we suggest 
to our Church Union Committee the amendment of clause 2 of the 
Dominion Act, viz., the addition of "save and except those Congregation- 
al Churches which have already voted to remain out of the United 
Church," or, some similar phrase, and the same in corresponding Pro- 
vincial Legislation, where necessary. The motion was carried. 

Report of the Membership Committee was presented and approved 
as follows : 

1. That the application of the Rev. B. J. Lazenby for membership in 
the Union be granted, in accordance with standing Rule No. 1., section B. 

2. That the list of ministerial members of the Union be revised in ac- 
cordance with Standing Rule H, Section B, and that the members not 
in active service who have not applied for continuation of their stand- 
ing be communicated with in order to ascertain their wishes in that 


With mingled feelings we come again to our annual Union Meetings. 
We rejoice in again coming after so many years to enjoy the hospitality of 
the Capital City and of our First Church. We are glad to find the First 
Church so comfortably and beautifully housed and so prosperous in its 

We rejoice in that after twenty long years of negotiation we are come 
at last to the meeting which is to make the final decision as to union with our 
sister Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. The Methodist Church has 
already declared itself in favour of organic union, the Presbyterian Church 
gathered this very day in its great Assembly, is facing the decision. Your 
Executive, co-operating with our own Church Union Committee, has been 
taking all the necessary steps in preparation for a decision by this Union and 
the Incorporated Societies of our Denomination and the details will be 
presented to you by our Committee. 

Already we feel something of the tinge of sadness which comes with 
any change in a deep and long continued fellowship such as has always 
marked our Congregational Churches, but we will look forward to the larger 
and richer fellowship of The United Church of Canada confidently expect- 
ing to carry into it all of the best of our Congregational spirit, traditions and 


heritage, and with the corresponding gifts from the sister Churches, to render 
a growingly greater service to our Lord Jesus Christ and to our fellowmen. 
In the meantime we have pleasure in presenting to the Union for its 
approval, another pracitcal step toward Union by the three negotiating 
Churches in the form of a "Suggested Plan for the Formation of United 
Churches in Affiliation with the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church 
and the Congregational Union of Canada." This has already been approved 
by the Joint Church Union Committee. It marks a very distinct advance over 
the two agreements of 1917 and provinces for the practical setting up locally 
of United Churches, which are simply units formed in advance of the United 
Church of Canada, but retaining for the present helpful connection with the 
parent Churches. The plan has . already been working acceptably in the 
West and is finding acceptance in the East also. 

We recommend that it be formally approved by the Union. 

In this connection various plans for local co-operation and re-arrangment 
of fields with the two sister Churches are being considered by your Execu- 
tive and by the various Associations. 

In regard to the possibility of a still wider union of Churches, we 
would report that the resolutions of the Union last year in answer to the 
communication from the Church of England in Canada, were duly forwarded 
to the Primate of that Church. Joint meetings with committees of the 
Methodist and Presbyterian Churches were held a number of times during 
the j'ear and plans are now being laid for a joint conference of committees 
of all four Churches next autumn. 

The Inter-Church Advisory Council has met twice during the year in 
full meetings in addition to its sectional meetings. This Council has this 
year done especially valuable work in connection with Temperance matters, 
having brought about the unification of all the Temperance forces of the 
Dominion in "The Canadian Prohibition Federation," whose first conference 
will be held early in September and to which this Union is asked to appoint 
five representatives. The Inter-Church Council has also had a great deal to 
do with the restoration of unity among the Temperance forces of the 
Province of Ontario. With present attacks upon temperance legislation in 
various Provinces, this combining of temperance forces was greatly needed 
and will be very valuable in holding the ground already won and pressing on 
to better conditions still. 

Through the Inter-Church Council also there was issued a joint list of 
topics for the Week of Prayer, which were much appreciated and widely 

The Union was duly represented on the Religious Education Council of 
Canada, the Dominion Social Service Council, and many other inter- 
denominational organizations. 

Your representatives also co-operated with a joint Committee of the 
Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches in approaching the Ontario 
Department of Education in regard to securing better graded Bible Lessons 
for morning worship in schools, enlarging the memory work from the Bible, 
and more systematic use of the Bible for moral instruction. 

The Conference on Faith and Order has been continuing its preparations 
for a World Conference in 1925. 

We present herewith the annual statement of Apportionment and 
Receipts for our five General Funds. It is evident that few Churches reached 
the 100 per cent, of their apportionment. In fact, only seven churches did so. 
We recommend that the apportionment be repeated for the coming year and 



that the Union ask the Associations again to strive for such re-adjustment 
and such effort as will put the full apportionment within reach of every 
church and will stimulate them to the attempt : 





Home Missions 


Quebec $ 3,505.00 

Ont.-Western 2,505.00 

Ont.-Central 2,500.00 

Ont.-Eastern 930.00 

Maritime Prov 560.00 

Western Prov 1,950.00 


TOTAL $12,010.00 







Maritime Provinces 

Western Provinces 





Appt. Receipts 

290 00 


6,615.94 12,055.00 8,700.48 6,520.00 2,795.45 

Provident Fund 
Appt. Receipts 
.. $ 925.00 384.50 

Union Fund 
Appt. Receipts 
965.00 542.08 

305.00 76.24 

670.00 363.06 

250.00 69.60 
170.00 146.30 

275.00 55.57 
240.00 147.80 

70.00 23.25 

70.00 44.90 

245.00 8.64 

245.00 39.15 

. $1,965.00 708.53 

2,465.00 1,192.56 

In this connection we present the diagrams, similar to those presented 
a year ago. Remembering again that any diagram can represent only a 
one-sided view of the facts and that these diagrams represent only the all- 
round loyalty which sees to it that each church gives to each of our five 
great funds during the year, we present this last year's record in targets as 
last year. The names in the centre ring of all the targets have given to all 
five funds, each circle away from the bull's eye scores one less fund. 

A comparison with last year will show that as a whole the shooting 
this last year has been much poorer than the year before. 

The winds of harder times or the breezes of carelessness have blown 
across the range. In the centre of the target we have only 21 churches as 
against 35 a year ago. The second circle has 26 as against 25 a year ago, 
and the third circle out has 25 as against 20, and the circle which shows gifts 
to only two of our funds has 15 this year, six more than a year ago. 

The denominational possible, as the riflemen say, allowing five possible 
collections to each church apportioned, was 535 collections, while, as a matter 
of fact, only 329 were taken and 206 collections were omitted. It is evident 
at once that this is far too large a proportion of misses. While it may be 
granted that the missing collections would not average as high as those from 
the faithful churches, yet it is true that some of our larger churches also 
missed collections and some of these for our most important funds. Had 


the missing collections been taken in anything like the average of those 
received it would have made a material difference to our funds. 

We ask that pastors and delegates take notice of the position of their 
church on the diagram and determine to better their aim another year. 

The names of the seven churches which paid in their full apportionment 
or more are underlined in the centre of the target and it is a pleasure to see 
there the name of the church which is now entertaining the Union. 

A New Model Deed : 

We have pleasure in presenting a new Model Deed. The deed adopted 
by the Union in 1872 has been of great service but was found in practice to 
be too wide and loose in its provisions for the use of Church property after 
a Church had ceased to exist. We have, therefore, drawn up the new deed 
with the trust conditions based on those already adopted by the Canada 
Congregational Missionary Society for its Building Fund liens. We recom- 
mend this new Deed be approved by the Union. 

Sympathy : 

We record with deep sense of loss the death during the year of Rev. 
Thomas Hall, for so many years a valued worker among our Canadian 
Churches, and of Rev. Dr. Byron H. Stauffer, so suddenly cut down in the 
prime of life, and of the wife of our good brother, Rev. Dr. Jacob W. Cox, 
To the relatives of each of these, your Executive has expressed their deep 

The Union Programme: 

We present to you the programme, as printed, for your acceptance. We 
welcome this year. Rev. J. W. G. Ward who brings to us the greetings of 
the Congregational Union of England and Wales, and of the Colonial 
Missionary Society, and also Rev. Ernest W. Riggs, Associate Secretary of 
the Foreign Department of the American Board of Commissioners for 
Foreign Missions, who will bring to us the greetings of that Society, and of 
our sister Congregational Churches of the United States. 

All of which is respectfully submitted on behalf of the Executive. 

(Signed) WILLIAM T. GUNN, 











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O COCD t> r- 
COOS 00 C- C<" 




^ — 1 Oi CD C 

coc^] cv 



1— ' 








Central . 








01 p. 







June 16, 1922— June 15, 1923. 
The balance carried forward from last year was $87.00, and the 
contributions from the churches, $1,192.00. Receipts under the Guarantee 
re General Secretary were $3,700.00 and we have received reimburse- 
ment of amount expended for Young People's Department, $23.00,: and 
for Church Union expenses, $577.00. These amounts, with $80.00 sundry 
receipts, make a total on the credit side of $5,661.00. For General Sec- 
retary's salary and expenses, $3,500.00 has been paid out, while the other 
ordinary expenses amount to about $1,500.00. This leaves a balance on 
hand of $644.00 at the end of the year. 


Balance carried forward $ 87 57 

Contributions front Churches ; — 

Ontario Central $ 55.57 

Western ^ 363 06 

Eastern 147 80 

Quebec 542 08 

Maritime Provinces 44 90 

Western Provinces 39 15 

1,192 56 

Personal Members Fees 24 00 

Collections at Union 50 85 

Bank Interest „ 5 26 

Reimbursement of Y.P. Department expenditure 23 62 

Reimbursement of Church Union Expenses 577 35 

Receipts under Guarantee — 

C. C. M. S : $2,100 00 

C. C. F. M. S 800 00 

College 700 00 

Provident Fund 100 00 

3,700 00 

$5,661 21 


General Secretary's Salary and Expenses - $3,500 00 

Travelling (Committee Meetings) - - 336 85 

Travelling (Members and Delegates to Union) 369 60 

Year Book Account - - - 163 20 

Printing, Cuts, Office Supplies 160 11 

Sundries (Postage, telegrams, etc.) - (i^ 57 

Expended for Y.P. Department (since repaid) 19 67 

Church Union Expenses (since repaid) 399 72 

Balance on hand — 

Guarantee Account - $885 00 

Overdraft Gen. Account 240 51 

644 49 

5,661 21 

We have audited the books, vouchers and accounts of the Congre- 
gational Union of Canada for the year ended June 15th, 1923, and certify 
that the foregoing statement is in accordance therewith. 

(Sgd.) Oscar Hudson and Co., 

Chartered Accountants. 



The receipts from the churches are as follows :- 

ONTARIO (Central) 

Barrie $ 5 00 

Cobourg 15 00 


Birchcliff 13 00 

Broadview '. 17 57 

Northern 5 00 

$55 57 
ONTARIO (Western) 

Bloomingdale „ 10 00 

Brantford 50 00 

Embro 15 00 

Forest-Central 8 00 

Forest-PIympton 3 00 

Freeport 5 00 

Garafraxa 4 00 

Speedside 7 50 

Guelph 35 00 

Hamilton-First 141 44 

Hamilton-Immanuel 2 25 

London-First 9 50 

Lowbanks 7 27 

Mount Carmel 16 00 

Scotland - 10 40 

Watford 10 00 

Sherkston 5 00 

West Montrose 10 00 

Zion (Zion Cir.) 13 70 

,$363 06 
ONTARIO (Eastern) 

Hopetown $ 2 OS 

Kingston-First 10 00 

Kingston-Calvary 20 00 

Lanark 75 00 

Maxville 20 50 

Middleville 3 25 

Ottawa-Welcome Zion 17 00 


Ayer's Cliff $ 15 00 

Cowansville „ 8 50 

Danville 25 00 

Fitch Bay 10 00 

Granby 50 69 

Montreal-Am. Park 5 00 

Montreal-Calvary 82 89 

Montreal-Crystal Springs 5 00 

Montreal-Emmanuel 225 00 

Rock Island .'.". 15 00 

Sherbrooke 100 00 

$542 08 

N. S. & N. B. 

Economy $ 3 00 

Hemford 3 2^ 

Liverpool 12 00 

Margaree 3 75 

Milton 2 50 

Noel 2 50 

Pleasant River 1 67 

South Maitland 6 00 

Yarmouth 10 15 

$ 44 90 


Balmoral $ 4 50 

Brandon 4 80 

Castor (Hopefield) 3 00 

German Conference 3 50 

Vancouver 1st 13 35 

Vancouver Kitsilano 5 00 

Victoria 5 00 

$147 80 

$ 39 15 

The Office Statement is also presented herewith. We commenced the 
year with $594.00 and the Societies have paid in $4,500.00. It will be seen 
that we have lived well within our budget in every item and we close 
the year with $425.00 in hand. This favorable showing would not have 
been possible if we had not been fortunate enough to sublet a part of our 
office, (besides which the Woman's Board are good enough to pay us at 
the rate of $20.00 a month), so that at present we receive at the rate of 
$540.00 a year, leaving our own net rental $460.00. As, however, there 
is always more or less uncertainty about subletting, it is the part of wisdom 
to leave the rent item of the budget the same as before, namely, $690.00, 
and the total budget for the new year, $5,300.00. 


$2,600 00 

1,144 00 

100 00 

200 00 

690 00 

100 00 

100 00 

100 00 

100 00 

166 00 



June 16, 1922— June 15, 1923. 


Balance from last year .....$ 594 21 

From C.C.M.S - 3,000 00 

From C.C.F.M.S 1,500 00 

$ 5,094 21 


Salary (General Treasurer) „ $ 2,600 00 

Salary (Stenographer) „ 1,122 00 

Office Assistance _ 39 51 

Travelling (General Treasurer) „ _... 113 29 

Rent 460 00 

Printing _ „... 19 72 

Office Supplies _ 83 46 

Telephone, Telegrams and Exchange 38 21 

Po stage 74 50 

Auditor, Lighting and Sundries 74 25 

Balance on hand ; 

In Royal Bank ...„ 419 20 

Petty Cash.. 6 07 

4,668 94 

425 27 

$5,300 00 $ 5,094 21 

We have audited the books, vouchers and accounts of the Congregational 
Church Office for the year ended June 15th, 1923, and certify that the 
foregoing statement is in accordance therewith. 

(Signed) Oscar Hudson & Co., 

Chartered Accountants. 

The Young Peoples' Department financial statement is also presented 
herewith, showing the balance received from former Treasurer, $143.00, with 
contributions and interest $164.00, against which there have been expenses, 
committee travelling, programmes and booklets, printing, postage, etc., of 
$239.00, leaving $68.00 in the bank. 




Balance from former Treasurer $ 142 95 

Contributions 163 11 

Bank Interest and Exchange 70 

$ 307 42 

. $ 91 40 

69 13 

27 95 

17 23 

7 21 

26 26 

68 24 

$ 307 42 

$ 307 42 



Committee Travelling 

Programmes and Booklets 

Office Supplies ■ 

Cuts • 


Postage, Exchange and Sundries 

Balance on hand .^.. 

We have audited the Books, Vouchers and Accounts of the Canada 
Congregational Young People's Department for year ended 30th April, 1923, 
and certify that the foregoing Statement is in accordance therewith. 

Oscar Hudson & Co. 

Chartered Accountants. 

And now what about the general denoininational record of the giving for 
the five departments of our work? 

It will be remembered that the Union Executive could not see its way 
to increasing the apportionment, although the Society budgets were, in some 
cases greatly increased. We, therefore, left the apportionment as it was- 
namely $35,015.00, and pressed upon the Associations, and through them 
upon the churches, the imperative need of making up the full amount. The 
Executive decided last June that "the responsibility for raising the full amount 
of the apportionment should be thrown upon the Associations." At the 
request of the Executive I visited the three Associations, and Dr. Gunn 
attended the Maritime Union, and we put before these bodies as strongly 
as we could the importance of getting every church to reach its full appor- 
tionment for every fund. In each case a resolution was passed adopting 
their respective shares of the apportionment and undertaking to do every- 
thing possible to keep the churches within their territories up to the mark. 
The churches that are not connected with any Association were communi- 
cated with directly from the office. The Associations were also furnished 
with a number of suggestions to assist them in obtaining the desired end. 
In addition to this every church in Canada was furnished on March 16th, 
,with a statement showing what had been given up to March 15th for each 
of the five funds and pointing out how they stood in relation to their ap- 
portionment, and urging the remitting of the balance before the time for 
closing the books. 

And what has been the result of all this? The following table will 
show : 

Society Apportionment Receipts 

C.C.M.S : $ 12,010.00 $ 6,615.94 

C.C.F.M.S 12,055.00 8,700.48 

College 6,520.00 2,795.45 

Provident Fund 1,965.00 708.53 

Union 2,465.00 1 ,137.31 

TOTAL $ 35,015.00 $ 19,957.71 


This means that only 57% of the apportionment Tvais'atta'ined and the 
average giving was $1.64 per member. Last year on the same apportionment 
we got $20,067.00, the average giving being $1.59 per member. These figures 
of course, do not include the Woman's Board. 

The Maritime Provinces gave $ 843.51 or 60% of their apportionment 

The Quebec Association gave 6,257.81 or 54% of their apportionment 

The Ontario Western gave 5,364.17 or 69% of their apportionment 

The Ontario Central gave 3,410.59 or 52% of their apportionment 

The Ontario Eastern gave 2,398.38 or ^1 %,.Qif their apportionment 

Jhe Western Provinces gave 1,683.25 or 33% of itheir apportionment 

$19,957.71 , ' 

This is a most disappointing result and means more or less embarrass- 
ment for our work. After making all due allowances for business depression 
epidemics, the unsettled condition of some of. our .churches, uneasiness 
about Church Union, and other causes, or -fancied causes, which might be 
thought of, the general result shows an indifference to the denominational 
programme on the part of a number of our churches :which is hard to 
explain. For example, five of our outstanding churches were asked for 
$11,425.00 and- they gave only $4,742.00. InuOther words five churches fell 
,$6,682.00 short of their . apportionment ! . .,• i ,. 

' Throughout the whole Dominion only eight churiphps att,ained their full 
apportionment, two of these amounts coming in.,qfter the p.losii,ig <?^ the books. 
These are distribu.te.d as follows : 

Maritime Provinces, : ,. out of 13 churches— 1 

Quebec ....■:.„.;..'...'.„...out (5¥ 17' churches^^O 

Ontario Western ..out ' 6f 38 ^churches — 3 

Ontario Central .!.'... ..5Vit of IS churches — 2 

Ontario Eastern out of 10 churches — 2 

Western Provinces ,., out of 17 churches — 

Many of our churches treat the apportionment altogether too lightly. It is 
hot an ideal only: the figures really represent less than our minimum needs. 
We had hoped and prayed that through the Forward Movement our people 
v/ould have received a new vision of the joy of. giving, but in most quarters 
the lesson has not been learned. ' We had a right 'to e:>tpect that $20,000.00 
a year (half of the amount promised to the 'FofWard Movement) would 
have been added to our denominational funds because of being released 
from Forward Movement obligations, but we were doomed to disappoint- 
ment. What we all need is a quickening of spiritual life, greater devotion 
to Christ, and a new sense of our partnership with Him in the' establishment 
of His Kingdom on earth. ' 

Fortunately, in investment returns we -have had a good year. It will 
be remembered that in my last annual jreport:. as : General Treasurer, I 
stated that, although the last year had been- an exceptional one for profit- 
making, yet I saw no reason why even under normal conditions our income 
should not be materially added to each year. I have: now pleasure in report- 
ing that your Investment Committee has this .year made a further cash 
profit of $2,736.67— $2,326.39 of which is divided between nine Home Mis- 
sionary accounts, $394.03 between six foreign accounts, and $16.25 goes 
to the Publishing Committee. 


Since my appointment as General Treasurer, the bond profits have been 
as follows : 

First year (part only) $ 1,200.00 

Second year — 6,315.42 

Third year - 2,736.67 

Besides this we raised the rates of existing mortgages which were over- 
due, and this increased our income by $190.00 per year. A few new 
mortgage loans, were also made a year ago at 7^%. We have bought and 
sold bonds as favorable opportunities have occurred — sometimes in Toronto 
and Montreal, sometimes in New York, and occasionally in London, Eng. 
Lest it should be thought that our holdings have been weakened because 
of these transactions, I would submit the following letter from one of our 
brokers, who gives us an appraisement every three months. He says :— 

"We have examined the list of investments as of the end of April. 
The selection of your bonds shows a wise distribution, the greater 
amount being Dominion and Provincial Government bonds. Your 
directors have every reason to feel an unusual degree of confidence 
in the manner in which your funds are employed, and we wish 
to congratulate you on the excellent judgment shown in carrying out 

this sound investment policy The income averages 5^% 

and the average maturity is approximately 20 years. Taking into 
consideration the profits taken and the present holdings, the showing 
is unusually satisfactory." 
Our profits would have been more had it not been for the heavy 
Government tax on such transactions. Dealing only in trustee investment, as 
we are directed to do by law and bound to do by resolution of the Union 
Executive, our interest return is not quite so large nor are we able to take 
advantage of many profit-making turnovers which would have been pre- 
sented if we could handle industrials ; but the element of risk is entirely 
eliminated. Had the profits of the last three years been available for the 
General Funds, they would have been just about sufficient to pay the salary 
of the General Treasurer and also of the office stenographer. However, 
our general funds have had their share and the balance has been made 
available for giving much needed help from the Church Extension and other 
funds. Most of this year's profits are not being distributed but are held 
in reserve. 

Apart from my work as General Denominational Treasurer and Editor 
and Business Manager of The Congregationalist, I have held myself available 
to the churches principally to do deputation work on behalf of the Foreign 
Missionary Society. During the past year I was able to visit twenty-five 
of our churches in Ontario and Quebec — one of them twice — besides ad- 
dressing the Western Association twice, the Central and Quebec Associations, 
the Paris Branch of the Woman's Board, a Union Church service in 
Whitby, and the National Social Service Convention held in Ottawa. This 
involved travelling 4,152 miles and giving fifty-two addresses, several times 
taking the whole of a church service. The travelling expenses thus incurred, 
together with those for attending Committee meetings in other places, have 
been $113.29. In some cases my expenses were paid by the church visited. 
During July and August last year, I took charge of thirteen church services. 
The need of a central office is more apparent as the months go by. It 
has become not only a place of meeting but also a purchasing agency and 
employment bureau, besidfes serving many other purposes. 
All of which is respectfully submitted. 

^ H. W. BARKER. Treasurer. 



For the Year Ending June 16, 1922 to June 15, 1923. 

It is now nearly four years since we Congregationalists entered upon the 
great Forward Movement, simultaneously with four other denominations. 
After four years of war, the Armistice had been signed and our thanks to 
God were shown in a great peace thank-offering for the work of His King- 
dom. Indeed the aims of the Movement were both spiritual and material. The 
spiritual results cannot be tabulated, besides which this report is intended 
only to cover the financial. 

The joy with which we received the glad news that the people of our 
churches had subscribed not only the objective of $100,000.00, but had given 
more than 30 per cent, beyond it, is still fresh in our memories. It was a 
wonderful achievement. The payments were to be spread over three years 
and the final instalment became due last October. 

The real test of a race is in the last lap, and this final year has presented 
difficulties and disappointments which did not appear in the earlier part of 
the campaign. These will be seen as we pass along. The Forward Movement 
year runs from June 15 to June 15. The audited statement is published 
herewith : 

Balance brought forward : 

Bank $ 3,982 10 

Petty Cash 7 36 

$ 3,989 46 

Remittances on subscriptions 17,265 13 

Bank Interest 74 63 

$21,329 22 


Stationery and Printing $ 38 43 

Postage and Exchange ; $ 24 99 

Auditor's Fee 15 00 

Paid to Objects of Forward Movement: 

CC.F.M.S $ 6,100 00 

C.C.M.S 12,601 16 

Balance on hand : 

Royal Bank $ 2,540 68 

Petty Cash 8 06 

$ 78 42 

18,701 16 

2,549 64 
$21,329 22 

We have audited the books, vouchers and accounts of the Congregational 
Forward Movement for the year ended June I5th, 1923, and certify that 
the foregoing statement is in accordance therewith. 


Chartered Accountants. 


The statement for the whole period of the Movement shows that 97 
churches subscribed $133,819.00, and that personal subscriptions and interest 
brought the amount up to $136,000.00. Of this total, $109,652.00 has been 
paid. 38 churches have paid in full, and five of these have given a total of 
$159.00 more than they subscribed. All honor to these 38 churches which 
have so faithfully carried out their obligations. 

Now we come to a more disappointing feature. The amount still owing 
by the other 59 churches is just $26,506.00. Two owe more than $5,000.00 
each; one between $2,000.00 and $3,000.00; four between $1,000.00 and 
$2,000.00; three between $500.00 and $1,000.00; sixteen between $100.00 
and $500.00; and thirty-three less than $100.00. It is impossible to make any- 
thing like an accurate estimate of what might be termed good or collectible 
out of this total of $26,506.00. A careful scrutiny, however, has been made 
of the individual cards of each church. We have carried on a mass of corres- 
pondence, having communicated again and again with pastors and treasurers, ' 
and in many cases by special request have written direct to the individual 
subscribers (often with good results) and the closest estimate we can make 
shows that about $5,200 00 more may be expected, outside estimate being 
$6,700.00. This coincides with my forecast given to the Union Executive last 

The indifference shown by a number of subscribers to their written 
promise is beyond comprehension. Some subscriptions have actually been 
repudiated, although we hold signed cards which in a court of law would be 
held to be binding. The objects of the Fund were fully announced again 
and again at the time the subscriptions were taken, and yet some subscribers 
claim that they thought they were subscribing to an endowment fund for 
the augmentation for all time of salaries of underpaid ministers. In another 
case, because the church has recently been closed, some subscribers claim 
that they are released from their obligation and so refuse to pay ti^e l)alance 
of their pledges. Other cases might be cited, but they all go to show how 
much we need a revival in common honesty. 

A further statement is also presented showing the progress of the 
Movement year by year from the commencement, together with a complete 
summary. This statement is divided into four sections : 

(1) Campaign expenses. There amounted to $11,951.00- made up of 
salaries, travelling, rent, our share United National Campaign ex- 
penses, printing, office supplies, telephone, postage, etc. 

(2) Other payments, such as for general denominational promotion 
work, office fixtures and typewriter, and amount voted to assist the 
Societies in bearing the denominational office expenses. 

(3) Payments to the objects of the Fund, $78,300.00, or 87 per cent, of 
the amount promised to each object. 

(4) Payments from the anticipated surplus — $8,900.00, made up of 
$2,400.00 to the College; $1,200.00 to the Provident Fund, and 
$5,300.00 given to the Societies toward -office expenses. 

All these amounts were voted by the Committee in full confidence that 
the people of our churches would pay what they had promised, allowance 
being made, of course, for a reasonable shrinkage. It is now evident, how- 
ever, that instead of having a surplus there will be a deficit. 


From June 25th, 1919 (commencement) to June 15th, 1923. 

Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year Total 

ending ending ending ending 

June, 1920 June 1921 June 1922 June 1923 

Subscriptions paid $30,774.49 35,535.69 24,072.06 17,265.13 107,647.37 

Int. & prof, on bond sales 31.21 1,095.48 803.94 74.65 2,005.26 

TOTAL 30,805.70 36,631.17 24,876.00 17.339.76 109,652.63 


(1) Campaign Expenses: 

Salaries-Director (2/3)$ 2,400.00 2,000.00 600.00 5,000 00 

Exec. Sec'y 577.94 577.94 

Sten'grapher ... 765.17 765.17 

Travelling-Director 976.81 787.07 160.80 1,924.68 

Key Men & Spec. Speak. 754.65 256.60 1,011.25 

Exchange Sunday 160.25 160.25 

Rent 348.00 348.00 

Our share exp. United 

Nat'l Campaign 674.49 674.49 

Printing 363.48 195.85 72.00 18.50 649.83 

Office supplies, telephone, 
postage, audit's fees, 

etc 554.66 91.70 133.51 59.92 839.79 

TOTAL $ 7,415.20 3,491.47 666.31 78.42 11,951.40 

(2) Other Payments: 

Share Dir. Sal. (1/3) ~$1,200.00 1,000.00 300 00 2,500.00 

Grant Rev. J.T. Tucker 500.00 500.00 

Off. Fix. & Typewr'er 353.05 353.05 

Printing Pamphlets 734.16 255.52 108.86 1,098.54- 

Proportion Off. Exp 1,700.00 1,800.00 3,500.00 

TOTAL $2,787.21 2,955.52 2,208.86 7,951.59 

(3) Payments to Objects of Fund: 

C.C.F.M.S.-Currie Inst. $ 10,000.00 10,000.00 6,100.00 26,100.00 

C.C.M.S. Augmentation 6,394.10 28,323.53 8,782.37 43,500.00 

C.C.M.S. New Work 381.21 4,500.00 3,818.79 8,700.00 

TOTAL $ 16,775.31 42,823.53 18,701.16 78,300.00 


Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year Total 

ending ending ending ending 
June, 1920 June 1921 June 1922 June 1923 

To C C F M S for Coll. 







To " " Prov Fund 


To " " Off. Exp.... 
To C C M S for Coll 




To " " Prov Fund 


To " " Off. Exp 

















In the final analysis of the Fund, what do we find? 

(1) That the objects of the Fund have received 87c. on the dollar, the 
objects being; 

(a) Augmentation of Salaries, $50,000.00. bringing the salary of a 
regular field up to $1,400.00 and a house. 

(b) New work, $10,000.00. 

(c) Currie Institute Building Fund, $30,000.00. 

(2) That the cash on hand, $2,549.00 and the $5,200.00 estimated receipts 
will enable the Fund to pay about 9c. on the dollar more, making 
96c. in all and leaving each objective about 4c. on the dollar 
short, or, in other words $2,000.00 short on Augmentation, $1,200.00 
short on Currie Institute, and $400.00 short on New Work Fund. 

(3) The failure of so many subscribers to make up the amounts 
promised will mean that the College and Provident Fund cannot 
receive anything more for there will be no surplus out of which 
to pay them, and in fact the payments already made may be recalled 
by the Home and Foreign Missionary Societies. 


Respectfully submitted, 


Executive Secretary. 



Rev. I. W. Pierce presented the report of the Nominating Committee as 
follows : 

General Secretary : — Rev. Wm. T. Gunn, D.D. 

Recording Secretary : — Rev. R. Wilson Carr. 

Treasurer — Mr. H. W. Barker. 

Statistical Secretary : — Rev. W. J. D. Gibson. 

Supt. Young People's Dept. : — Rev. J. L. Alexander, B.D. 

Executive : — Rev. Frank Sanders, Rev. I. W. Pierce, Rev. Dr. D. L. 
Ritchie, Rev. W. H. Warriner, D.D., Rev. George Adam, Rev. A. F. Pollock, 
B.D., Rev. W. G. Martin, Rev. G. Ellery Read, D.D., Rev. W. J. D. Gibson, 
Messrs. E. J. Joselin, Richard Hooper, Lome V. Johnstone, D. Hilton, J. G. 
Fuller, W. A. Hollinrake, W. J. Aitchison, Mrs. C. R. Crowe, and representa- 
tive of Maritime Union. 

Consulting Members of the Union Executive : — Rev. M. H. Sanderson, 
Rev. John Murray, Rev. T. W. Jones, M.A., Rev. M. T. Walker, Rev. 
Major H. I. Horsey, Messrs. W. H. Smith, William Rettie, F. W. Robins, 
Judge S. P. Leet, J. H. Pedley, J. B. Waugh. 

Church Union Committee : — Revs. Hugh Pedley, D.D., J. W. Pedley, W. H. 
Warriner, D.D., W. T. Gunn, D.D., D. L. Ritchie, D.D., George Adam, 
Major H. I. Horsey, J. L. Alexander, B.D., James T. Daley, D.D., A. F. 
Pollock, T. W. Jones, J. W. Newbery, W. H. Thomas, W. J. D. Gibson and 
Messrs, W. J. Aitchison, John T. Field, W. D. Lighthall, A. McA. Murphy, 
George A. Moore and J. Wilfred Kennedy. M.P. 

Five Members to the Prohibition Federation : — Judge S. P. Leet, Rev. 
Wm. T. Gunn, Rev. A. F. Pollock, B.D., Rev. W. G. Martin, Mrs. C. R. 

Union Preacher : — Rev. Donald McLeod. 

Publishing Committee : — Messrs. F. J. Smith, D. Hilton, C. A. Tubby, 
Jas. H. Pedley, Robert Wightman, and Rev. A. L. Richards. 

Young People's Department General Committee : — 

Western Association : Rev. Frank Sanders, Rev. T. DeC. Rayner, 
Rev. W. G. Martin, and Duncan Longmire. 

Toronto Association : Rev. George Knighton, Mr. Allen P. McNabb. 

Quebec Association : Rev. W. H. Thomas, Rev. T. W. Jones, Rev. 
Chas. Gushing, Mr. T. W. Munro. 

Maritime Provinces : Rev. Campbell Tavener, Mr. J. W. Flewwelling. 

Middle West : Rev. Geo. A. Dickson. 

British Columbia : Rev. A. K. McMinn, Rev. A. E. Cooke, Messrs. 
Gilbert Heisler, E. B. Day. 

Members at Large : Rev. W. T. Gunn, D.D., Principal D. L. Ritchie, 
D.D., Mrs. Robt. Wightman, Miss Florence Booth, Mrs. W. G. Martin, Mr. 
H. W.Barker, Miss Effie A. Jamieson, Rev. H. A. Carson, B.A. 

Social Service Committee : — Rev. A. F. Pollock, Judge S. P. Leet, Rev. 
E. D. Silcox, Rev. W. T. Gunn, D.D., Mrs. R. W. McLachlan, Miss Mary 
McNabb, Mrs. C. R. Crowe, Rev. Matthew Kelly, Rev. M. H. Sanderson, 
and Mr. W. A. Hollingrake. 

Representatives on College Senate: — Chairman of the Union, Rev. Dr. 
Hugh Pedley, Rev. George Adam, Mr. J. G. Fuller, Dr. F. A. Stevenson, 
W. H. Smith. 




The Report of the Chairman of the PubHshing Committee was read by 
Mr. Barker, and accepted as follows : 

"The Publishing Committee takes pleasure in presenting the Annual 
Report for 1922-23. Your Committee has been able throughout the year to 
issue the paper regularly on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, 
excepting during July and August, when monthly issues came out. 

The Committee met eight times during the year, and conferences of the 
officers were held frequently. 

Owing to the removal of Rev. W. H. Thomas from Toronto, Mr. J. H. 
Pedley, B.A., was appointed Secretary-Treasurer, and has rendered good 

1. "Congregationalist" : 

We have asked for the appointment of an agent and correspondent in 
every church, but the response has not been general. In a number of 
churches, however,, this plan is working well. Our efforts to increase the 
circulation have resulted in a number of new names being added, but we 
regret that owing to the drop of so many who were in arrears — many of 
whom paid up but did not wish to continue, our subscription list is smaller 
that it was a year ago. The raising of the price from $1.25 to $1.50 we do 
not think has affected the list appreciably. There are at present 971 names 
on the list, and, after deducting say 35 for exchanges and advertisers the list 
represents living and interested subscribers. These are divided as follows. 

Province or District Membership No. of Sub- % of Mem- 

scribers bers taking 

Ontario ■ 5,663 546 9.6 

Quebec 2,769 170 6.1 

Maritime 680 80 14.7 

Western . 3,060 97 3.1 

United States and Foreign ' 78 - 

TOTAL 12,172 971 

We have tried to inaugurate a "Congregationalist" day at the beginning 
of the year when every minister is requested to commend the paper from 
his pulpit, this to be followed during the week by a canvass for new sub- 
scribers. We have put this proposition to the Churches during the last 
two years. 

A great deal of time and money has been spent in writing to delinquent 
subscribers. Prompt payment of subscriptions in adance would not only 
save all this, but would keep our subscribe;rs in good humour. Some people 
— even church officers — seem to think they should^ get the paper without 
paying for it, that it is one of the emoluments of belonging to a Congrega- 
tional Church. After writing four or five times to those who were two years 
or more behind, and receiving a number of remittances, drafts were issued 
on a few and about $50.00 additional collected in this way. Another thing 
about getting behind is that we lost the subscribers and the paper sometimes 
loses friends. In one case a man on whom we issued a draft paid the draft 
but said he did not like our method of doing 'business. We were able 
to give him the date of five letters which were written to him and of which 
he had taken no notice. Sometimes we have told them we would leave the 
matter to their own conscience, but usually the conscience has not been 
educated up to the point of prompting payment. 


An examination of our mailing list shows that $568.00 has been paid 
in advance for subscriptions, constituting a Hability, while $381.00 is owing 
for those overdue, about 75 per cent, of which is reckoned as collectable. 

We have had the office file of the paper for the past eight years bound 
"in four large volumes. 

Your Committee was able last September to secure a reduced rate for the 
printing of the paper, namely $85.00 an issue instead of $98.75 While the 
receipts from subscriptions have not been as large this year as last, $1,004.18, 
as against $1,359.03, (last year's receipts included a much larger amount for 
arrears than this year's), we have received for advertising $408.55, which is 
$178.00 more than last year and $290.00 more than the year before. This 
is largely the result of raising our advertising rates as reported last year. 

Four hundred dollars is allowed to the Editor each year for office 
assistance. This has been drawn upon only to- the extent of $222.40. For 
the eleven month's the paper shows a deficit of $198.25, as against $201.92 
last year, and we have oustanding liabilities at this date of $568.05 with 
current assets of $381.20. 
2. Year Book : 

We always look to the Year Book to make up, if possible, the "Congrega- 
tionalist" deficit. Through the purchase of about 25 pages of standing type 
(constitutions, etc.) which can be used year after year in the printing of 
the Year book, and by reason also of getting much of the type-setting done 
during the holiday season when things were slack, we were able to save 
$195.00 on the cost of the book, and thus make a considerable saving to the 
Societies. Our receipts for advertisements netted us $229.00, and sales to 
churches were $324.20. The Year Book turns in a profit of 464.38, which 
offsets the "Congregationalfst" deficit and leaves $273.00 on hand. 

Respectfully submitted, 

F. J:' Smith, Chairman. 


June 1st, 1922 to April 30th, 1923. 
(11 Months) 


Subscriptions ~ $ 1,004 18 

Advertisements .408 55 

C.C.M.S 300 00 

C. C. C : 200 00 

C.C.F.M.S : „ , 200 00 

Extras and Sundries 240 94 

Deficit ' \ 310 24 


Printing _ „ 

Sundry Printing 

Editor „ _..... 

Rev. T. De C. Rayner 

Office Assistance , 


Sundry _ _ „ _ 




2,084 31 

54 83 

150 00 

25 00 

222 40 

71 12 

56 25 

$ 2,663.91 




Year Book Sales _ 

Received from Societies 

Advertisements „ _ 


Paid Printer — 

Bonus to Editor — 

Bonus to Secretary 

Sundries — 



324 20 
445 40 
229 00 


998 60 


100 00 

25 00 

26 35 
339 38 


998 60 


Balance carried forward June 1st, 1921 $ 7 67 

Net Profit on Year Book, 1922-3 339 38 

$ 347 05 

Less Deficit on "Congregationalist," 310 24 

Carry forward . — - $ 2>6 81 


To Editor's Salary, March and April „ $ iZ 33 

(Signed) J. H. PEDLEY, 


The following report of the Editor was presented : 

"On behalf of Dr. Gunn and myself, I want to thank the ministers and 
members of our churches for the kind way in which they have received 
the paper, and also for the many gracious words which have come to hand. 
A number of our ministers have also contributed to our columns, and for this 
we desire to thank them. We have been very much encouraged and cheered 
in the editorial work. 

Neither of us, on account of pressure of other duties, has been able to 
do for the "Congregationalist" as much as we would like. We are conscious 
of many short-comings but we are doing the best we can under the cir- 
cumstances. As Editor, I may tell you that the editorial work, and the 
preparation of copy — for everything that comes in for publication has to be 
carefully gone over, — is done in the evenings in the quiet of my own home 
or in other homes if I happen to be away. It is not possible to do this in 
the office in the regular hours with so many interruptions, even if the time 
could be found. In addition to preparing copy, there is the work of re- 
viewing two or three books every week, and also glancing over thirty 
papers and magazines. Of the books which have come for review, about 
75 have afterwards been given to our ministers and missionaries, each 
being sent where we think it will be most helpful. Much of our review work 
has been done on street cars and railway trains. 

Papers and magazines, not only in Canada, but also in the United States 
and England, frequently quote from our columns — sometimes, I regret to say. 


without credit being given. In one case, a column was taken word for word 
without any acknowledgment. Usually, however, our exchanges are very 

It is our aim to make the outside front cover as attractive as possible. 
Sometimes we use a picture, sometimes a poem, and sometimes a message 
specially prepared. I have often spent more time on the preparation of 
these front pages than on a long editorial. It is our desire that they should 
convey a strong spiritual message, and that it should be quickly presented 
and easily remembered. These messages and our editorials are "broad- 
casted" through the paper from the Atlantic to the Pacific, across the hne, 
and over the ocean, besides a few in distant countries, i.e., Africa, Greece, 
Japan and China. 

We need the prayers and help of every minister and officer — help in 
increasing the circulation and help in occasionally contributing to our pages, 
but please be brief as we are invariably crowded for space. 

Interesting discussions have recently taken place regarding Church 
Union, and, as Church Union approaches, our pages will carry important 
information which everyone of our members should have. Now is the time, 
therefore, to press upon our members, and especially upon our church 
officers, the necessity of subscribing for the paper. 

The work which you have committed to me as Editor and Business 
Manager is thoroughly enjoyed, and I thank God for this additional oppor- 
tunity of endeavouring to help to advance the work of the kingdom. 

I regret to report that Mr. F. J. Smith, our worthy President has been ill 
a good deal of the year, and we have been deprived of his valuable aid and 
guidance for a time. He is now, however, much improved in health. 

Respectfully submitted, 

(Signed) H. W. BARKER, 

Editor and Business Manager." 

On motion of Mr. E. J. Joselin, seconded by Rev. W. H. Thomas, it 
was resolved that a letter of sympathy in his illness be forwarded to the 
Chairman of the Publishing Committee, Mr. F. J. Smith. 


The Report of the Military Service Board was read and approved as 
follows : 

"At our last Annual Convention, convened in Brantford, Ontario, the 
Congregational Union decided to continue the Military Service Board for 
another year so that the small fund remaining in the Treasury might be 
available in cases of need among our returned men. No meetings have been 
held during the year, and the only item of interest was the issuing of a 
cheque to Rev. W. J. D. Gibson of Birchcliff for the sum of $25.00 to be 
applied for relief of a soldier's family in his parish. There remains in the 
Bank $103.00 which we recommend should be transferred to the Congrega- 
tional Union funds to be used at their discretion in behalf of ex-soldiers. 

Respectfully submitted, 

(Signed) A. F. POLLOCK, 




The Report of the Chairman, Rev. M. Kelly, of the Social and Moral 
Reform Committee, was read by Rev. A. F. Pollock, as follows : 

" On the resignation of Rev. F. J. Day, D.D., as Convener of the Social 
Service Committee, Rev. M. Kelly was appointed to the Executive of the 
Union to fill the vacancy. This appointment took place toward the end of 
January, and since that time there has been little to report. The following 
resolutions, however have been drawn up by the Committee and are now 
submitted to the Union for consideration, and, if thought wise, adoption. 

1. Believing that the Christian religion has, as its objective, not only the 
salvation of the soul, but also the redemption of society, we would urge 
that all our Churches and Ministers keep steadily before them this great 
mission of the Church, and further in every way possible individual and . 
social regeneration. 

2. In the belief that the home is the foundation of human society, we 
recognize the faithfulness with which many parents discharge their duty 
to their children in rearing them for the Kingdom and service of Christ; 
but we also note the way in which others neglect this sacred duty; and 
we would urge that our people give increasing attention to these respon- 
sibilities, and that our Ministers bring this subject frequently to the 
attention of their congregations. 

3. With regard to Child Welfare, we are gratified to note the advance 
that has been made recently and the increased public interest in this 

In Ontario During the year 1919, the death rate among infants under 

12 months was 116 per thousand infants born. Last year the death rate 

among such infants was 82 per thousand born. 

In the City of London, Ontario, the death rate among such infants 

four years ago was 117 per thousand infants born;' today it is reduced 

to 65.5 per thousand. 

Proper sanitation, sterilization of milk, healthful feeding and Baby 

Clinics, can reduce the present death rate in Canada among infants 50 per 

cent. In the City of Dunedin, New Zealand, the infant death rate has 

been reduced to iZ per thousand born. 

Your Committee recognizes the great importance of conserving the lives 

of these native born Canadians, and especially in these days when so 

much attention is being given to the subject of immigration; for no 

increase in our population is so valuable as an increase in native born 


In view of these facts we would urge that Child Welfare, through which 

so much is being accomplished, be given still greater encouragement and 

support by our people in all the Provinces of Canada. 

4. One of the most distressing evils with which Society has to deal is that 
of family desertion. Statistics are not available for the Dominion, but 
there can be no doubt that the evil is wide-spread. In a recent survey of 
the city of London, Ontario, with a population of about 63,000, there were 
49 cases of family desertion reported. Legislation has recently been 
enacted making it an extraditable offence; but your committee would 
recommend that it be made a punishable offence, and with the aid of 
parole or other system, the offender be forced by law to work and 
maintain his family. 


5. In view of the Divorce evil, we would place ourselves on record as 
opposed to Provincial Divorce Courts being established, and in so far 
as divorces are granted by the Parliament of Canada, we recommend 
that they be granted only where infidelity is proven. 

6. Regarding prohibition, we would gratefully acknowledge the splendid 
results which have already been derived from its enforcement in various 
provinces. These results are only partial, as compared with what might 
ba if we could secure a Federal Prohibition Law, which is what we aim 

In the meantime your Committee would recommend that this Union res- 
pectfully call upon the Dominion Government to pass laws to give effect 
to the will of the people who desire prohibition, whether it be expressed 
by provinces or by lesser political divisions. 

7. We would re-affirm our former position on Race-Track Gambling. 
We note that during the last session of Parliament, a Bill dealing with 
this evil was defeated. The bill was introduced by Mr. W. C. Good, 
M.P. We are interested in knowing that 80 per cent, of the Progressive 
members in Parliament voted for the Bill. 

Your Committee feel that the time is opportune for this Union to call 
upon the Government in every way to curtail and finally to prohibit 
this practice, and we thus recommend. 

8. Regarding the illicit use of Drugs, we note the assertion that has been 
made that Prohibition is responsible for the increased use of Drugs. 
This assertion is incorrect. On the contrary, it has been shown that 
the two Provinces that dealt most in drugs in Canada in 1921 were wet 
Provinces. "There are seven dry Provinces in Canada with an aggre- 
gate population of 5,890,000, and in these Provinces in 1921 there were 
711 convictions for the use of drugs, or 12 convictions per 100,000 
people. On the other hand there are two wet Provinces in Canada with 
a population of 2,995,000, and in these two wet Provincese there were 
1,153 convictions, or 40 convictions per 100,000 population. This dif- 
ference of 12 convictions in dry Provinces to 40 convictions in wet 
territory is an argument overwhelmingly in favour of our contention 
that Prohibition is not responsible for the drug menace, and your Com- 
mittee would recommend that every effort be made by the Authorities 
to check, and, if possible, destroy, this health shattering habit. 

Respectfully submitted, • 

(Signed) M. KELLY, 


On motion, Clause No. 5 was amended as follows : "As to Divorce, we 
regret very much, to see the large increase in applications for Divorce during 
recent years. We believe divorce should be granted only where infidelity is 

Rev. Dr. W. T. G. Brown of the Methodist Church in Canada was intro- 
duced, and extended greetings. 

Rev. Wesley McGaw of the Presbyterian Church in Canada was received 
and extended greetings. 

Mr. Barker reported in behalf of the Finance Committee that expenses 
of delegates would be paid in full. 

Rev. Dr. Gunn read a notice of motion given by Rev. W. H. Thomas. 
It was moved by Rev. Dr. Gunn and seconded by Rev. Frank Sanders, :that 
the Constitution of the Union be altered as follows : 

44 congregational year book 

"Standing Rules" : 

1. Membership: (c) After word "Membership" in second line to add, 
"In a Congregational Church and," and alter "certificate" to "certificates" 
in previous line. 

(d) After word "ministers" insert "being members of 
a Congregational Church who bear," omit word "bearing." 

At noon the Rev. Dr. Hugh Pedley delivered the closing Devotional 
address entitled, "The Link Between the Task and the Power." 

At 8 o'clock the Chairman, Rev. J. Lambert Alexander, B.D., presided, 
assisted by Rev. W. G. Martin. 


The Rev. W. H. Thomas, in behalf of the Resolutions' Committee, sub- 
mited the following resolutions, which were approved : 

1. The Congregational Union of Canada, assembled in Annual Session, sends 
loving greetings to the Rev. E. D. Silcox, and rejoices with him on the 
near approach of the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination for the 
Chrisian ministry. It recognizes with gratitude the devoted service he 
has rendered to the churches of the denomination throughout this long 
period, and prays that the blessing of God may continue to rest upon him 
and his. With sincere appreciation it has heard of his recent gifts to the 
Home Missionary Society, and recognizes in this, further evidence of 
his whole-hearted loyalty to the Church at large. 

2. We, the Congregational Union of Canada, assembled in Annual Session 
hereby record our profound sense of gratitude to God for the energetic 
life and faithful service of the Rev. Thomas Hall, formerly General 
Superintendent of the Denomination. Having given himself with unfailing 
cheerfulness and sacrificial devotion to the cause of Christ, he has gone 
to his reward. We tender our sympathy to his bereaved widow and to 
his sorrowing sons and daughters. 

3. We, the Congregational Union of Canada, assembled in Annual Session, 
hereby express our deep regret at the passing of Mrs. Dr. J. W. Cox, 
and our sincere sympathy with the bereaved husband and family. 

4. We, the Congregational Union of Canada, assembled in Annual Session, 
hereby express our deep regret at the sudden passing of the Rev. Byron 
H. Stauffer, D.D., and our sincere sympathy with his widow and family. 

5. We, the Congregational Union of Canada, assembled in Annual Session, 
reciprocate the good wishes of the Congregational Union of England 
and Wales, as conveyed and expressed so felicitously by the Rev. J. W. 
G. Ward, of ToUington Park, London, and pray that the Divine guidance 
may be vouchsafed them and ourselves alike in our labours for the 
Kingdom of God. 

(Similar resolutions for the Colonial Missionary Society, the Canada 
Congregational Woman's Board of Missions, and the Congregational 
Union of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.) 

6. The Congregational Union of Canada, in Annual Session assembled, 
hereby expresses sincere sympathy with the Chairman of the Publishing 
Committee, Mr. F. J. Smith, in his sickness. It rejoices at the report of 
his improved condition, and prays that he may be speedily and completely 


The Rev. Donald Macleod delivered an address on "Serving Three 
Denominations At Once." 

The Rev. R. Wilson Carr moved, seconded by Rev. W. J. D. Gibson, that 
the Minutes of the morning and evening sessions be taken as read, and the 
Secretary be instructed to edit the Minutes for Publication in the Year 

The General Secretary read a telegram of felicitation from Rev. E. 
Munson Hill, D.D., also a telegram from the Presbyterian General Assembly 
in Port Arthur, reciprocating the greetings of the Congregational Union 
of Canada. 

The Rev. D. L. Ritchie, D.D., delivered an address in behalf of the 
Congregational College of Canada. 

The Union then adjourned. 

R. W. CARR, 

Recording Secretary. 




Honorary President — Rev. Hugh Pedley, D.D. 

President — Mr. W. J. Aitchison. 

Honorary Secretary — Rev. Dr. D. L. Ritchie. 

Secretary — Rev. Dr. WiUiam T. Gunn. 

Treasurer — Mr. H. W. Barker. 

Educational Secretary — Rev. A. L. Richards. 

Supt. of Immigration Dept. — Rev. T. W. Jones, M.A. 

Auditors — Messrs. Oscar Hudson and Co. 

Executive — The Officers together with Rev. H. A. Carson, B.A., Rev. 
Campbell Tavener, Rev. Frank Sanders, Rev. A. E. Teale, Rev. J. Lambert 
Alexander, B.A., Mr. Arthur Congdon and Miss Effie Jamieson. 

General Committee — The Executive together with Revs. J. T. Daley. 
D.D., Matthew Kelly, M. H. Sanderson, W. G. Martin, H. D. Whitmore, 
J. L. Alexander, B.D., G. H. Craik, B.A., John Murray, George Adam, 
Geo. A. Mackenzie, Dr. W. H. Warriner, and Messrs. Thos. Moodie, 
D. Hilton. Judge S. P. Leet, E. J. Joselino, Wm. Rettie, Darwin Higginson, 
John T. Field, E. B. Day, W. H. Smith, R. Robertson, W. E. McKiUiean. 

Representatives Inter-Church Advisory Council — Rev. Dr. Gunn and Mr. 
W. J. Aitchison. 



This Corporation shall be called ' ' The Canada Congregational Missionary 
Society," and shall conduct its operations within the limits of the Dominion of 


The objects of this Society shall be as set forth in the Act of Incorpora- 
tion, namely, to plant and to foster Congregational Churches in suitable 
localities; to aid churches in sustaining their pastors where required. 


All persons being members or adherents of Congregational Churches, pay- 
ing two dollars annually into the funds of the Society, shall be members, and 
those who subscribe at one' time fifty dollars or more shall be life members. 
Churches subscribing annually ten dollars or more may be represented at the 
annual meeting of the Society by one delegate, and churches subscribing fifty 
dollars or more may be represented by two delegates. Each auxiliary branch 
contributing annually to the funds of the Society ten dollars or more may be 
represented by one delegate. The above-mentioned svibscribers and delegates 
shall constitute the membership of the Corporation. 


The officers of the Society shall be a President, an Honorary President, a 
Secretary, a Field Secretary, an Honorary Secretary, a Treasurer; a Superin- 


tendent of Immigration may also be appointed. The Standing Committees 
shall be a General Committee and an Executive Committee. These ofBcers and 
committees shall be appointed at the annual meeting of the Society, and 
shall be members of the Corporation. The General Committee shall consist 
of the President, Secretary, Field Secretary, Treasurer, Superintendent, 
Educational Secretary, Superintendent of Immigration, Honorary President 
and Honorary Secretary, and not more than twenty-five members. The 
Executive Committee shall be composed of the Honorary President, the 
President, the Secretary, Field Secretary, the Treasurer, the Superintendent, the 
Honorary Secretary, the Educational Secretary, Superintendent of Immigration 
Department, one member from each District Association within the bounds of 
the operations of the Society, and one from the Winnipeg Congregational Church 
Extension and Building Society, and one from The Canada Congregational 
Woman's Board of Missions, together with the Chairman of the Congregational 
Union of Canada, ex-officio during his year of office, and these members shall 
hold office from the date of their election by their various Associations. 


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and its com- 
mittees, when practicable, and shall seek to promote the general interest of 
the Society 's work. 

The Secretary shall have charge of the books and correspondence of the 
Society, shall call the meetings of the Society and its committees, and shall 
exhibit the records of the proceedings at each meeting. 

The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Society, disbursing 
them as directed by the General or Executive Committee, and shall present 
annually a full account of all receipts and disbursements. 

The Superintendent shall be under the direction of the Executive Com- 
mittee, to whom he shall report quarterly, visit the churches of the Congrega- 
tional Order within the. bounds of the Society 's operation with a view of deep- 
ening their interest in its work, and of securing liberal contributions for the 
Society, and shall explore new mission fields, secure missionaries for vacant 
churches, and have a general oversight of the interests and work of the Society. 

The Auditors shall examine the accounts of the Society when required, and 
make an annual audit of the Treasurer's books previous to the annual meeting 
of the Society.* 

The General Committee shall exercise all the corporate powers of the 
Society, have charge of annual mission grants made to the churches, examine, 
employ and direct all the missionaries of the Society, and have a general super- 
vision of its affairs. They shall present a report of the work of the Society 
at each of its annual meetings. 

The Executive Committee shall have full charge and power for the admin- 
istration of the affairs of the Society during the interval between the annual 
meetings of the General Committee; shall receive all applications from churches 
for aid from the Society, and report thereon to the General Committee, to 
whom they shall make an annual report of their proceedings. 


The Corporation shall meet annually on the first Wednesday after the 
first Sunday in June, at the place where the Congregational Union of Canada 
assembles. A public annua] missionary meeting shall be held on the evening 
of the next day. Special meetings for the despatch of special business may 
be called by the Executive Committee at such time and place as may be deemed 
desirable, provided that a month's notice be given thereof. The General 
Committee shall hold their meeting at the same time and place as the Corpora- 
tion, at the call of the Secretary; and the Executive Committee shall hold 
their quarterly meeting at the time and place it may be agreed upon. 



All sums of money specially collected, given or bequeathed for the purpose, 
together with the proceeds received from the sale of disused church property, 
shall form a Church Extension and Building Fund, which shall be invested by 
the Corporation, who may apply the income thereof, by the General or Execu- 
tive Committee, by the way of loans, or otherwise, for the organization of 
churches in new fields, and for the erection or enlargement of places of worship 
where they may be required. 


Auxiliary branches of this Society may be formed in churches and localities, 
to co-operate in the work of the Society. E^ch branch shall, at least one month 
previous to the annual meeting of the Society, make an annual report to the 
Secretary and send to the Treasurer all funds collected on its behalf. 


Each missionary in the employment of the Society must be a regularly 
accredited member of a Congregational Church, and shall endeavour faithfully 
to promote all the interests of the Congregational denomination in Canada. He 
shall send to the Secretary a half-yearly statement of his work, and furnish 
such statistical returns as may be called for. 


Each church requiring a missionary grant by the General Committee must 
make application therefor through the Secretary, at least one month previous 
to the annual meeting of the Society, according to the printed forms provided, 
in which a certificate to the effect that all previous pledges of support to its 
pastor have been fulfilled shall be inserted. Churches aided by this Society 
are required to make an annual collection for the funds and to keep their pro- 
perty sufficiently insured and such churches acquiring property shall have 
inserted in- the Trust Deed a clause providing that in case the church shall at 
any time be disbanded or cease to exist the property shall revert to the Society. 


Churches aided by the Society are required, as far as practicable, in the 
settlement and dismissal of pastors, to carry out the recommendations passed by 
the Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec, in 1876, in relation to 
Councils. In cases where this is impracticable, the sanction of the Executive 
Committee must be obtained before a settlement or dismissal of a pastor is 


The President, Treasurer and Secretary, or any two of them, shall be the 
duly authorized persons on behalf of the Corporation to convey real estate 
and Other securities, and to discharge mortgages, and the Treasurer shall be 
the duly authorized person, on behalf of the Corporation, to accept convey- 
ances of real estate and other securities and to ^ receive mortgages. The 
Treasurer shall affix the Corporation seal to all documents which may re- 
quire it. 


This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of 
the members present at any annual meeting of the Society, one day's notice 
having previously been given of the proposed amendment, in writing. 

It is becoming more than ever a practice among Christian people to recognize 
the Lord 's portion in their Last Wills and Testaments, whereby, though they be 
dead, they speak and act in the furtherance of Missionary, Educational and 


Benevolent objects. American Congregationalists are among the most wise and 
generous in this day, and have left legacies of blessing for succeeding genera- 
tions. Among the members of our Congregational churches in Canada there 
have also been those who have followed a likewise generous course. 

For the guidance of those who may desire to make like bequests, the 
following legal form is subjoined. The amount bequeathed may be devoted 
specially to the Church Extension and Building Fund, in which ease the income 
would only be used, or may be given for the general purposes of the Society. 


I give and bequeath to the Canada Congregational' Missionary Society, 
incorporated by the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, A.D. 1885, the sum 

of $ out of my estate, to be 

paid without any charge or deduction 

whatever, and I direct that the receipt of the Secretary and Treasurer of the 
Society shall constitute and be a sufficient discharge thereof. 



Held in the First Congregational Church, Ottawa, Ont„ June 6-7, 1923. 

Mr. W. J. Aitchison, the President, in the Chair. 

The Meeting opened with Prayer. 

The Annual Report was presented on behalf of the Executive by the 
Secretary, Rev. W. T. Gunn, D.D., and on motion adopted. 

The Treasurer, Mr H. W. Barker, presented the Treasurer's Report 
which on motion was adopted. 

The Immigration Department Report was given by the Supt., Rev. 
T. W. Jones, M.A., and adopted. 

The Officers and General Committee were then elected as in the list 
heading this report. 

The resolution in favour of Church Union was then read by the 
Secretary, who certified to due notice having been given in four numbers 
of The Canadian Congregationalist. 

The meeting then adjourned. 

In First Congregational Church, Ottawa, on Thursday, June 7th at 11.00 a.m. 

In the absence of the President, Mr. W. J. Aitchison, and at the request 
of the Honorary President, Dr. Hugh Pedley, it was moved and carried that 
Rev. Dr. D. Ritchie, take the Chair. 

The Church Union resolution was then moved by Rev. W. T. Gunn, D.D., 
seconded by Rev. T. W. Jones, M.A., and carried unanimously as follows : 

That the Canada Congregational Missionary Society hereby approves 
of the Basis of Union adopted by the Congregational Union of Canada, 
the Methodist Church, Canada, and the Presbyterian Church in Canada, 
for the union of the the denominations in "The United Church of Canada." 

That the Canada Congregational Missionary Society also approves of 
the draft legislation. Dominion and Provincial recommended by the Joint 
Committee on Church Union. 


That the Canada Congregational Missionary Society hereby authorizes 
and instructs the Congregational Union of Canada, through a duly appointed 
Committee, to act for and on behalf of the Canada Congregational Mission- 
ary Society to procure the enactment of the said proposed Acts of the 
Parliament of Canada and the Legislatures of the Provinces of Canada, or 
such other legislation of the Parliament of Canada and the Legislatures of 
the Provinces of Canada and the Legislatures of the colonies and the 
countries outside of Canada having jurisdiction over any of the property 
of the negotiating churches as such committee may deem necessary or 
requisite in order to effectuate and consummate the union of the Presby- 
terian Church in Canada- the Methodist Church, Canada, and the Con- 
gregational Churches of Canada, in accordance with the provisions of the 
Basis of Union and the general principles contained in the said proposed 
Acts, the said committee to have full power and authority for and on behalf 
of the Canada Congregational Missionary Society to consider and deal with 
any proposals, defined as aforesaid, made by or on behalf of any of the nego- 
tiating Churches, or any committee thereof, or otherwise, with respect to the 
said legislation, to make or concur in any changes or amendments to the said 
proposed Acts, that they, in their discretion, may deem advisable in order to 
carry into effect the provisions of the Basis of U^nion and the general prin- 
ciples contained in the said proposed Acts> and with the representatives of the 
other negotiating Churches to settle and determine the final form of any 
such legislation and generally to do all such acts and things as the said 
committee may deem expedient to procure whatever legislation may, in 
their opinion, be necessary or requisite to effectuate and consummate the 
said Union, pursuant to the provisions of the Basis of Union and the 
principles contained in the said proposed Acts. 

Greetings from The Congregational Union of England and Wales and 
from The Colonial Missionary Society, were then given by Rev. J. W. G. 
Ward of Tollington Park Church, London, England. 

Greetings from The Canada Congregational Woman's Board of Missions 
were presented by Mrs. Peter Munroe. 

Greetings from The Congregational Union of Nova' Scotia and New 
Brunswick were given by Rev. Campbell Tavener, Acting Chairman of 
that Union. 

The meeting then adjourned. 


This year our Society has reached the three score and ten and your 
Executive have pleasure in presenting the seventieth annual report. 

The year has been one of good steady work, of fields well filled, of 
new fields opened up and of great and varied help to our Churches, as 
the report will show. 


A very brief glimpse of the many fields under our care is all that 
space will permit. Beginning in the East, Margaree in Cape Breton cele- 
brated their centenary last fall and entertained the Maritime Union at its 
last meeting. Rev. F. G. Purnell is remaining as pastor and the hoped for 
combination with neighbouring fields has not yet been accomplished. 

Kingsport in January lost its pastor who removed to Crystal Springs, 
and no successor has yet been obtained. Pleasant River under Rev. J. M. 
Hooker is showing signs of better local co-operation between its many 
churches and stations. Liverpool and Milton have been under Rev. G. W. 


Ball who has also for a time cared for Brooklyn and Beach Meadows. 
Chebogue has been vacant during the year and- by the technical decision of 
the Court in Yarmouth the income of the Kelly trust for the last three years 
goes to the Halifax School for the Blind who haye decided to claim their 
full legal rights although the service of our ministers for two of the years 
was interrupted only by sickness and in one case by death. Rev. Campbell 
Tavener has remained* with the Lower Selmah field in spite of invitations 
elsewhere and the discouragement of seeing several of his best famiHes 
moving away. Negotiations for rearrangements in this district are now 
in progress. 

Economy is under the care of a Presbyterian pastor. In New Brunswick, 
Sheffield had its pastor, Dr. Cox, resign, and are supplied by a student 
for the summer. Co-operation plans with neighbouring Methodist Churches 
are under consideration. Keswick Ridge have again their former pastor, 
Rev. Churchill Moore in charge. 

Coming to Quebec. The two fields aided by the Shurtlefif Fund have 
both secured new pastors, Rev. W. H. Thomas taking charge of the Ayer's 
Cliff field and Rev. John Murray settling at Fitch Bay. 

In Montreal, Union Coloured Church has just lost their pastor and 
will be under student care for the summer. Amherst Park is making fine 
steady progress under Rev. Charles Cushing. Crystal .. Springs has risen 
to having a fully ordained settled pastor,. Rev. B. J. Lazenby,- having been 
ordained by the Quebec Association on April 25th. The Montreal Council 
are planning with the proceeds of the sale of Zion Church to assist Crystal 
Springs in putting up a new building. Ste. Anne de Bellevue Union Church 
continues its good work under Rev. Donald MacLeod and has reduced its 

In Eastern Ontario, Welcome Zion, Ottawa, has this year come to 
independence again and voted to relinquish their aid from the Augmentation 
Fund. Kingston Bethel has gone ahead under Mr. A. Sidney Duncan's 
leadership. Kingston Calvary, under Rev. A. F. Brown, is planning to build 

In Central Ontario, Barrie has been doing good steady work under 
Rev. Wm. Hipkin. Churchill is again supplied by a Baptist pastor from 
Acton. In Toronto new plans for larger work will be reported under the 
Zion Trust Fund. 

In the Western Association, Hamilton Immanuel has had a good year 
under Rev. M. T. Walker. Zion Circuit has secured a new pastor in Rev. 
D. McColl. Frome has retained their pastor. Rev. Wm. Cox, though 
hoped for linking up with a neighbouring field has not materialised. 

Speedside and Garafraxa have been in negotiations for co-operation 
but will continue as at present. Listowel, under Mr. Walter Rayner, has 
been feeling the hard times but is now happily feeling the renewal of work 
in the factories of their town. Negotiations are now in progress for co- 
operative arrangements in the Windfall and Gobies and in the Shelburne 
and Maple Grove fields. 

In the West. Brandon voted to close last fall but have maintained 
their Sunday School all winter. They are now transferring their property 
to our Society as careful investigation did not reveal any possiblities 
for co-operative work. 

Our good friend, Dr. Ralph has happily been able to continue all through 
the winter his varied ministry to the CarletOn Union field. 

Calgary, last fall secured a new pastor, Rev. E. J. Thompson, whose 
services they must appreciate. Grandview, Vancouver, has had a good year. 
Kitsilano, United Church is planning to build a parsonage. Victoria is re- 
joicing in good progress under their new pastor. Rev. A. K. McMinn. 



Our new Superintendent, Rev. Hermon Seil, has proved himself a wise 
and earnest spiritual leader. Visiting the fields regularly, he has also 
conducted evangelistic services in several of the churches with happy result 
in each case, there being from ten to twenty souls added to each of the 
Churches. He has also visited and ministered to a number of scattered 
settlements of his people. 

A new Church, called St. Johannes Church, some twelve miles north of 
Hanna, Alberta, has been organized, with a membership of twenty-two. 
A new preaching station has also been opened up some fifteen miles south 
of Maple Creek. 

There have been some changes in the pastorates. Rev. Richard Otto, 
who has had charge of the Calgary Church until April, has been replaced 
by Rev. Geo. Heuer, from Wala Walla. Rev. A. A. Rieger of the Kincorth 
field has had to leave for a milder climate on account of his wife's health, 
and no successor has yet been secured. Rev. G. F. Kissler continues with 
the Mayton and Beiseker field. Rev. Theo. Strobel at Leader, and Rev. 
Jacob Kessler at Hanna, have served their fields well. Good reports come 
to us of Rev. Ed. Hildebrandt, who was ordained and settled on the Irvine 
circuit last July. Rev. J. A. Hochstatter has continued in the large Hilda 
circuit in spite of illness. 

These fields as a whole suffered from a poor crop and low prices 
last fall, and it has been a pleasure to be able to help their church building 
from our Church Extension and Building Fund. With better times, their 
strong missionary spirit will bring generous returns for the help given. 


From our New Work Fund, we have been assisting the field at Cando, 
Sask., and neighbourhood where last summer Rev. A. L. Richards, with 
two students ministered to some thirteen preaching stations. 

This district was especially hard hit by crop failure and some of the 
families have moved away. 

At Richard, Sask., Student Collins preached at four stations and had 
an uunusual development in Sunday School work, holding with the help 
of the day school teachers, some seven Sunday Schools, several of which 
were held on week days at the close of school. 

In Winnipeg, after negotiations with the sister Churches, we have 
decided to take over Sunshine Mission, a Sunday School mission some 
eight blocks away from Crescent Church which with the Central Church 
will take over the management. The School, this last winter, had an at- 
tendance of about 110 and includes a score or more children of non-English 
speaking families. Our share of the support of this work will come from 
the New Work Fund. 


From this Fund we have continued the grant to the salary of the 
Birchcliff pastor, Rev. W. J. D. Gibson. This church, finding the present 
basement inadequate for their growing work, have made plans for the 
second step in their building, the addition to the present basement of a two 
storey addition, giving a fine modern Sunday School plant which will be 
used for church purposes also. These plans have all been approved by the 
committee of the Toronto Congregational Council, and the contracts already 
let and the new building commenced. Our Fund will contribute $12,500.00 
and the Church has $7,500.00 subscribed to be paid in two years and will 
carry $5,000.00 on mortgage. 


Negotiations have been going on all wii.ter with the Toronto Evangel- 
ical Church of the Deaf. This Church is the result of work begun years 
ago by one of our fine Congregational laymen, Mr. J. D. Nasmith, and in its 
years of work as a mission has been largely helped by Congregational leader- 
ship. Some time ago this work was organised as a church, but quite 
independent of any denomination. 

They number a membership of about 100, hold five Bible classes in 
different districts in Toronto every Sunday and go out two and two to a 
number of centres in Ontario where the deaf people of the district gather 
for the day. They have been meeting in the Toronto Bible College for 
Sunday afternoon services, but have greatly felt the need of a building of 
their own, which could be used for social purposes throughout the week. 
For this long prayed for building, they have among themselves raised 
$12,500.00 with about $10,00.00 more subscribed to be paid in the next two- 

They have felt their need of connection with a mother Church and 
desire to be a part of the United Church of Canada when formed. 

After careful consultation it appeared to their Board of Management 
that by joining our Congregational Union they would find a helpful con- 
nection with room for a continuation of their present self government and 
yet oversight by our body and entry with us into the United Church. On 
the other hand it seemed to your Executive that this was a very worthy 
bit of truly Christian work and that the missionary and self supporting 
spirit of these people was worthy of help which we might render through 
our organization and by the use of this Zion Trust Fund. 

We have pleasure therfore in reporting that the Toronto Evangelical 
Church of the Deaf has by unanimous vote of its Board of management 
and by a practically unanimous vote of its Church members applied to this 
Union meeting for membership and will hereafter be under our care. 

We would report also that preliminary steps have been taken looking 
toward the starting of other new work in Toronto and its suburbs in co- 
operation with the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches, a co-operation 
which we hope will be more easily arranged after the definite decisions 
as to Church Union which we expect will be taken this month. 


From the income of this fund during the year we have been able to 
help our Calgary Church by meeting one cash payment on their mortgage. 
The First Church, Vancouver, we have again helped by the payment of their 
interest, they having made payments on the organ and mortgage indebted- 
ness. We also made a small grant to Union Coloured Church, Montreal. 

We have been able also to help materially several of our Russo- 
German Churches in the erection of their buildings, partly by small grants 
outright, but more by loans without interest to be repaid in four or five 
years. We have thus helped the Friedens Church, Irvine, the Friedens Church, 
Walsh, the Hoffnungs Church, Hilda, thus saving them a high rate of 
interest. The grant to the Buffalo Head Church of $1000.00 has not yet 
been called for, but we expect building of this church to be begun shortly 

In regard to property under our care, we would report as follows ; 
Cordova Hall, Vancouver, is still rented as no reasonable price has yet been 
offered. The Grandview property is' of course in use by our Grandview 
Church. The Kitsilano Church property is in our name. The Ottawa 
South Church is still rented. The Ayer's Flat Meeting House corporation 
of which we own practically all the shares, has not yet been transferred 
to the Ayer's Cliff Congregational Church, owing to legal delay. 


During the year, the Paris Church has closed and transferred their 
property to this Society, Brandon Church is also making transfer of their 
church and parsonage property to our Society. 

The St, Andrews East Church have sold their property and the pro- 
ceeds go to the work in West Central Africa. The Lanark Church 
have sold their manse and divided the proceeds among the various denom- 
inational funds. The Eaton Church reverted to the heirs of the original 
donors of the property and has been sold by them, being now rented to a 
Methodist Church. 

The Kingston First property has been sold to the Masonic Body of 
Kingston for $25,000.00 of which half will go back to work in Kingston, 
$5,000.00 to an addition to the Sunday School equipment of the federation 
of First Church and Chalmers Presbyterian and $7,500.00 to extension or 
new building of Calvary Church. The balance comes mainly to our Society 
with smaller amounts to the College, the Union and the Provident Fund. 

The Zion, Montreal, Jubilee Fund lien has been repaid to us, and the 
balance of the proceeds of sale voted to the Montreal Congregational Church 
Building Fund Society for additions to the equipment of the Montreal work. 

We have pleasure in reporting also the gift of four lots in Kildonan, 
in the Winnipeg district, to this Society by Rev. E. D. Silcox, who thus 
celebrates his fiftieth anniversary in the pastorate, a pastorate begun in a 
church aided by the Home Missionary Society. Our thanks and congratu- 
lations to the donor. 


It will be remembered that while this fund has been used largely by 
the Executive for the support of evangelistic meetings and at different 
periods for the support of evangelists, it is entirely at the disposal of the 
Society and not bound by any terms of trust. 

During the last year we have paid an overdraft on the fund for Dr. Day's 
salary. We have also paid the denominational grants for the Religious 
Education Council, the Missionary Education Movement and the Social 
Service Council of Canada, contributing in this way to religious educational 
work for our young people and relieving to this extent the general funds. 
We have also made use of this fund to provide certain helpful leaflets, some 
of which have been already distributed among our churches and others will 
be shortly sent out. 

We would remind the churches that we stand ready to assist them in 
making arrangements for evangelistic services at any time and that no church 
need hold back from such services for lack of financial assistance. 


This Fund of $1000.00 for loan to our churches without interest, to 
be repaid in annual instalments is at present in use as will be reported by 
our treasurer. 


Of the balance reported in this fund, consisting of repayment of Jubilee 
liens on the sale of churches, $8,600.00 has since been reinvested in the pur- 
chase of the new Western Church building at the corner of Lippincott and 
College Sts., Toronto. For the balance certain plans are in mind. 



We have again had pleasure in administering this fund which has 
meant so much for the relief of our ministers and for better work in our 
Churches. Administration this year has been on the scale of a minimum 
salary of $1,400.00 and a house in regular fields for ordained married men, 
and we recommend that this scale be continued throughout the coming 
year. It is estimated that this fund may fall some $2,000.00 short of the 
$50,000.00 originally asked from our churches in the Forward Movement 
owing to shrinkage in that fund, but your Executive hope to be able to 
continue payments at the present rates for two years more thus covering 
the five years originally planned. 


Owing to the removal of our Educational Secretary to the United States, 
the Home Missionary leaflet and the Sunday School programme for Home 
Missionary Sunday, with the usual envelopes and letters were sent out from 
the Central Office. A great deal of time and thought went into them, 
and it is a great pity that all of our churches do not make the best possible 
use of them. From those who do come returns of interest, financial support 
and a growingly intelligent group of workers. 

The Home Missionary number contained many items of interest and 
several of the "Pioneer Yarns" giving vivid glimpses of early days in the 
life of our churches in Canada, have been printed in the Congregationalist. 

The joint series of text books on Immigration have been produced 
during the year and may be obtained from the Congregational Office. 

The set includes "Building the Nation," by Professor Smith, the book 
for adults ; "Heroes of Our Homelands," by Dr. Hayward, the book for 
boys and girls ; also "New Chums for Young Canadians", by Mrs. Palmer 
Burgess, a book for Mission Bands and Juniors. 


We regret to report the death during the year of Rev. Thomas Hall, a 
former Superintendent of this Society and a man beloved for his own and 
his work's sake. We have expressed on your behalf our sympathy with his 


We would again express our thanks to The Canada Congregational 
Woman's Board for their generous contribution to home missionary work 
in their financial giving, their thoughtful personal gifts to the mission 
fields and workers and for their continued interest and prayer. 

We would thank also that valued old friend. The Colonial Missionary 
Society, whose representative, the Rev. J. W. G. Ward, we are glad to wel- 
come. Mr. Ward will speak for us on Thursday evening. 

To assist our Foreign Missinary Society, we are transferring speakers, 
and our second speaker will be Rev. Donald MacLeod, the pastor of the 
Union Church of Ste. Anne de Bellevue, whom we will be glad to welcome 
as he speaks to us on Friday evening of his interesting and prophetic work 
of "Serving Three Denominations at once." 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 

W. T. Gunn, Secretary. 



In presenting the Annual Report of the Immigration Department, we 
record another year of faithful service gladly rendered by our Chaplain at 
the Port. Although in the statistical report it will be seen that the number 
arriving last year was very small as compared with pre-war figures, yet 
the service rendered by Dr. Farquharson was of untold value. Of the new- 
comers, it might be written; We pass this way but once: any good therefore 
that you can do for us, any service you can render, any token of friendship 
you can bestow, kindly show them now, for we shall not pass this way 
again. Our Chaplain is one who heartily appreciates this fact and gives 
himself without reserve to lending a helping hand, offering good counsel 
and speaking kindly words just when they are most needed and therefore 
most welcome. 

A quotation from Dr. Farquharson's report will set forth in his own way 
the service at the gateway of the country : — 

"During last year in Quebec, there was a falling away of immigration 
of 26% as compared with the previous year, according to the official report 
of the government. Since April of this year, however, there has been a 
considerable increase in the number coming. Whether that increase will be 
maintained throughout the year remains to be seen. The chief sources of 
immigrants are the British Isles, the United States and the Continent of 
Europe. During the Quebec season of navigation in 1922, these supplied in 
round numbers, 27,000, 18,000 and 11,000 respectively. Of those coming from 
the British Isles, about 80% are Protestant, a little over half of whom report 
themselves as Anglican, the remainder being distributed among the Churches 
which I represent, the larger number being Presbyterians, while the others 
range in this order, Methodists, Baptists, Congregationalists. The number 
of Congregationalists was 561. 

As to their destination, about two thirds of the whole seek homes east 
of the Great Lakes, the chief distributing centre being Toronto. A con- 
siderable number go to Montreal, but places east of that city receive but 

The system of Conductresses provided by shipping companies on their 
vessels and by the Canadian Government on trains is proving a success 
and gives much needed protection for unaccompanied women seeking 
homes in this country. 

During the last year, my correspondence with the Old Country has 
considerably increased, owing to publication being given in their papers to 
our mission here. The enquiries are varied. Most of them are requests to 
meet people who are arriving, but other enquiries are sent for information. 
One man wants to know what opening their would be for him — a man 50 years 
of age, a store keeper, handy with shop tools, a total abstainer, and pos- 
sessed of a good knowledge of all classes of poultry and dogs. Another 
has a wife, two boys, and ^1000, and wants to know whether a good invest- 
ment could be made in the vicinity of Sherbrooke. 

From the West come notes of the difficulties experienced. One corres- 
pondent tells of being very lonely in a place where they are four miles from 
a post office with mail only twice a week. Another tells me that they have 
not yet been to church, but that the children have been kindly received by 
the Salvation Army, that is in one of the cities of British Columbia. A poor 
old man, who has been a curer of fish, passed here a couple of weeks ago, 
looking for work and expecting it on the Pacific Coast, but on a sadder 
quest he goes, in the search for his favorite daughter. She had been his 
pride and he had given her a university education at Aberdeen — he had a 
picture of her in her graduating dress and she looks like an attractive 


girl. She had received an appointment as a teacher out west, made a 
foolish marriage and dropped out of correspondence entirely. His journey 
is a pilgrimage to recover his wandering child. Such are the kinds of cases 
and problems presented. You will understand the feeling we have, that 
we accomplish much less than we desire. At the same time the work is far 
too important to be left undone." 

The figures for the month of April referred to by Dr. Farquharson are as 
follows : 

Total Immigration, 9,500 — 44% higher than April of last year. 

British Immigration number 4,671, in comparison with 2,048 last April. 

While from the United States came 2,140, compared with 3,268 last April. 

I should like to add a few words in a more general way upon this 

Immigration is still a magic word upon the lips of politicians. More; 
editorials are being written upon this subject than upon any other single 
theme, at least in the big transportation centres, for immigration is hailed 
as the panacea for all our national ills. 

If the railways need passengers and freight, immigration will meet 
the need. 

If trade is slack, open the port doors, immigration will bring a revival 
of trade. 

If help is difficult to secure, bring in immigrants, they will do our 
work for us. 

I am not sure that all this propaganda is carried on with a single eye 
for the good of the country alone, nor does the welfare of the poor immigrant 
figure very largely. The main thought in relation to the newcomer seems 
to be exploitation, let us use the immigrant to enrich ourselves. 

We need to press for a new ethical note in all this propaganda. We 
need immigrants, and thousands of people in other lands need what our 
country has to offer, but they should be told the truth of conditions here 
before they leave their home lands. Canada has enough good points to 
tell of, her opportunities are big enough, without misrepresenting her in the 
eyes of those desiring to come, and no agent has the right to picture a land 
flowing with milk and honey or to visualize a "golden West" without telling 
of the difficulties and the necessity of hard, persistent toil. 

Moreover, we must stress the point that immigration, the bringing of 
the newcomers into the country, is only one side of this important question. 
Another very vital point is the care of the people when they are actually 
here. The statement has been made that we have lost more people during 
the last tewenty years by emigration than we have gained by immigration. 
This is a most serious situation, and should be carefully and courageously 
faced by our Governments and by every organization that has the welfare of 
the people at heart. A little less boost abroad and a little more care at 
home would be a sane and safe policy to pursue, and in the end of the day 
would make far more effective service and lasting good to our country. 

Meanwhile, as a denomination, let us continue, not only through our 
Port Chaplain, but also through every one of our local Churches to show that 
warm spirit of Christian friendship which is the fulfillment of the Master's 
desire and the expression of the spirit, knowing that in dealing kindly with 
the strangers in our midst, we are rendering our service to the Master 
himself, for He has said, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the 
least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me." 

Respectfully submitted, 




We commenced the year with a balance of $926.97 in the General 
Fund. The contributions from the churches, I am sorry to say, have 
dropped to $6,615.00— $800.00 below last year's and $2,000.00 below those of 
the year before. Our churches have always furnished the major part of 
our receipts, and this should be so for the work is the work of the 
churches, and the responsibility must be theirs. This year, however, it 
has been necessary to bring up sundry revenues in every possible way 
in order to meet increased expenditure, and these have reached $8,866.00, 
but this total contains some exceptional amounts which cannot be reck- 
oned on in other years. Fortunately our interest returns have reached a 
higher amount than ever before, namely $2,298.00 — $458.00 greater than 
that of last year and more than $2,000.00 greater than the amount of two 
years ago. 

Coming to expenditure, we find that the grants this year were $9,377.00 
— nearly $3,000.00 less than before. This, however, is not necessarily a 
healthy sign. It is partly accounted for by the fact that certain churches 
which formerly received missionary aid have either been closed or are 
pastorless. The receipts from the churches should at least provide for 
the grants to the chiirches, but this year they were $2,760.00 short ot 
doing so. 

For the first time the expense of the central office and the General 
Treasurer's salary have been thrown entirely upon the Societies, our 
share being $3,000.00. The other expenditures are about as usual, and we 
close the year with $231.00 on hand. The General Fund has received 
two legacies of $5,000.00 each, from the late Mr. A. S. Hurd, of Sher- 
brooke, and from the late Mrs. W. J. Stibbs of Toronto. These have gone 
into capital account, which now stands at $25,500.00. 

Passing now to the Church Extension and Building Fund, we started 
out with a balance of $1,866.00. This has been added to by interest on in- 
vestments, $3,423.00 and Milton fire insurance loan returned, $92.00. A 
number of grants and loans have been made as will be seen and we have 
now a balance of $1,275.00. It should be explained that about $23,000.00 
of our capital in this account is non-productive and will be so until cer- 
tain properties are sold. 

The next account is the ShurtlefT Fund. The balance from last year, 
and interest on investments, made $3,272.00 available. This has been ex- 
pended as stated and the balance of $626.00 transferred to the Ayer's Cliff 
and District account, which is still slightly overdrawn by reason of the 
augumentation grants being charged against the Shurtleff revenue. 

The Robertson Fund shows a small cash balance brought from the 
year before which, added to' the investment returns, makes $846.00 on the 
credit side. Out of this we have paid the balance of Dr. Day's budget of 
the previous year, $423.00, and grants to inter-church organizations, and 
we have a balance of $153.00. 

The New Work account commenced the year with $3,650.00 to which 
are added a couple of unusual items — gifts toward horse, and pony sold — 
together with collections of $303.00 taken on student fields last summer: 
$3,818.00 from the Forward Movement and $208.00 interest on investments, 
making $8,021.00 in all. Against this we have spent for ponies, harness 
and other equipment, $166.00; students' expenses on the field last summer, 
$1,035.00; share of Rev. A. L. Richards' expenses in connection with new 
work, $537.00, leaving $6,254.00 on hand. 

The Augmentation Fund had $17,659.00 at the commencement of the 
year. $8,782.00 was received from the Forward Movement, $709.00 interest 


on investments, and $125.00 grant returned, making a total of $27,276.00. 
The quarterly grants have been as stated, the total being $10,543.00. It 
is reckoned that this Fund vi^ill run about two years more. 

Zion Trust had $185.00 at the commencement of the year and $5,385.00 
interest has been added. $1,057.00 has been paid to Birchcliff and there 
is still $4,244.00 on hand. The capital account remains intact at $86,246.00. 

Kitchener Trust has a capital of $1,400.00, and the income each year 
is, under the terms of the Trust, handed over to the Kitchener Woman's 
Missionary Society. 

The Jubilee Fund belongs to the Union. The balance of $13,104.00 
has been increased by $643.00 interest. This total from last year included 
the Western Church, Toronto money, $1,200.00 of which was used to re- 
imburse the General Fund for the amount paid out in grants during the 
previous year, and the balance of $8,600.00 has, since the closing of the 
books, been repaid to the Western Church, to be used in the purchase 
of their new property. 

Then follows a statement of our capital funds, which now total 
slightly over a quarter of a million dollars. The increase of $10,000.00 
in the General Fund is made up of the two $5,000.00 legacies already re- 
ferred to, and the small increase in the Shurtless Fund is the balance of 
an insurance policy on the life of an old French gentleman, Decelles, 
who recently died in St. John's, Quebec. It seems that some years ago 
a loss was made by the Society in an investment. This insurance policy 
was bought by auction at the Sheriff's sale. For nearly twenty years the 
Society has been paying $18.94 a year premium. A few months ago the 
insured died. Our title to the policy has always been open to question, 
but we have been able to establish our legal rights and this $208.00 is the 
balance coming back to the Shurtleff Fund after re-imbursing ourselves 
for the amount paid out annually together with interest. 

We have had difficulty during the past few years in collecting interest 
on certain Saskatchewan and Alberta school and telephone bonds which 
have been held for many years. Communication with the Provincial 
Governments resulted in most of the payments being made, but not with- 
out a great trial of patience and much forbearance. Fortunately some 
of the School bonds matured and we are therefore clear of them, and the 
two Telephone bonds we sold at a slight loss. 

In view of the unfavorable decision of the Court in connection with 
the Kelly Trust of Chebogue, the loan of $210.00 made by us last year has 
been charged to grants. We had hoped that the Trust money would be 
available out of which to pay this loan. 

Last summer there was a small fire at Cordova Hall, Vancouver, 
which is owned by the Society. We were covered by insurance but 
in making repairs it was considered expedient for the saftey of the build- 
ing to expend a further amount of $350.00. 

In addition to the interest reported in each account there has been 
a profit of $2,326.00 through our bond transactions. This amount is being 
held undistributed. 

A word or two in summing up. We find that as a rule the smaller 
churches, and also a few of the larger churches have given nobly. 
Most of the larger ones, however, have fallen down badly, and, had it 
not been for increase in interest returns and for special amounts, we 
would have been very much behind. Four churches alone, out of an 
apportionment of $3,600.00, gave ony $1,061.00. 


The receipts from the churches are an index of the seriousness with 
which they are taking up the work which the Master has committed 
to us. Our own spiritual health and strength depend upon the extent to 
which we give ourselves and our means in service. Our failure means a 
loss of blessing to our own souls. 

We expect to receive before the end of the current year a legacy of 
$2,500.00 from the estate of the late Hugh W. Kennedy of Winnipeg. 

Respectfully submitted, 




(Revenue Account) 


Balance from previous year $926 97 

Contributions: — 

British Columbia $ 274 94 

Alberta and Saskatchewan 269 75 

Manitoba 50 00 

Ontario — -Western Association 2,055 53 

Central Association 876 90 

Eastern Association 839 71 

Quebec 1,906 16 

Maritime Provinces 342 95 

6,615 94 

Sundry Eevenues: — 

C. C. W. B. M $1,500 00 

Colonial Missionary Society 952 35 

Personal Gifts 255 00 

Collection at Union 17 44 

Interest, etc 2,298 39 

Western Church Grants Eeturned 1,200 00 

Prom Shurtleff Fund 1,148 09 

Prom Gorham Estate 1,494 77 

— — • 8,866 04 

$16,408 95 

Regular Grants to Churches: — 

British Columbia $1,008 33 

Alberta and Saskatchewan 2,843 35 

Manitoba 187 50 

Central Association 500 00 

Eastern Association 333 33 

Quebec 1,384 22 

Maritime Provinces 1,709 15 

9,377 28 


Immigration Grant 347 03 

Union Guarantee 2,400 00 

Share Office Expenses (including Gen. Treasurer's Salary) 3,000 00 

Share Printing and Other General Expenses 764 46 

Travelling (Maritime Eepresentative) 94 50 

Travelling Grants 194 20 

Balance 231 48 

$16,408 95 


(Revenue Account) 


Balance from previous year $1,866 19 

Interest on investments 3,423 42 

Milton Fire Insurance Loan returned 92 65 

$5,382 26 


Grant account Calgary mortgage $ 250 00 

Grant to Union Church, Montreal 25 00 

Grant to Frieden's Church, Irvine, Sask 200 00 

Grant to Vancouver First Church (interest) 1,440 00 

Loan to Frieden's Church, Walsh 750 00 

Loan to Frieden's Church, Irvine 800 00 

Loan to Hoffmung's Church, Hilda 300 00 

Share General Administration Expenses 341 43 

Balance on hand 1,275 83 

$5,382 26 


(Revenue Account) 


Balance from previous year $ 719 87 

Interest on investments 2,552 26 

$3,272 13 


Ayer's Clife and District grants $1,223 10 

.Paid for shares Ayer 's Flat meeting house 18 50 

Share of income due General Mission Fund (Eevenue Acet.) 1,148 09 

Share General Administration expenses 256 07 

Balance transferred to Ayer's Cliff and District Account.... 626 37 

$3,272 13 



(Revenue Account) 

Balance from previous year $ 89 75 

Interest on investments 756 66 

$846 41 


Balance Dr. Day's budget $423 75 

Grants — Missionary Education Movement, Soc. Serv. Council, etc. 175 00 

Pamphlets 9 20 

Share General Administration expenses 85 36 

Balance on hand 153 10 

$846 41 



Balance from previous year $3,650 09 

Gifts toward horse 11 23 

Pony sold 3v5 00 

Collections 303 15 

Prom Forward Movement 3,818 79 

Investment interest 208 69 

$8,021 95 


Equipment (ponies, stable, harness, etc.) 166 90 

Students' expenses on new field (salaries, travelling, etc.) 1,035 60 

Sunday School supplies 28 03 

Share Mr. Richards' salary, etc., Cando. (Balance borne by Gen- 
eral Mission Fund) 537 42 

Balance on hand 6,254 00 

$8,021 95 



Balance from previous year $17,659 75 

From Forward Movement 8,782 37 

Interest on investments 709 62 

Grant returned 125 00 

$27,276 74 


Quarterly Grants: — 

April-June $2,468 36 

June-September 2,739 39 

October-December 2,647 37 

January-March 2,688 17 

$10,543 29 

Balance on hand 16,733 45 

$27,276 74 



(Revenue Account) 


Balance earned forward , $ 185 53 

Interest on investments 5,385 87 

$5,571 40 


Grants to Birchcliff on salary $1,000 00 

Grants to Birchcliff, mortgage costs 57 15 

Share General Administration expenses 269 30 

Balance on hand 4,244 95 

$5,571 40 

(Revenue Account) 

Interest and profit on investments $119 49 

Paid to Kitchener Woman's Missionary Society 119 49 


(Held in trust for the Union) 


Balance carried forward ..$13,104 08 

Interest Westmount Church 22 50 

Interest on investments 621 32 

$13,747 90 


Western Church grants repaid to General Mission Fund $ 1,200 00 

Balance on hand ." 12,547 90 

$13,747 90 



Amount Addition Present 

Ap. 30/22. during year Amount 

General Mission Fund - $ 15,500 00 $ 10,000 00. $ 25,500 00 

Church Extension and Building Fund... 75,771 27 75,771 27 

Shurtlef f Fund 46,333 76 208 34 46,542 10 

Robertson Fund - 15,000 00 15,000 00 

Kitchener Trust 1,400 00 1,400 00 

Zion (Toronto) Trust 86,246 IZ 86,246 11 

$240,251 Id $ 10,208 34 $250,460 10 

We have audited the books, vouchers and accounts of the Canada 
Congregational Missionary Society for twelve months ended April 30th, 
1923, and certify that the foregoing statements are in accordance there- 
with. We have also checked the securities and find they agree with the 

(Signed) OSCAR HUDSON & CO., 

Chartered Accountants. 

CEntered at Book Value) 

Mortgages ( 19) $127,373 17 

Bonds : — 

Alberta Guarantee, Dixon Drainage District 6,429 00 

Alberta Guarantee, Holden Drainage District... 8,572 00 

Bloomington, Decatur and Champaign Ry 8,500 00 

British Columbia Guarantee, C.N.P 6,466 34 

Carleton County 1 ,090 40 

Dominion War 500 00 

Dominion Guarantee, GT.R 24,468 00 

Greater Winnipeg Water District 9,633 "hi 

Kitchener 4,140 00 

Manitoba Guarantee, Selkirk 18,190 00 

Montreal Protestant School _ 19,260 00 

ISIeebing Township 4,204 11 

Ontario Guarantee, Hydro Elec. Power Com 9,787 80 

Point Claire ^ 934 00 

Port Arthui 863 83 

St. Cathannes . 907 80 

Sault Ste Mane 5,000 00 

Stratford 954 90 

Sudbury 4,216 00 

Windsor, Ontario 2,181 21 

Stocks: — Laurentide Paper and Pulp Co 1,C00 00 

Properties : — 

(including Vancouver, Ottawa, Paris, etc.) 49,450 00 

$313,122 61 







Barrie „ $ 25 00 

Churchill _ 5 GO 

Cobourg 97 50 

Dalston 2 25 

Edgar 27 Od 

Humber Summit 10 Zl 

Pine Grove .: 10 00 

Rugby ..„ 25 00 

Toronto — Birchcliff — 
Ch. $40.0a : C. E. $5.85 

S. S. $7.14 52 99 

Toronto — Broadview _ 125 45 

Bond St. S.S 20 00 

N. Rosedale 260 00 

Olivet Ch. 

$20C.0e: S.S. $16.34 216 34 

$876 90 


Bloomingdale $51 45 

Brantford— Cb. $261.68 

S.S. $41.50 303 18 

Burfo.rd _ 41 25 

Bethel (Gains Cir.) 11 00 

Diltz Road, Ch. $5.00 

S.S. $1.00 6 00 

Elcho 23 85 

Embro „ 49 75 

Forest— Central— Ch. $42.28 : 

S.S. $12.72 55 00 

Forest— Plympton 32 75 

Freeport— Ch. $8.50: 

S.S. $8.83 17 ZZ 

Frome _ „ 30 02 

Garafraxa— Ch. $10.00: 

S.S. $2.00 12 00 

Guelph— Ch. $111.85; 

S.S. $38.40 150 25 

Hamilton— First— Ch. $662.93 : 

S.S. $37.07 700 00 

Hamilton — Imm. — S. S _ ZZ 40 

Listowel 31 00 

London, First— Ch. $55.53 : 

S.S. $24.00 79 53 

London — Southern „ 43 00 

Lowbanks— Ch. $17.25 : 

S.S. $6.00 23 25 

Mount Carmel 25 00 

Paris 24 23 

Scotland— Ch. $41.00: 

S.S. $12.29 53 29 

Stratford 50 00 

Sherkston 40 00^ 

Speedside 20 00 

Tilbury 10 Ott 

Watford— Ch. $40.00: 

S.S. $16.00 56 00 

West Montrose 25 00 

Zion (Zion Cir.) Ch. $35.00: 

S.S. $23.00 58 00 

$2,055 53 


Hopetown H 50 

Kingston Bethel— S.S. 

$28.84 : C.E. $12.00 40 84 

First 50 00 

Calvary, S.S. 

$17.66: Y.P.G. $2.50 20 16 

I'^-nark 200 00 

Maxville 128 75 

Middleville Zl 80 

Ottawa— First 250 00 

Welcome — Zion — 

Ch. $30.00: S.S. 52.00 82 00 

Rosetta 18 66 

$839 71 


Ayer's Cliff— Ch. $31.89: 

S.S. $5.75 


Brown's Hill 

Brigham— Ch. $13.50: 

S.S. $2.75 

Cowansville— Ch. $100.00: 

S.S. $6.00 


Fitch Bay 


M e 1 b o u r n e — S.S 

Montreal — Am. Pk 


Crystal Spgs 

Emmanuel — Ch. 

$769.25: S.S. $31.79 

Pt. St. Chas 

Rock Island 

St. Anne de Bellevue 

Waterville— Ch. $7.28: 

S.S. $4.37 





3 25 

16 25 

106 00 















.... 801 04 

.... 62 32 

.... 50 00 

.... 66 94 

.... 11 65 

$1,906 16 



N. S. & N. B. 

Baker's Settlement $1 27 

Beach Meadows 5 00 

Brooklyn 45 GO 

Chebogue 13 50 

Economy 41 04 

Hemford 9 55 

Keswick Ridge— Ch. $27.00: 

S.S. $5.00 : C.E. $2.00 34 00 

Liverpool 25 00 

Margaree 30 00 

Noel 31 00 

Pleasant River 18 52 

Scotch Lake 10 50 

Sheffield— Ch. $37.00: C.E. 

$30.00 - 67 00 

Union 11 57 

$342 95 


Beiseker $35 00 

Calgary— First _ 30 00 

Russo-German 15 00 

Balmoral 10 00 

Castor— Hopefield 5 00 

Chellwood 6 00 

Gros Ventre — Zoar 6 75 

Hanna - 23 50 

Highland Park 10 00 

Irvine — Peace 14 75 

Pilgrim 3 75 

Leader 17 00 

Mayton — Salem 47 50 

Russo-German Conference 15 00 

\ ancouver — Granview 15 00 

First 127 25 

Kilsilano — Ch. 

$20.61 : S.S. $2.95 23 56 

•Victoria 109 13 

Three Hills 20 50 

Walsh— Peace 10 00 

Winnipeg — Crescent 50 00 

$594 69 

Rev. J. Mager _ $5 00 

A Friend 150 00 

J. M. Dods, Orangeville 100 00 

$255 00 


For over twenty years Congregational Missionary at Chisam- 

ba, West Africa. Died in Cobourg Ont., 

June 30th, 1923. 




OFFICERS 1923-1924 

Hon. President — Rev. E. Munson Hill, D.D. 

President— Rey. E. C. Woodley, M.A., Montreal. 

First Vice-President — Rev. D. L. Ritchie, D.D., Montreal. 

Second Vice-President — Mrs. C. McD. Hay, Toronto. 

Secretary — Geo. A. Moore, 359 Querbes Ave., Outremont, Que. 

Treasurer — H. W. Barker, Room 137, Confederation Life Bldg., Toronto. 

Educational Secretary — Rev. W. H. Thomas, Ayer's Clifif, Quebec. 

Superintendent of Prayer Union — Mrs. J. T. Daley, Port Hope, Ont. 
Directors — The Officers, together with Revs. Dr. W. T. Gunn, Dr. W. H. 
Warriner, Dr. J. T. Daley, H. D. Whitmore, A. F. Pollock, E. J. Thompson, 
G. H. Craik, I. W. Pierce, Frank Sanders, W. G. Martin. Judge Leet, and 
Messrs. Arthur Birks, Lome Johnston, J. G. Fuller, John Murray, Mrs. Thos. 
H. Hill, Mrs. J. Leslie, Miss E. A. Jamieson, Mrs. W. G. Martin, Chairman 
of the Congregational Union of Canada. 

Executive Committee — The Officers, together with Revs. Dr. E. M. 
Hill, Dr. W. T. Gunn, Dr. W. H. Warriner, A. F. Pollock, I. W. Pierce, 
Judge Leet, Arthur Birks, Mrs. J. Leslie, Miss E. A. Jamieson, Chairman of 
the Congregational Union of Canada. 



This Corporation shall be called The Canada Congregational Foreign Mis- 
sionary Society. 


The object of this Society shall be to spread the knowledge of the Gospel 
among the heathen and other unenlightened people. 


The members of this Society shall be persons subscribing $2 annually, min- 
isters of all contributing churches, one other representative from each church 
contributing $10 annually, and two representatives from each church contrib- 
uting $50, or over, annually, and each year the delegates appointed from any 
church to the Congregational Union of Canada shall be delegates to this So- 
ciety, provided that church be entitled to be so represented. Every benefactor 
making a donation of $40 at one time shall be a life member. 


The oflScers of this Society shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, 
Secretary, Treasurer, and Board of Directors, to be elected at the annual meet- 
ing of the Society. 


An annual meeting of the Society shall be held on the Thursday follow- 
ing the first Sunday in June, at the place where the Congregational Union of 
Canada assembles. 


This Constitution can be amended by vote of two-thirds of the members 
present at any annual meeting of the Society, notice of the proposed altera- 
tion having been given in two successive numbers of the Canadian Independent 
(now Canadian Congregationalist). 




All funds arising from donations, legacies, subscriptions, or otherwise, shall 
be lodged by the Treasurer, as soon as collected, with some chartered bank, 
to be named by the Executive Committee. Money can be drawn from such 
accounts only by cheques, signed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer, 
or any two of them, or by one of these Officers and one member of the 
Executive Committee specially appointed for this purpose. 


The Board of Directors shall consist of not more than twenty-five mem- 
bers of the Society, including the officers, and the Chairman of the Congrega- 
tional Union of Canada, ex-officio, and shall be elected at the annual meeting. 
They shall have full charge and power for the administration of the 
afi'airs of the Society. Immediately after their election they shall appoint 
an Executive Committee, and such other committees as they shall deem ex- 
pedient for the interests of the Society. The Executive Committee shall have 
all the powers of the Board of Directors between the meetings of that Board, 
and shall consist of the President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, 
Superintendents of Departments, the Chairman of the Congregational Union 
of Canada, ex-officio, and not more than twelve other members, together with 
two members of the Woman's Board, the same to be appointed by that Board, 
and who are members of this Society. 


The Board of Directors shall meet at least once during the year, immedi- 
ately before the annual meeting of the Society, at the call of the Secretary, 
to prepare reports, and a list of officers and committees to be nominated at the 
annual meeting, as well as to transact any other business connected with the 
interests of the Society. 


The work of this Society shall be presented and a Foreign Missionary ser- 
mon preached in each of the churches of the constituency at least once in each 
fear. The Executive Committee shall see that news of the Society's work 
is distributed to the churches. 


When money is donated for missionary work outside the Society 's mis- 
sions, it may be forwarded to societies working in that field. 


These by-laws may be altered in the same manner as the Constitution. 


I give and bequeath to the Canada Congregational Foreign Missionary 
Society, incorporated by the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, A.D. 

1889, the sum of $ 

out of my estate, to be paid without any 

charge or deduction whatever, and I direct that the receipt of the Secretary 
and Treasurer of the Society shall constitute and be a sufficient discharge 



MINUTES of the Annual Meeting of the Canada Congregational Foreign 
Missionary Society, held in the First Congregational Church, Ottawa, on 
Thursday, June 7th, 1923. 

Meeting started at 2.30. P.M. 

The President, Rev. E. C. Woodley, M. A., in the Chair. 
«" Mr. Woodley led in prayer. 

Owing to the Secretary's absence, the Rev. W. J. D. Gibson was ap- 
pointed Secretary of the Meeting. 

Report of the Prayer Union prepared by Mrs. J. T. Daley, was read 
by Rev. I. W. Pierce, in her absence. On motion by Rev. I. W. Pierce, 
seconded by Rev. H. D. Whitmore, this was adopted. 

The following Resolution regarding our action in connection with 
Church Union was read and on motion by Rev. Dr. Warriner, seconded 
by Rev. A. F. Pollock, was carried : — 

"That the Canada Congregational Foreign Missionary Society hereby 
approves of the Basis of Union adopted by the Congregational Union of 
Canada, the Methodist Church. Canada, and the Presbyterian Church in 
Canada, for the union of the three denominations in 'The United Church of 

"That the Canada Congregational Foreign Missionary Society also 
approves of the draft legislation. Dominion and Provincial, recommended by 
the Joint Committee on Church Union. 

"That the Canada Congegational Foreign Missionary Society hereby 
authorizes and instructs the Congregational Union of Canada, through a 
duly appointed Committee, to act for and on behalf of the Canada Cangrega- 

tional Foreign Missionary Society to procure the enactment of the 

said proposed Acts of the Parliament of Canada and the Legislatures of the 
Provinces of Canada, or such other legislation of the Parliament of Canada 
and the Legislatures of the Provinces of Canada and the Legislatures of the 
colonies and countries outside of Canada having jurisdiction over any of 
the property of the negotiating churches as such committee may deem 
necessary or requisite in order to effectuate and consummate the union of 
the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Methodist Church, Canada, and the 
Congregational Churches of Canada in accordance with the provisions of 
the Basis of Union and the general principles contained in the said pro- 
posed Acts, the said Committee to have full power and authority for and on 
behalf of the Canada Congregational Foreign Missionary Society to con- 
sider and deal with any proposals, defined as aforesaid, made by or on 
behalf of any of the negotiating Churches, or any committee thereof, or 
otherwise, with respect to the said legislation, to make or concur in any 
changes or amendments to the said proposed Acts, that they, in their dis- 
cretion, may deem advisable in order to carry into effect the provisions of 
the Basis of Union and the general principles contained in the said proposed 
Acts, and with the representatives of the other negotiating Churches to 
settle and determine the final form of any such legislation and generally 
to do all such acts and things as the said committee may deem expedient to 
procure whatever legislation may, in their opinion, be necessary or requisite 
to effectuate and consummate the said Union, pursuant to the provisions of 
the Basis of Union and the principle contained in the said proposed Acts." 

The following resolution regarding change in By-Laws was read and 
adopted on motion by J. G. Fuller, seconded by Rev. H. D. Whitmore : — 

"Moved that last sentence in By-Law No. 1 "Funds" reading : 


"Money can be drawn from such accounts only by cheques, signed by 
the Secretary and Treasurer, but the President or Vice-President may sign 
for either in their absence." 
Be changed to read as : 

"Money can be drawn from such accounts only by cheques signed by the 
President, Secretary and Treasurer, or any two of them, or by one of these 
Officers and one member of the Executive Committee specially appointed 
for this purpose." • 

In accordance with requirements of Section VI, "Amendments"' of our 
Constiution, notice of this change was published in two successive numbers 
of the Canadian Congregationalist, those dating May 2nd, and May 16th, 

Moved by H. W. Barker and seconded, that Dr. Gunn be appointed 
to act in accordance with above resolution. Carried. 

Mrs. T. B. Williams, presented Greetings from the Canada Congregation- 
al Woman's Board of Missions which was unanimously received with 

Judge Leet read the following resolution of Greetings to our Missionaries 
in Africa, which was seconded by Dr. Warriner and Carried. 

"Dear fellow members, of the Kingdom and family of our Father in 
Heaven, in Angola, Africa, we who are here met in Annual Meeting of the 
Canada Congregational Foreign Missionary Society, in our own names and of 
the other members of our Canadian Congregational Churches of Canada 
hereby send most hearty and effectionate greeting to you all. Missionaries 
of our Canadian Churches, your co-workers in the Mission and to all those 
who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ and won to Faith in Him 
by your efforts. We know we cannot realize and appreciate fully your 
sacrifices for the Kingdom of God, neither can we realize the joy you have 
and look forward to as the promised reward of those who even lose their 
lives for His sake. 

We are urged to pray for you and those who are brought to the Lord 
Christ through your efforts and we know many in our Churches are doing 
so, but we ask that your prayers may go up to the Throne of Grance for us 
in the Homelands that we may be more and more interested in yourselves and 
your work, and that we may do more to obtain the promises to 'Him that 

Rev. W. H. Thomas read the Educational Secretary's Report which 
was adopted. 

On motion by Rev. H. D. Whitmore, seconded by Rev. T. Sanders, $50.00 
was voted for Lantern slides. 

The report of the Board of Directors was read by Rev. H. D. Whitmore. 
This was adopted. 

The Treasurer read his annual report. This was received and ^.'/^pt'iJ. 

Miss E. A. Jamieson read a report of the work of the Canada Congre- 
gational Womans Board of Missions for the past year. 

The report of the Nomination Committee was presented and on motion 
by Rev. F. S. Sanders, seconded by Mr. Smith, was accepted. 

This report was as follows : — 

Hon. -President Rev. E. Munson Hill, D.D. 

President Rev. E. C. Woodley 

1st Vice-President Rev. D. L. Ritchie, D.D. 

2nd Vive-President Mrs. C. McD. Hay 

Secretary Geo. A. Moore 

Treasurer H. W. Barker 

Educational Superintendent Rev. W. H. Thomas 

Prayer Union Superintendent Mrs. J. T. Daley 


The Officers, together with Rev. W. T. Gunn, D.D., Rev. W. H. Warr- 
iner, D.D., Rev. J. T. Daley, D.D., Rev. H. D. Whitmore, Rev. A. F. Pollock, 
i^ev. E. J. Thompson, Rev. I. W. Pierce, Rev. G. H. Craik, Rev. Frank 
Sanders, Rev. W. G. Martin, Judge S. P. Leet, Arthur Birks, Mrs. Thomas 
Hill, Mrs. J. Leslie, Mrs. W. G Martin, Miss E. A. Jamieson, Mr. Lome 
Johnstone, Mr. J. B. Fuller, Mr. John Murray and the Chairman of the 
Congregational Union. 

The Meeting was then addressed by Rev. Ernest W. Riggs, Associate 
Foreign Secretary of the American Board, who also brought greetings from 
that Society. 

The meeting then adjourned. 



Immediately following the Annual Meeting, the President brought the 
Directors together and the following were appointed the Executive Com- 
mittee : — 

The Officers, together with Reverend's Dr. E. M. Hill, Dr. W. T. Gunn. 
Dr. W. H. Warriner, A. F. Pollock, I. W. Pierce, Judge Leet, Arthur Birks, 
Mrs. J. Leslie, Miss E. A. Jamieson, and the Chairman of the Union. 
The Meeting then adjourned. 



After a full year of working out the new requirements of the Portu- 
guese Government regarding Educational and Mission work in Angola, West 
Central Africa, it is found that the Mission has solved most of the diffi- 
culties, and are now improving conditions rapidly. When the first news 
of the change came in 1920, consternation reigned, then last year the ad- 
justment began and now we feel that the work is going ahead again on an 
even keel. Much has yet to be overcome, especially the work at Outstations 
but this is also being looked after gradually and as each batch of students 
pass the first examinations in Portuguese, more of these outstation schools 
will be opened, and then by better qualified teachers than were in charge 
before. So that better work will be done and good will come out of the 

Much has been done by conference and accomplishment at the Stations 
to show the High Commissioner and other authorities that we are willing 
to co-operate with them in carrying out the law of the land. There has 
been three interviews during the last six months with the High Commissibner 
by the Mission representatives and in each case they have been cordially 
received. The Bible and Religious subjects are permitted in the vernacular 
when printed in parallel column with Portuguese, a Hymn book in the 
vernacular with Portuguese Hymns different from these, bound in the 
same cover has been issued and an understanding has been arrived at 
as to methods of evangelization. The Missionaries have inspired confidence 
in the authorities of their integrity and the High Commissioner has stated 
that he is pleased with the spirit shown at the Missions. On Sept. 26th, he 
visited the Dondi Station, being accompanied by his daughter and other 


distinguished Officials. After inspecting the plant and seeing it in operation 
and also listening to addresses in Portuguese, one of which was by a 
native, he left after having expressed his delight and satisfaction at what 
he had seen and heard. We, therefore, feel sure that our Missionaries have 
acted wisely and that the good relations now existing will be beneficial 
of great good to our work. 

Reports to hand tell of the success of another 64 pupils in the first 
grade examinations in Portuguese, three with honors. At this rate we will 
soon be able to open all the closed outstation schools, and this part of our 
work will again be in full swing. 

We regret to report the death of our former President, Geo. E. 
Williams, Mr. Williams passed away last Nov. 19th, after a long illness. He 
was a lifelong student of Mission work and his last words were relative to 
the work in Africa. We greatly deplore his loss and put on record our 
great appreciation of his work for our Society. 

During the year, we had the pleasure of conferring with Rev. W. C. Bell, 
from Currie Institute, who was home on furlough and gained much help 
from the information he was able to give us regarding the working details at 

Doctor Fred Stokey was accepted as a Doctor for Dondi and has spent 
about nine months in Portugal studying the language and preparing to 
qualify for a medical certificate. When this has been secured Doctor 
Stokey will begin his work at the Currie Institute and fill a great need at 
this station. 

Mr. Kenneth Prior, candidate for Agricultural Missionary at Currie 
Institute has now passed his second year at an Agricultural College and is 
constantly preparing himself for this needful work in Africa. The Agri- 
culturist will help the native grow sufficient food to maintain himself and 
permit of export, opening up a lucrative livelihood and make him a self- 
supporting and self-respecting Christian. He will learn of the natural 
resources of his country and build up the trade of his own land. 

Major Swaddling and Mrs. Swaddling who were helping at Currie Insti- 
tute have resigned their positions. Major Swaddling found the work in 
Africa harder than he could stand- He gave full time labor to fatiguing 
work in Africa and Mrs. Swaddling successfully handled the medical work 
during the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Bell. 

The Phelps Stokes Commission which studied the Mission fields in 
Africa, have issued their report and have^ given very valuable suggestions 
for the furtherance and betterment of work amongst the Africans. They 
also speak well of our work in Angola. 


At Chisamba, regular work has been carried on during the year. Mr. 
Steed has visited the oustations and neighboring country and has strength- 
ened our work, especially along Evangelistic lines. A successful week of 
Prayer was enjoyed and much good was reported. 

Doctor Hall has been building new medical buildings on a new ap- 
proved site. These include four buildings, one a Medical ward, one a Sur- 
gical ward, a Store and Office building, and a Waiting Room. The old 
buildings were badly located and had fallen into bad repair. Also a fire 
visited the station and some of the old buildings were destroyed. Doctor 
Hall is fulfilling tasks similar to what Jesus did, he is healing the sick 
and relieving their pain. 

Sehnor Raposa is teaching the Portuguese language to all who are able 
to take it. 


Thirteen boys have secured Hcenses to teach and 40 outstations are 
open for Prayer and preaching. 

The Church Services, Sunday School and Young Peoples Meetings are 
all successful. The Sunday School had an average attendance of 315. 

The school work in charge of the ladies of the C.C.W.B.M. have con- 
tined their work in the Educational Department and a special report will be 
given regarding their work. 

There is a great need at Chisamba for an Industrial Missionary and we 
would be glad to hear of a likely candidate. 


At a recent meeting of this station, Dr. Sanders, the Veteran Missionary 
was elected President and the Rev. Jas. E. Lloyd, the Secretary. 

Doctor Hollenbeck, has returned to his post and with our Woman's 
Board Missionaries, this station is fairly well manned. A great need npw 
exists for proper buildings and equipment to successfully pursue the work at 
this station. There is also a need for an Agricultural Missionary. As, we 
have agreed with the American Board to progressively take over this station, 
it is our task to do this work and we appeal for special gifts for capital 
charges at this place. 

Mr. Lloyd has passed his first examination and is taking charge of the 
Boys Boarding School. 

Evangelstic work has been carried on by Dr. Sanders and Mr. Lloyd, and 
gratifying results have been reported. 

The Station, at a meeting held relative to the present location, has 
decided not to move but to remain where they now are. A programme 
for new buildings has been outlined and we wiil have to try and help them 
make progress in this. 

Six outstation schools have been re-opened and others will be under- 
taken as soon as the boys qualify in their Portuguese studies. 

The Currie Institute opened their session again with an overflowing 
number of pupils. There were 170 students and 230 to 250 boys at the pre- 
paratory school. This large number greatly taxed the staff in housing 
and feeding them and although the school fees had been increased the boys 
came in increasing numbers. 

The Industrial work has been going on continuously and the new 
Trades Building has been finished and the machinery is now being installed. 

Miss Rawhngs, who went out as a self-supporting voluntary worker, 
has given her time to acting as Matron to the Boys Boarding School. She 
has earned the love and deep gratitude of the bays who have called her 
Maikulu — the old grandmother. 

Mr. Tucker has rendered great service during the year as Principal of 
the Currie Institute, and particularly in his capacity as Mission Representa- 
tive to the High Commissioner. It has been largely due to his untiring 
efforts that there exists such good relationships between the Mission and 
the Government. 

We also had the pleasure of greeting Mrs. Tucker and again offer to 
her and Mr. Tucker our very best wishes for every success in their married 

Again we must record the help and inspiration that we get from our 
close co-operation with the Officers of the Canada Congregational Woman's 
Board Missionaries, and also the officials of the American Board. All 
these good friends enable us to do a bigger and better work than we could 
possibly do by ourselves. qEq. A. MOORE, 




In presenting the report of this Department, we would like to keep the 
thought before us that the reason given for the organization of a Prayer 
Union, was "to develop the spirit of Prayer and assure its continued offer- 
ing." Therefore, if your Superintendent does not bring before you an array 
of facts and figures, such as abound in reports of some other Departments, 
it is because spiritual results cannot be set forth in statistical form. There 
are, however, some facts and figures which may be given and which assure 
us that the Prayer Union is to a large extent fulfilling the purpose for 
which it was organized. 

The fact that many Auxiliaries of our Womans Board and all of the 
Branches with the exception of one have appointed Prayer Union Superin- 
tendents and also that nearly one hundred new members have been reported 
during the past year, is an indication of a growing interest in this Department 
of our work. It shows also that the number of those who are pledging 
themselves to pray for our work in Africa, is steadily increasing. Some of 
the Auxiliaries have expressed their pleasure in having part in the Prayer 
Union and have succeeded in enrolling as members, a large number of the 
men and women of their church. Others report that while they have no 
members of the Prayer Union, they have our Mission work upon their 
hearts and pray constantly for it. We have reason to believe that the Spirit 
of Prayer is being developed among our people and that the Prayer Union 
has had a part in bringing it about by keeping the need of it constantly before 

Your Superintendent has endeavored to set forth, month by month in the 
"Monthly Leaflet" definite needs of our work and workers, and hopes this 
has been the means of calling forth united prayer for these objects on the 
part of our people. 

We have also, through the Branch Superintendents and by personal 
letters sought to bring the interests of this Department before each of our 
Churches through the Auxiliaries. In this connection over four hundred 
pledge cards and many leaflets have been distributed during the past year. 
Just how many of these have been used, we are unable to state, as they have 
not been reported. 

We aim during the coming year to enlist the young people of our 
churches in this "Prayer Partnership" for we feel that our girls and boys 
will be greatly helped and blessed in their own lives if they early form the 
habit of praying for Missions. 

In closing, permit me to quote these words of Jeremy Taylor's ; "Rely 
not on a single prayer in matters of great concernment; make it as public as 
you can by obtaining others to pray with you ; this being the great blessing 
of the Communion of Saints, that a prayer united is strong^ike a well- 
ordered army." The conversion of the people of Angola is a "matter of 
great concernments" to our Canadian Congregationalists. It is the big 
task that has been given us to perform. We need men and women, money and 
equipment to carry on. Only by united continuous prayer and a spirit of 
willing obedience on the part of all our people can it be accomplished. 

Respectfidly submitted, 





The Educational activities of the year have run along regular lines. 
The "Congregationalist" has again splendidly served the Society. Its Editor 
has, in every issue, and especiallly in the Foreign Misionary number, clearly 
kept before us our great and growing responsibility and opportunity. Mr. 
Barker has, in addition, acted as Deputation for the Society, visiting a large 
number of our Churches with very gratifying and profitable results. Miss 
Jamieson, through the Leaflet, now in part a medium of the Society, and in 
visitation, has faithfully disseminated information and quickened interest 
The Young People owe her special gratitude for the splendid programme 
which she prepared and which proved so useful, interesting and effective on 
Foreign Missions Sunday. 

Our workers in Angola keep us regularly posted with the latest facts 
concerning the work, Mr. Moore continues to edit this material for our 
paper. By arrangement with the Publication Committee, nearly all the re- 
maining copies of "The Story of Chisamba Retold" have now been distributed. 
Miss Buck, our office stenographer has filled orders for a fair number of 
missionary books. She has also aided Mr. C. J. Vick, who has charge of the 
"Slides Department" in circulating these very valuable Educational assets. 
We have now 12 sets. The American Board has put us under further obliga- 
tion this year by sendng us free, a set entitled "Japan." Twenty Exhibits 
have been given in sixteen Churches, the sets on "Progress in West Central 
Africa" and "Angola- the Country of the King" appearing five times each. 

The $50 voted by you has been carefully spent. I confidently ask for a 
similar sum this year. It may be the Woman's Board, which gave this 
department a contribution of $50.00 two years ago, will give us some 
financial aid this year. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Educational Secretary 



The printed statement for the year is herewith submitted. We 
started out with $249.00 on hand but with a debt to the American Board 
of $1607.00, besides special amounts of nearly $1600.00 more which we 
have paid this year but which belongs to last year's budget. The church 
contributions amounted to $8700.00 and the personal gifts, $1,752.00. 
Two legacies have come to hand — from the late Miss Jane Logan, 
Embro, $150.00, and from the late Mr. A. S. Hurd, Sherbrooke, $5000.00. 
We received $423.00 from St. Andrews East from the proceeds of the 
sale of their church property: the Woman's Board paid $587.00 being 
Senhora Raposa's salary for the year: interest and exchange have 
brought in $405.00: sundry amounts $200.00: the Hine and William Free- 
land Trusts and the Currie Institute Fund have paid $331.00 toward our 
general expenses, and there is owing to the American Board (which in- 
cludes missionaries' salaries, etc. only to December 31st last) $5,759.00. 

In view of the two Portuguese teachers — both married — and the 
new doctor recently sent out, our expenses for salaries, travelling, etc., 
have been heavier than ever before — $11,048.00 plus $658.00 for Senhor 
Raposa's salary for six months which appears a little further down. 


Drugs amounting to $652.00 have been sent out and $500.00 has been 
transferred from this year's receipts for the Currie Institute expense 
account, this being the annual gift of Mr. Sam Harris through Broad- 
view Church, Toronto, for this purpose. Then the travelling expenses 
come to $480.00; printing accounts, $649.00; our share office expenses, 
$1,600.00; Union Guarantee, $800.00; $1,000.00 has been transferred to 
Furlough Fund; $250.00 was voted to Dr. Aggrey, and the other items 
are about as usual. We close the year with $190.00 on hand. 

In designated objects we carried forward from last year $1382.00; 
special contributions amount to $1515.00; income from Trusts, 1407.00; 
$385.00, $41.00 and $20.00 respectively; and then follow the transfers 
from other accounts, the total receipts being $7,259.00. From this ac- 
count remittances have been made to the American Board as set out 
under expenditure and then the forwarding of other gifts for the special 
purposes for which they were given. We carry forward in special ac- 
count $3246.00. 

Coming to the Currie Institute account, we started with $1238.00 
cash and $19,473.00 in bonds. We received $10,544.00 from the Forward 
Movement, $1,036.00 in contributions and $1,179.00 interest and bond 
profit. $18,500.00 has been remitted to the Field, three half yearly pay- 
ments of salary to Major Swaddling have been made and other small 
amounts charged, and we have a balance on hand of $12,748.00 all of 
which is invested. 

After the auditor's certificate comes a comparative statement with 
the previous year. The churches have contributed about $1,100.00 more 
than they did during the last year for the General Fund, whicli is en- 
couraging, but still leaves them $3,300.00 short of the apportionment, 
which represented less than the Society's minimum needs. 

The designated receipts are $4,200.00 short of what they were a 
year ago, but this is accounted for almost entirely by the Russian Famine 
Fund. $500.00 more than last year came in for the Currie Institute 
Building Fund, $1,000.00 having been received from the late Mr. W. E. 
Lyman of Montreal. Since the closing of our books he has forwarded 
$1,167.00 more, making his total gift $4,167.00. 

Ninety-seven churches shared in the giving for the General Fund: 
twenty-six attained their full apportionment and 22 of those went be- 
yond it. Those that attained their apportionment are divided thus; 
M'aritime, 2; Quebec, none; Ontario Eastern, 4; Ontario Central, 7; 
Ontario Western, 12; Western Provinces, 1. 

The largest amounts for the General Fund were as follows: Mont- 
real Emmanuel, $823.00; Hamilton First, $725.00; Toronto North Rose- 
dale. $715.00; Toronto Broadview, $622.00; Granby, $312.00; Brantford, 
$303.00; Montreal Calvary, $261.00; Lanark, $250.00; Toronto Olivet, 
$219 00; Winnipeg Central, $214.00; Winnipeg Crescent, $195.00; Sher- 
brooke, $174.00; Vancouver First, $171.00; Guelph and Ottawa First, 
$150.00 each; Cobourg, $146.00; Maxville, $105.00; Victoria, $104.00; Strat- 
ford and Toronto Bond St., $100.00. The German churches gave $228.00. 

While the giving has been larger than that of the previous year, 
we are still considerably short of meeting our budget. There has been 
a necessary increase in our budget without a corresponding increase in 
our contributions. Our budget last year was chopped off at $15,000.00, 
although this amount was really below the requirements. The Union 
Committee, however, did not think it wise to increase the $12,000.00 ap- 


Increased expenses at home and increased expenses on the Field 
mean a new scale of giving. We have now seven missionaries, five of 
whom are married; five years ago we had only three missionaries. 
The gradual taking over of Camundongo Station and the sending out 
of a new doctor and two Portuguese teachers, both married, have in- 
creased our obligations by several thousand dollars a year. Up to date 
the two Portuguese teachers have cost for travelling and salary, $4,760.00. 
Our budget for the coming year will necessitate a large increase in our 
income. We think that our members this year have given only 72c. each 
io\- our general Fund, it will be readily seen that they have not reached 
the limit. The bulk of this has come from people of moderate means. 
Why should these smaller givers be left almost entirely to do the work, 
when the more wealthy stewards and substantial business men do so 
little comparatively? They are missing a great blessing, yet, after all, 
money is not the only thing we need, nor is it the most important. Let 
us bevv^are lest we develop a money-mind rather than a Christ-mind. 
"Life is more than meat, and the body than raiment." The interest and 
the prayers of our people is the great thing, and if we have these we 
need have no concern about the support of the work. The expenditures 
upon our home churches should be Aiatched by equel amounts for the 
extension of the Kingdom outside our walls, and this would be so if we 
were half in earnest. And let me say in all seriousness that if this were 
so, our churches would have no difficulty in their home finances. As 
someone has said, if a church is content to merely sit and sing," Hold 
the fort", it will soon have no fort to hold. It would seem that sacrifi- 
cial giving has little place among us. Our Lord still stands over against 
the treasury to behold how we give. If we first truly give ourselves 
unto the Lord there will be no difficulty in deciding the matter of ser- 
vice to others. 

Dr. Aggrey's yisit last fall was greatly appreciated. He spent fifteen 
days (including three Sundays) visiting our churches from the Eastern 
townships to Winnipeg, and speaking some twenty-five times. The 
collections amounted to $498.00 and his expenses, including an honorarism 
of $150.00, were $327.00. We were able to get him a half-fare travelling 

The Hurd legacy of $5,000.00, as already stated, came to us this 
year, but the stipulation is that it is to be invested and the income only 
used. We have also received word that a legacy of $2,500.00 from the 
estate of the late Hugh W. Kennedy of Winnipeg will likely be avail- 
able in a few months. We are thankful for these remembrances. 

About $3,900.00 has been voted to the Society by the Kingston First 
Church from the whole of its property, this to be used for capital expen- 
diture. $2,000.00 has already been set aside for Camundongo buildings 
and equipment. The former church at St. Andrews East has voted us 
$2,500.00 more from the sale of their parsonage, the income to be paid 
to the Society for the next three years and the principal in 1927. 

Some interesting gifts for special work have been received this 
year. The Sunday School and Mission Band of Calvary Church, Mont- 
real, gave $100.00 for a bush car for Mr. Lloyd and another friend in 
Montreal is paying for a motor-cycle for Chisambe. Some 25 or 30 cots 
have also been provided for Chisamba Hospital at $20.00 each. 

As Deputation Secretary I have visited some twenty-five of our 
churches. On one occasion the church had already sent in the full 
amount of its apportionment, but I returned home with another cheque 
in my pocket as they had decided to double their apportionment. In 


another case a lady at whose home I had been staying, told me, as she 
drove me to the railroad station, that she wanted to give $400.00 to be 
divided up between Home and Foreign, and I was able to make the 
division, $250.00 Foreign and $150.00 Home, which amounts have since 
been paid. There are individuals in our churches here and there who, 
if approached by their minister, would give larger amounts for the 
Foreign work. It might be suggested to them that they take care of 
a certain item in the budget. 

Respectfully submitted, 




Financial Statement for the year ending April 30th, 1923 



Balance brought forward $ 249 60 


Churches (including $498.96 collections, taken at 

Dr. Aggrev's meetings) $8,700 48 

Personal '. 1,752 65 

10,453 13 

Legacy — Miss Jane Logan, Embro 150 00 

Legacy— Hurd Estate, Sherbrooke 5,000 00 

St. Andrew's East, from Sale of Church property 423 40 

Eroni W. B. M. for Senhora Eaposa 's salary 587 50 

Interest and Exchange 405 94 

Profit on Bond Sales 63 41 

Books sold 2 99 

Sundry amounts 197 17 

From Hine and Freeland Trusts, and from Currie Institute 

Fund towards expenses ^ 331 05 

American Board Account (including $1,607.14 

owing from previous year) $14,064 52 

Less remittances made by us 8,305 10 

Deficit owing to American Board 5.759 42 

$23,623 61 


Mission Expenses (salaries, travelling, etc.) chargeable against 

General Fund 11,048 15 

Senhor Figueriedo for translation work 90 00 

Allowance tuition Tucker children 68 87 

Eemitted Calvary S.S. Montreal (sent to C.C.F.M.S. in error).... 11 54 

Drugs (transferred to designated objects) 652 29 

Senhor Eaposa 's salary, July to December, 1922 658 44 

Provident Fund permium for missionaries 58 00 

Transferred to Currie Institute Expense Account 500 00 


Travelling Expenses — 

Executive Committee $159 79 

Messrs. Aggrey and Bell to Annual Meeting. 143 41 
Dr. Aggrej^'s tour 177 19 

480 39 

Printing Accounts — $13,567 68 

"Congregationalist " grant 200 00 

Special issue " Congregationalist " 110 74 

Year Book Account 88 40 

"Leaflet" 250 00 

649 14 

Office Expenses — 

Secretary $ 100 00 

General 1,500 00 

• — 1,600 00 

Union Guarantee 800 00 

Lantern Slides and Cuts 50 00 

Literature and Publicity (S.S. stories, folders, etc.) 115 68 

Grants— $6.00, $50.00, $20.00 76 00 

Transferred to Furlough Fund 1,000 00 

Grants to Dr. Aggrey 250 00 

Treasurer's Guarantee 20 00 

Postage, Exchange, etc 151 10 

New York Exchange 92 18 

Auditor's Fees 25 00 

Office Supplies 36 57 

Hurd Legacy Invested 5,000 00 

Balance on hand 190 26 



Balance from last year $1,382 69 

Contributions — 

Boys and Girls $417 00 

Hospital Cots 100 00 

Dispensary 5 00 

Motorcycle and Bush Car 459 29 

Specials outside our own field 534 36 

1,515 65 

Income from Trust Accounts — 

Hine Fund — Eepayment of loan made to capital.... 656 38 

Interest and Profit 751 40 

— 1,407 78 

Wm. Freeland Fund — Repay 't loan made to capital 52 25 
Interest and Profit 333 59 

385 84 

Leet Memorial — Interest and Profit 41 90 

Richardson Memorial — Interest and Profit 20 95 

Furlough Fund — from General Fund 1,000 00 

Dispensary Fund — from General Fund 652 29 

Currie Institute Current expenses from Gen. Fund (Harris gift) 500 00 

Currie Institute Current net income from Wm. Freeland Trust 352 49 

$7,259 59 



Kemitted American Board — 

From Furlough Fund $631 90 

For Bush Car for Mr. Lloyd 100 00 

For Dondi Boys 207 65 

From Designated Boys' Fund 55 00 

From Hind Fund, half Eaposa's salary to June 

30, 1922 $225 51 

Camundongo Brick Machine 500 00 

725 51 

From Boys ' Fund, half Eaposa 's salary to June 

30, 1922 $225 52 

Note Books 44 03 

Camundongo Out-station work 200 00 

469 55 

From Leet Memorial Income 69 40 

From Eichardson Memorial Income 34 70 

Eemitted Baby Organ Fund to W. B. M 45 55 

Drugs and freight on same 657 29 

Balance Tucker Love Gift to General Fund 20 00 

Wm. Freeland Trust income transferred to Currie Institute 

Current Expenses Fund 352 49 

Personal Gift for Eev. J. E. Lloyd 5 00 

Total for African v/ork $3,374 04 

Eussian Famine Fund 389 36 

Missionary Education Movement 100 00 

Armenian Eelief 8 00 

Armenian Orphan 30 00 

Personal Gift, Miss Barker, Turkey 2 00 

From Hine Trust for Administration Expenses 76 20 

From Wm. Freeland Trust for Administration Expenses 33 35 

Balance on hand 3,246 64 

$7,259 59 

The above balance is made up as follows : 

Hine Trust , $1,263 11 

Furlough Fund _ _... „ 

Motor Cycle „ 

Currie Institute Expenses ..._ 

Boys and Girls (undesignated) $181 45 

Boys (Dondi ) „ _.._... 1 12 00 

Organ Fund 

Hospital Cots.. 

368 10 
359 29 
852 49 

293 45 
9 54 
100 00 

$3,246 64 




Balance from last year — 

Cash $ 1,238 76 

Bonds 19,473 00 

$20,711 76 

From Forward Movement 10,544 09 

Contributions 1,036 00 

Interest and Bond Profit 1,179 04 

$33,470 89 


Remitted American Board $18,500 OO 

Remitted American Board (Swaddling) 1,937 50* 

Exchange 49 29 

Seeds, for Institute -. 10 80 

Ten per cent, income to General Fund 221 50 

Postage, etc. 3 42 

Balance 12,748 38 

$33,470 89 
We have audited the books, vouchers and accounts of the Canada 
Congregational Foreign Missionray Society for twelve months ended April 
30th, 1923, and certify that the foregoing statements are in accordance 
therewith. We have also checked the securities and find they agree with 
the books. 

(Signed) OSCAR HUDSON & CO., 

Chartered Accountants. 



Western Provinces 

$ 625 46 

Ontario — Western 1,907 07 

Central 1,920 44 

Eastern 638 36 

Quebec 2,092 56 

Maritime 404 73 

Personal 1,854 32 


$1,420 35 

1,821 03 

1,372 08 

122 55 

622 24 

240 44 

117 14 


Total $9,442 94 $5,715 83 


1922— -1923 


Western Provinces $1,007 35 

Ontario, Western 2,450 93 

Central 2,115 25 

Eastern 819 66 

Quebec 1,992 45 

Maritime 314 84 

Personal 1,752 65 


$ 125 20 

356 25 

249 21 

99 25 

678 74 

7 00 

Total $10,453 13 $1,515 65 
















$ 2,045 81 
3,748 10 
3,774 27 

760 91 
2,714 80 

688 17 
1,971 46 

$15,703 52 


$ l,lb2 55 

2,807 18 

2,374 46 

918 9] 

3,697 19 

314 84 

1,759 65 

$13,004 78 

H. *W. BARKER, Treasurer. 



(In order to show the total Missionary giving of the churches, the 
receipts of the Woman's Board are also shown, but these, and contributions 
for Special Purposes, do not count on the church apportionments. 


Church $25 00 


Church $146 50 

W. B.. M 195 79 


W. B. M _ 50 00 


W. B. M 10 30 



Edgar and Dalston Dis. 
For Russian Famine.... 

27 00 

21 00 

$48 00 
W. B. M ^32 10 

Humber Summit 

Church $36 00 

S. S. for Boy 12 50 

$48 50 
Pine Grove 

C. E. Society $30 75 

S. S. for boy....„ _ 12 50 

S. S. and Church for cot... 20 00 

$63 25 

W. B. M „ $62 38 


W.' B. M $182 62 


W. B. M $6 00 

Toronto Birchcliff 

Church $30 49 

S. S 13 69 

Senior C. E 6 10 

Junior C. E 2 50 

$52 78 
W. B. M ,. $105 00 

Toronto Bond Street 

S. S _ $100 00 

W. B. M 303 10 

Toronto Broadview 

Church „ $622 85 

W. B. M 215 85 

Toronto North Rosedale 

Church $715 00 

Church for M.E.M 12 00 

Church for Currie Inst 10 00 

W. B. M. 

$737 00 
$767 90 

Toronto Olivet 

Church $200 OO' 

S. S - 19 37 

Aux. for dispensing 5 00 

Church for M.E.M 5 00 

Church for Russian Famine 
137 21 

$366 55 

W. B. M $1,613 42 

Toronto Western 
Church - $40 00 

W. B. M. 

92 00 

Toronto Runnymede Com. 

Church $100 00 

S. S. for cot „ 20 00 

$120 00 
W. B. M $110 37 

Toronto Branch W. B. M. 
$38 10 


Bethel {Gainsboro) 

S. S $3 50 

W. B. M 12 00 


Church $53 50 

C. E 45 71 

White Gift for boy 20 00 

W. B. M. 

$119 21 
$108 24 


Church $225 00 

S. S - $79 19 

W. B. M. 

$303 19 
..$470 50 



Bur ford 
Church .... 
W. B. M. 

Dilts Road 


S. S 

S. S. for cot.. 

35 00 

42 20 

$15 00 

19 00 

20 00 

$54 00 


Church $12 50 

S. S. : ._ „.„ ■ 2 56 

Church for Russian Famine 

_ 3 00 

W. B. M. 

$18 06 
$68 38 



Church for 



$94 50 


1 00 

W. B. M. ... 

$95 50 
$130 50 

Forest Central 

Church $52 00 

S. S „ 4 00 

Church for Armenian Relief 
8 00 

$64 00 

W. B. M $380 62 

Forest Lake Shore 

Church %22 50 

Forest Plympton 

Church $12 00 

s. s. 

10 00 

S. S. ... 

^22 00 

$30 00 
25 00 

W. B. M. 

$55 00 
$25 00 


Church $21 00 

S. S „ 12 08 

%33 08 
W. B. M $25 40 


Church „ $25 00 

S. S 5 06 

$30 06 

W. B. M $11 28 


Church $124 75 

S. S „.. 25 00 

S.O.S. Class for boy 10 00 

Church for Russian Fam. 14 25 
Church for M.E.M 5 00 

$179 00 

W. B. M $449 70 

Hamilton First 

Church 718 11 

S. S 6 89 

S. S. for boys and girls.. 100 00 
Church for M.E.M 15 00 

$840 00 

W. .B. M $287 32 

Hamilton Inimanuel 

Church $66 00 

Church _ „ $11 75 


W. B. M $189 30 


Church $25 0(? 

W. B. M - 40 00 

London First 

Church $58 28 

S. S 29 00 

S. S. for boys and girls 40 00 

W. B. M. 

$127 28 
$184 20 

London Southern 

Church $50 00 

W. B. M 275 00 


Church $19 45 

S. S „ 5 00 

$24 45 
Mt. Carmel 

Church $25 00 

S. S 10 00 

Church for Russian Fam. 1 00 

$36 00 



New Durham 

Church - $40 00 

W. B. M 25 12 


Church %i(> 22 

W. B. M 159 65 


■ Church - $55 20 

S. S 10 00 

C. E. for boy 15 00 

Friends for teacher 25 00 

Church for Russian Fam. 2 00 

$107 20 
W. B. M $106 00 


Church $40 00 

W. B. M 14 00 


Church $20 00 

Mission band for cot 20 00 

$40 00 

W. B. M $32 90 


Church $100 00 

S. S. for Russian Famine 50 00 

- $150 00 

W. B. M $263 50 

Church for Russian Fam. 7 00 


Church _ ™ $40 71 

S. S 16 65 

Y. P. S 25 00 

W. B. M. 

$82 36 
$106 80 

West Montrose 

Church _ $39 25 

S. S 4 77 

$44 02 

W. B. M $31 86 


W. B. M $28 00 

.Zion {Zion Cir.) 

Church „ „ %Z7 80 

5. S 8 00 

Guelph Branch W.B.M. 
London Branch W.B.M. 
Paris Branch W.B.M. 



W. B. M „ 

Kingston Bethel 

Church _ 

C. E 

C. E. for boys _ 

Church for Russian Fam. 

W. B. M 

Kingston Calvary 


S. S 

$34 31 
$20 00 
$97 00 

$12 25 
30 00 

$30 81 
11 00 
27 »D 
19 25 

$88 06 
$119 90 

$47 00 
10 00 

W. B. M. 

$57 00 
^37 09 

Kingston First 


W. B. M 



W. B. M 



W. B. M 



W. B. M 

Ottawa First 


C. E. for boys.. 

W. B. M _ 

Ottazva W. Zion 


S. S - 

S. S. for boys and girls 

$45 80 

W. B. M 



Ottazva Branch W.B.M. 

$57 00 
140 86 

$250 00 
129 24 

$105 85 
594 46 

$35 50 
25 20 

$150 00 
40 00 

$190 00 
$260 90 

$50 00 
40 00 
13 00 

$103 00 

$15 50 

$20 25 
$150 15 




Ayer's Cliff 

Church P3 80 

S. S » 5 75 

$39 55 
W. B. M _ $41 31 

Boynton & Broimi's Hill 

Church $6 39 

W. B. M 71 80 

$78 19 


Church $4 25 

W. B. M - 16 51 

Co wansville 

Church .". $60 00 

Church for boy 5 00 

$65 00 

W. B. M $148 54 


Church $60 00 

S. S „ - 3 00 

Church "f or '"'m'.'e"m'."'"I'Z 2 00 

$65 00 

W. B. M $132 09 

Fitch Bay 

Church $43 ffO 

Church for Russian Fam. 20 15 

W. B. M. 

$63 15 
$91 18 


Church _ $312 66 

S. S. for cot 20 00 

Ch. for M.E.M 25 00 

$357 66 
W.B.M $422 25 


Church „ $35 00 

W. B. M 177 10 

Montreal Calvary 

Church „ $261 75 

S.S. and Mission B'd for 

bush car 100 00 

Church for M.E.M 10 00 

Church for Russian Fam. 78 90 

W. B. M. 

$450 65 
$411 65 

Montreal-Am. Park 

Church $20 00 

W. B. M „ 30 20 

Montreal Crystal Springs 
Church „ $15 00 

Montreal Emmanuel 

Church ....„ $787 50 

S. S 35 65 

S. S. for Armenian Orphan 

- - „ 30 00 

Church for M.E.M 22 00 

$875 15 
W. B. M $708 18 

Montreal Pt. St. Charles 

Church $51 74 

W. B. M _ 100 80 

Rock Island 

Church $50 00 

S. S. for boy 2 00 

$52 00 

W. B. M „ $27 90 

St. Andrew's East 

W. B. M $38 29 

St. Anne de Bellevue 

Church $32 54 

W. B. M „ 41 38 


Church $150 00 

S. S 24 42 

$174 92 

W. B. M „ $275 92 

W. B. M - $14 80 

S. S. for Russian Famine $4 40 
W. B. M „ 75 04 


Baker's Settlement 
Church $1 01 

Beach Meadows 
W. B. M $12 85 

W. B. M $107 00 


Church $9 00 

W. B. M 26 25 


Church $9 00 


Church $3 57 

W. B. M 1 90 

Keswick Ridge 

Church $16 25 

W. B. M _ 158 60 

King sport 

Church _ $36 25 

W. B. M _ „.. 56 94 


Church : $11 00 

W. B. M 72 60 

Lower Selmah 

Church $10 00 

W. B. M 25 70 


Church $30 00 

W. B. M „.. 4 97 

W. B. M _ $49 65 


Church $15 00 

W. B. M „ 9 85 

Pleasant River 

Church $2 86 

W. B. M _ 18 25 

St. John 
W. B. M $14 25 


Church %72 12 

Church for Miss Barker, Turkey 

2 00 

$74 12 

W. B. M $135 30 

South Maitland 

Church $12 00 



W. B. M 

$80 00 
185 00 

Union of N. S. & N. B. 
Maritime Branch W.B.M. 

$6 78 
$7 00 


Y. P. Soc'y for boy $50 00 

Beiseker, Zion 

Church $35 00 


S. S. for Russian Famine 

Church for Rus. Fam 

W. B. M 

Calgary Russo-German 

Church „ 


W. B. M _ 

Castor, Hopefield 



Gros Ventre Zoar 





Church „ „ 






Ladies' Aid 

May ton 



Church for boys 

Three Hills Zion 


Vancouver First 


Y. L. Guild 


$11 50 
50 00 

$15 00 

$40 00 

$12 35 

$3 00 

$6 75 

$23 50 

$14 75 

$3 75 

$17 00 

$10 00 

$47 50 

$25 00 

$17 50 

$161 90 
10 00 

$171 90 
W. B. M $203 50 

Vancouver Grandview 
Church $50 00 

Vancouver Kitsilano 

Church P6 66 

S. S 4 06 

$40 72 


Church „...„ _ $104 13 

W. B. M 206 40 

Church $10 00 


Church _ $214 50 

W. B. M 670 28 




Church $175 00 

Mission Band for boy 20 00 

Y. P. Club 20 00 

Church for Russian Fam. 5 00 
W. Ass'n for Russian Fam. 
10 00 

$230 00 
W. B. M $191 00 

W. B. M „ $20 00 

German Conference 
$1 5 00 

Western Prov. W.B.M. 
W. B. M $52 15 


Mrs. L. B. Carr, Fitch Bay 

- $10 00 

Rev. J. T. and Mrs. Daly, 

Port Hope 15 00 

Miss M. E. Sykes, 
•Worcester, Man 2 00 

W. H. Shapley, Toronto... 25 00 
A Friend, for Dr. Stokey's 

outfit 250 00 

H. Langlois, Toronto 20 00 

A Friend of Chisamba for 

Mr. Steed's salary 1300 65 

A. Watson, Montreal, for 

Rev. J. E. Lloyd 5 00 

J. D. Woltz, Toronto, for 

M. E. M 2 00 

F. H. Littlefield, Toronto, 

for M. E. M 2 00 

W. E. Lyman, Montreal, 

for Currie Institute 1000 00 

J. T. Edwards, Montreal, 

for Currie Institute 26 00 

C. Duff, Hamilton 100 00 

H. M. Peacock, Toronto 10 00 
A Friend, toward Motor- 
Cycle 359 29 

Rev. J. T. Tucker 20 00 

$3,146 94 



Chairman — Charles Gurd, Esq., Montreal. 
Secretary — A. McA. Murphy, 76 Bleury St., Montreal. 
Treasurer — Thomas Moodie, Esq., 30 St. John St., Montreal. 
Term Expires 1924— W. D. Lighthall, Esq., M.A., B.C.L., LL.D., Mont- 
real; Thomas Moodie, Esq., Montreal; T. B. Caldwell, Esq., Lanark, Ont. 
Term Expires 1925 — Charles Gurd, Esq., Montreal; A. McA. Murphy, Esq., 
Montreal; W. H. Miner, Granby. 

Term Expires 1926— J. R. Dougall, Esq., M.A., LL.D., Montreal; Judge 
S. P. Leet, Montreal ; Arthur Congdon, Winnipeg. 

Term Expires 1927 — B. B. Stevenson, Esq., Montreal; Rev. Hugh Pedley, 
B.A., D.D., Montreal; Milliam Rettie. 

Term Expires 1928— T. B. Macaulay, Rev. J. T. Daley, B.A., D.D., Rev. 
G. Ellery Read, D.D. 

The Principal is a Consulting Member. 

Executive Committee — Mr. Gurd (Chairman), Mr. Moodie, Mr. Macaulay, 
Dr. Dougall, Dr. Pedley, Judge Leet, Dr. Lighthall, Mr. B. B. Stevenson, 
Mr. Murphy. The Principal is a Consulting Member. 

House Committee — Mr. Chas. Gurd, Mr. T. Moodie. 
Finance Committee — Messrs. Chas. Gurd, B. B. Stevenson, T. Moodie. 
Trustees of Endowment Fund — Messrs. Chas. Gurd, T. B. Macaulay, 
T. Moodie. 

Officers — Mrs. C. R. Black, Hon. President; Mrs. D. L. Ritchie, Presi- 
dent; Mrs. W. D. Lighthall, First Vice-President; Mrs. W. H. Warriner, Sec- 
ond Vice-President ; Mrs. R. Boyd, Secretary ; Mrs. Chas. Gurd, Treasurer, 
111 The Boulevard, Westmount. 

Committee — Mesdames S. H. C. Miner, H. Pedley, R. W. McLachlan, 
C. Gushing, A. McA. Murphy, John Leshe, T. B. Macaulay, M.D. Falconer, 
M. H. Sanderson, D. S. Higginson, T. W. Jones, N. Driver, B. J. Lazenby, 
and Miss C. Surgeon. 


President— Rty. David Lake Richie, D.D., 60 McTavish St. 

Registrar — Rev. W. Henry Warriner, D.D. , 453 Old Orchard Ave. 

The Governors — Members of the Faculty. 

Representatives of the Congregational Union of Canada — Rev. J. L. 
Alexander, B.D., Rev. George Adam, F. A. Stevenson, D.M.D., W. H. Smith, 

Representatives of the Congregational Union of Nova Scotia and New 
Brunswick — Rev. J. W. Cox, B.A., D.D., Rev. E. J. Thompson. 

Representatives of the Alumni Association — Rev. G. Ellery Read, D.D. ; 
Rev. Herman A. Carson, B.A.,; Rev. G. H. Craik, Rev. T. W. Jones, M.A. 

The Prmcipal and Registrar, together with Rev. Hugh Pedley, D.D., 
J. R. Dougall, Esq., M.A., LL.D., (advisory members.) 

Associate Examiners — Rev. J. T. Daley, D.D., Rev. F. J. Day, D.D., and 
Rev. G. Ellery Read, D.D. 
Librarian — Rev. Prof. W. H. Warriner. 



I give and bequeath to the Treasurer, for the time being, of the Congre- 
gational College of Canada, a body corporate, by Act of Parliament of the 

Province of Canada, A.D. 1864 the sum of 

(either without designation, or "to be added to the Endowment Fund of said 
College") out of my estate without any charge or deduction whatever, to be 
paid with all convenient speed after my decease; and I direct that the receipt 
of the Treasurer, for the time being of the said College, shall be sufficient and 
valid discharge of said legacy. 

Chapter I. 

1. The Corporation shall be called ' ' The Congregational College of 
Canada. ' ' 

2. Its objects shall be the education of ministers of the Gospel and the 
encouragement and inauguration of all desirable educational methods and 
movements, whereby the efficiency of the church may be advanced. 

3. Contributors of two dollars annually to the Funds of the College shall 
be members of the Corporation. A contributor in arrears one year shall not be 
qualified to vote at the meeting of the Corporation, or to exercise his other 
rights of membership. The Treasurer's subscription list shall be taken as 
evidence of contribution, 

4. Churches contributing for the previous year to the current expenses 
of the College the sum of ten dollars and upwards may be represented at the 
meeting of the Corporation by one delegate for each church; those contributing 
twenty-five dollars or upwards for the previous year, by two delegates; and 
those contributing fifty dollars or upwards for the previous year, by three 

5. Persons by whom or on whose behalf one hundred dollars or more 
shall have been contributed at any one time to the funds of the College, may be 
chosen life members of the Corporation. 

6. A regular meeting of the Corporation shall be held annually, for the 
reception of the report of the Governors, the election of a new Board according 
to provisions hereinafter named, and the transaction of other necessary business. 

7. The annual meeting shall be held at the same time and place as the 
Congregational Union of Canada. 

8. Special meetings of the Corporation may be held for the transaction 
of special business at the call of the Board of Governors, or on a requisition to 
that effect to the Chairman of the Board of Governors, signed by at least twenty 
members of the Corporation; provided always that no such special meetings 
be held without one month's notice thereof in an accredited newspaper in 
Toronto and Montreal, and also in the Canadian Congregationalist. 

[^? ' ; i ■ Chapter J I . • 

BOARD OF governors. 

1. A Board of fifteen Governors, having power to choose their own officers, elected from members of the Corporation. Five members of the Board 
shall conptitute a quorum. Honorary Advisory Governors . may be- appointed 
at any annual meeting. Such appointees shall require to have served the. coj:- 
po'-ation at some time as active governors. Such appointments shall be for life. 


2. Three members of the Board shall retire annually, in rotation, but 
shall be eligible for re-election. 

3. The powers and duties of the Board shall be: 

(o) The administration of the property of the College and the manage- 
ment of its finances. 

(6) The appointment and renewal of all ofQcers of the College. 

(c) The general oversight and management of the affairs of the College, 

(d) The presentation of an annual report of the general condition of the 
College to the Corporation at the next regular meeting. 

4. Any member of the Board absent from its meetings for a year shall be 
held ipso facto to have vacated his seat, but may be re-appointed or re-elected 

5. Vacancies in the Board, whether occurring by death or resignation or 
otherwise, may be filled by the Board whenever it may see fit. 

6. It shall be competent for the Board of Governors to appoint annually 
an Executive Committee from its membership, which Committee shall exercise, 
between the meetings of the Board, such powers as may be delegated to it by 
the Board of Governors. 

7. The Board of Governors shall be called together at the close of the 
annual meeting of the Corporation, for organization and other needful busi- 
ness. They shall hold an annual meeting at a convenient time before the annual 
meeting of the Corporation; a special meeting may be called at any time by the 
Chairman and Secretary, or by the Secretary, at the request of five members. 

Chapter III. , 


1. There shall be a Senate composed of — (1) The members of the Board 
of Governors; (2) the Faculty; (3) four representatives chosen annually 
by the Alumni Association ; (4) four representatives chosen annually by 
the Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec; (5) two representatives 
chosen annually by the Congregational Union of Nova Scotia and New Bruns- 
wick. Seven members of the Senate shall constitute a quorum. 

2. The Senate shall frame regulations for and supervise all matters of 
education, honors and discipline. 

3. The Principal shall be a member of the Faculty and ex-officio Presi- 
dent of the Senate. 

4. The Registrar shall be a member of the Faculty and ex-officio Secretary 
of the Senate. 

5. The Senate shall meet annually within one month preceding the close 
of the Session, at the College, in the city of Montreal, and at such other times 
and places as the interests of the College may require, and shall make an annual 
report to the Corporation through the Board of Governors. 

Chapter IV. 


1. The Principal and Professors, with such members of the Senate aa 
from time to time may be appointed by the Board of Governors, constitute 
the Faculty, and as such are entrusted with the educational work of the College 
and the enforcement of its regulations under the direction of the Senate. The 
Principal shall be ex-officio Chairman of the Faculty. 

2. Members of the Faculty must be members of a Congregational Church. 

3. Members of the Faculty shall not be members of the Board of Gover- 
nors, but the Principal shall be a consulting member of the Board of Governors, 
and of standing committees appointed by the Board or the Senate. 


Chapter V. 


1. The Chairman of the Board of Governors shall be Presiding Officer 
of the Corporation. 

2. The President of the Senate shall preside at all public functions of the 

3. The Secretary of the Senate shall be Registrar of the College. , 

Chapter VI. 


Amendments to these By-laws may be made at any regular meeting of the 
Corporation, provided that notice of such amendment has been given at the 
meeting next preceding. 



George, Joseph Henry, M.A. (Victoria), Ph.D. (Boston) 1900 

Warriner, William Henry, M.A. (McGill), D.D. (Victoria), 

Montreal, Que., 1900 

Rowland, Alfred, LL.B. (London) London, Eng., 1902 

Currie, Walter T., B.A. (McGill) Ob 1907 

Hooke, Daniel Burf ord Henleaze, Eng., 1909 

MacCallum, Frederick William, B.A. (McGill) 

Constantinople, Turkey., 1912 

Pedley, Hugh, B.A. (McGill), D.D. (Knox) Ob 1912 

Day, Frank J., M.A. (McGill), B.D., (C.C.C.) Moline, 111., 1915 

Gunn, William T., M.A. (McGill), B.D. (C.C.C.) Toronto, 1915 

Hill, Edvirard Munson, M.A. and D.D. (Beloit) Wayne, Penn., 1915 

Unsworth, Joseph, B.A. (McGill) Nanaimo, 1915 

Pedley, Hilton, B.A. (McGill) Maebashi, Japan, 1917 

Ritchie, David Lakie Montreal, Que., 1917 

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5 5, '"Whyte, George M Berkley, Mass. ..„ „ 1885 

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■ Willett, George Ob 1878 

3 *-' Williams, J. Manville Kettle Falls, Wash 1901 

Wood, John Ob 1851 

Woodley, E. C, M.A Montreal, Que 1902 

J7- Wright, James C. Bluff, Washington 1878 



The Annual Meeting of the Congregational College of Canada was held 
in First Congregational Church, Ottawa on Friday, June 8th, 1923 at 2 p.m. 

Judge S. P. Leet of Montr^l was appointed Chairman of the meeting. 

Mr. Alex. McA. Murphy of Montreal, Secretary of the Board of 
Governors was appointed Secretary of the meeting. 

Rev. Hugh Pedley, D.D. offered prayer. 

The minutes of the last annual meeting upon motion of Rev. T. W. 
Jones, seconded by Rev. Frank Sanders were taken as read and adopted. 

The report of the Board of Governors as presented by the Secretary and 
including reports of the Senate and Librarian read by Dr. W. H. Warriner; 
that of The House Committee read on behalf of Mr. Gurd by the Secretary 
and that of the Treasurer, presented by Mr. Thos. Moodie, upon motion by 
Mr. Alex. McA. Murphy seconded by Rev. Frank Sanders, was unanimously 

A general discussion of the affairs of the College was participated in 
by Rev. Principal D. L. Ritchie, D.D. ; Rev. J. L. Alexander; Rev. Hugh 
Pedley, D.D. ; Rev. T. W. Jones; Rev. Dr. W. H. Warriner, D.D. ; Rev. 
A. F. Pollock ; Rev. Frank Sanders ; Rev. Harold Horsey ; Mr. Johnston of 
Hamilton and Student Smith. 

The sentiments of all the speakers were expressive of appreciation to- 
wards the faculty and the administration. 

It was moved by Mr. Alex McA. Murphy, seconded by Rev. T. W. 
Jones and carried that the matter of an appropriation to the Canadian Con- 
gregationalist be referred to the Board of Governors. 

It was moved by Rev. W. T. Gunn, D.D., seconded by Mr. Johnston of 
Hamilton and carried that Messrs. T. B. Macaulay, and Rev. J. T. Daley, 
D.D., be re-elected governors and that Rev. G. Ellery Read, D.D., of Sher- 
brooks. Que., be elected a Governor in place of Rev. E. LeRoy Rice, retired. 

It was moved by Rev. Principle D. L. Ritchie, D.D. and seconded by 
Rev. J. L. Alexander and carried unanimously that the hearty appreciation 
and affection of the members of the Corporation be conveyed to Mr. Charles 


Gurd, Chairman of the Board of Governors, and that the special thanks of 
the Corporation be tendered him for liis gift of a bursary of one thousand 
dollars ($1,000.00). 

It was moved by Rev. Dr. Warriner, seconded by Rev. Frank Sanders and 
carried that the Principal and Secretary be requested to confer with the 
Union executive with respect to arranging for the annual meeting to be 
held in the morning with a view to securing a larger attendance. 

It was moved by Rev. Principal Ritchie, seconded by Rev. J. L. Alex- 
ander of Hamilton, and unanimously carried that whereas "The Basis of 
Union" provides that all Colleges shall as far as possible sustain the same 
relation to the United Church as under their Charters they now sustain to 
the respective churches until the General Council shall determine otherwise 
and necessary legislation shall give effect to changes made thereby. 

It is hereby resolved— That meanwhile in anticipation of any necessary 
legislation, the Senate, Board of Governors and Corporation of the Con- 
gregational College of Canada in annual meeting assembled at Ottawa, feel 
it to be their duty and privilege while conserving all the interests involved, 
to express their hearty approval of the Union of the Three Churches as set 
forth in the United Church of Canada Bills" and declare their willingness 
to facilitate such further legislation as may be necessary to complete the 
Union of the Colleges as well as of the Churches; and, further — the Board 
of Governors be authorized to take such preliminary steps as may be deemed 
wise and requisite to 'bring about adjustments with sister negotiating Col- 

It was moved by Rev. Dr. Gunn, seconded by Rev. T. W. Jones and 
unanimously carried that the thanks of the Corporation be extended to the 
retiring officers and the faculty for valued- services rendered. 

Rev. Dr. W. T. Gunn offered prayer and pronounced the benediction. 

The Meeting Adjourned. 

Alex. McA. Murphy, 


To The Members of the Corporation, 

The Congregational College of Canada. 

The Board of Governors has pleasure in presenting its annual report 
for 1922-1923, included in which are the annual reports of ; 
The Senate; The Librarian; The House Committee and The Treasurer. 

The year has been eminently satisfactory from the scholastic point of 
view and encouraging though not fully satisfying from the economic 

The co-operating relationships of our College with the sister Colleges 
of the Joint Board of Theological Colleges, Affiliated with McGill Uni- 
versity has continued to be gratifying in both the spirit of fellowship and 
in academic result. 

The support of the Churches is still short of the expectations of the 
Board — though the year shows a few additional enrollments upon the list 
of contributing churches. 

The Board appointed Mr. William Rettie of Emmanuel Church, ^Mon- 
treal as a governor in succession to Mr. A. Huntly Duff, B.A., K.C., — 

The retiring governors are Messrs. T. B. Macaulay; Rev. J. T. Daley, 
D.D.; and Rev. E. LeRoy Rice, B. A. 


The Board recommends, in anticipation of Union with the negotiating 
sister denominations — that at this annual meeting a declaration be made to 
the effect that the members of The Corporation of the Congregational 
College of Canada anticipate with great joy the approaching culmination 
of the negotiations of the past twenty years and express themselves as 
being unreservedly ready to participate in bringing to happy and cordial 
fruition the complete consummation of the hopes and plans of the contract- 
ing denominations. 

The Board, too, recommends that it be entrusted with authority to take 
such preliminary steps as may be deemed wise or requisite to bring about 
adjustments with sister negotiating colleges in the interest of the advance 
of Christian teaching and the cause of Christ and His Churches generally. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Alex. McA. Murphy, 



Session 1922-23 
To the Board of Governors : 
Gentlemen ; 

The following is the report of the Senate on the work of the eighty-third 
session of the College ; 

Roll of Students 

Fifteen students were in residence. Of these five were in the Prepara- 
tory Department, eight were undergraduates in Arts, some of whom also 
attended certain classes in Theology, and two were in the straight theological 

The effect of the great war is still seen in the large proportion of 
students who are yet in the Preparatory or Arts Courses. Only time can 
remedy this. 

We were glad to welcome four new students, one a member of our 
Church at Maxville, who had roomed in the College the previous year and 
was now entering on the second year of his Arts Course. Three came 
from England, under the auspices of the Colonial Missionary Society, and 
through the kind co-operation of the Rev. A. G. Sleep, the Secretary of the 
Society, himself a graduate of this College, acting in association with Dr. 

In addition to the Students in residence, two were admitted to partial 
Courses, three were registered in the B. D. Course, and examinations were 
conducted for three others who were taking the Union Reading Course, 
making in all, twenty-three under the care of the College. 

Maintenance Bursaries 

! The new Maintenance Busaries of $20.00 each, established by the 
Governors from the unused interest of certain scholarships, are made 
available for every student who does his work to the satisfaction of the 
Faculty, to be applied by him toward the $30.00 room rent charged for the 
session. Needless to say, that these have been greatly appreciated by the 
students, all of whom qualified themselves for the Bursary. 


The Charles Gurd Bursary 

The Thanks of the Senate are due to Mr. Charles Gurd, who has again 
shown his great interest in the welfare of our students by the generous 
gift of $1000.00, to found a Bursary, to be named "The Charles Gurd Busary." 

The Co-Operating Colleges 

The number of students of all grades during the past session was 261. 
This, however, includes a number of extra-mural students. Forty-five 
men registered in the post graduate courses. 

At the request of the Department of Graduate Studies of McGill 
University, the Faculty submitted a list of fourteen Theological Courses for 
which credit might be given to men taking the M. A. Course in McGill. 

The Summer School for Rural improvement held last Autumn at 
Macdonald College, was one of the most successful in the series. Ninety 
five persons availed themselves of the privilege, of whom eighty were 
ministers. Arrangements have been made for the coming August. The 
Devotional Studies will be conducted by Dr. Ritchie. It is possible that 
in addition to the Ten-Day School for Rural Improvement, a longer session 
may be held next summer for the study of Theology and Pedagogy. 

An important collection of Oriental Antiquities, known as the Garstang 
Collection, has been secured by the Joint Board of the Co-operating Colleges 
as the neucleus of a Biblical Museum. This will no doubt be added to from 
time to time and will prove an interesting and helpful aid in ministerial 

The Ministers' Week 

In September last, two groups of ministers again assembled for a week of 
devotion and study, under the leadership of Dr. Ritchie. In Ontario, the 
ministers met in Knox Presbyterian College. Toronto, kindly placed, by the 
authorities, at their disposal. The Quebec ministers met in our own College. 
A similar week will be held this coming September. The special study will be 
"The Atonement." 

These gatherings are now aided by the Bible Lectureship Scholarship, 
established some years ago. 

Theological Examinations 

The Christmas and Sessional Examinations were held as usual. The 
men acquitted themselves very creditably. In no instance was there any 

The Rev. T. W. Jones, M. A., Pastor of Calvary Church, Montreal, 
successfully completed the Course for the degree of Batchelor of Sacred 
Theology, which was therefore granted him by the Senate, to be publicly 
conferred at the Convocation, which will be held next October, when the 
Rev. Dr. Selbie, Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford, is expected to be 
present for the Sessional Opening of the Co-operative College. 

University Examinations 

Ten of our Students attended classes in the University, one as a partial 
Student, eight as undergraduates, and one who was taking the course for 
the degree of Master of Arts. 

The lengthening of the University Session has made it impossible for 
us to receive in time for this report the standing of our Students in the 
Sessional Examinations, except as regards the men of the final year. We 
are glad to report that Cecil Humphrey Whitmore, and Stanley Ralph 


Collins graduated Batchelor of Arts at the recent convocation. Mr. Collins 
with Distinction, being awarded a Special Certificate. Mr. Dale Hendry- 
Moore, B.A., was granted the degree of Master of Arts. 

It is encouraging to find as the years go by, that though the number 
of our Students is never large, we do not lack for men of ability and con- 
secration to uphold the tradition of this College as one that maintains a 
high standard of scholarship. 

Church Union 

Our College along with our Churches generally and the other denomina- 
tional Societies, is of course, vitally affected by the proposed organic union 
of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Churches in Canada. 
But the Colleges occupy a somewhat special position because of the different 
relations they maintain to their respective denominations. The basis of 
Union provides that all the Colleges shall, as far as possible, sustain the 
same relationship to the United Church as, under their charter, they now 
sustain to the respective Churches, until the General Council shall determine 
otherwise and necessary legislation shall give effect to changes made 

Meanwhile, and in anticipation of any such legislation, the Senate feels 
it to be both its duty and privilege to express its hearty approval of the 
proposed Union. The experience of the past twelve years during which 
we have in Montreal realized the great advantages accruing from the co- 
operation of Theological Colleges of different denominations in the training 
of men for the ministry, leads us to look most hopefully to the proposed 
union, as it will conduce to the raising of the standard of ministerial 
scholarship, the cultivation of a larger Christian spirit and the supplying 
of qualified men for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom in the world. 

We would, however, remind our Churches that for the present, our 
College in Montreal, is the only one we have, and that it not only affords the 
best means of training men for the ministry in our Churches, but also pro- 
vides the most effective means by which they may enter into the larger 
fellowship of service. There should be no restraining of the hand in 
giving and no slackening of devotion to the College, which for eighty-three 
years has served our Churches so well. 

On behalf of the Senate, 

W. Henry Warriner, 



The Library has continued its quiet and effective service for the 
Professors and Students of our own and the other co-operating Colleges. 
One of the great advantages of the co-operation has been the introduction 
of a uniform system of catalogueing into each College and the formation 
of a common Catalogue at Divinity Hall, making the four libraries available 
for all. 

Thirty-one new books have been added to the library by purchase. 
We also have to thank Dr. J. R. Dougall for about 125 volumes from his own 
library, and Mr. H. W. Barker for a number of volumes. The Rev. A. G. 
Sleep, of London, England, has kindly sent us the New English Congrega- 
tional Quarterly for one year. 

The Librarian gratefully acknowledges the kind co-operation of Student 
Ralph C. Collins, in the care of the Library. 


The Financial Statement for the year ending May 31st, 1923, is as 
follows : — 


Balance from last year - $140 55 

Books resold 1 00 

Interest on Endowment *..- 50 25 

Bank Interest 4 06 

$195 66 


Books and Periodicals 1 10 35 

Office Expenses 80 

Ill IS 

Balance on Hand $ 84.71 

W. Henry Warriner, 



To The Board of Governors, 
Congregational College of Canada. 
Gentlemen ; — 

The House Committee reports that the physical features of the College 
are as satisfactory as could well be in consideration of the age of the 
building and its maintenance resources : 

That the Steward and the Stewardess are gratifyingly capable and agree- 

The Committee views with appreciation the helpful co-operation of 
The Ladies Auxiliary — and recommends the re-appointment, by request of 
the ladies, of the present members with the addition of Mesdames, D. S. 
Higginson, T. W. Jones, N. Driver and Lazenby. 

The committee expresses warm appreciation of the support and co- 
operation of Principal Ritchie whose zeal and energy are such as to 
greatly relieve the committee from responsibility and loss of time. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Charles Gurd, 



Your Treasurer has to report a fairly good year. The Receipts on a/c of 

Revenue were only short of Expenditure by $2.98, increasing last years 

deficit by that much. 

42 Ontario Churches remitted $1434 35 last year 48 Churches $1342 53 

16 Quebec " " 1630 13 " " 16 " 1615 72 

15 Maritime " " 132 40 " " 17 " 184 95 

7 North West " " 83 63 " " 7 " 281 50 

80 Churches " $3280 51 " " 88 " $3424 70 

Mrs. Miner $1800 00 

$5080 51 
U. S. Old College Boy 15 00 

$5095 51 


The Churches in Ontario remitting the largest amounts were 
Hamilton 1st, $330.00; Lanark $125.00; Brantford $125.00; Guelph $100.00. 
In Quebec, Montreal Emmanuel $751.00; Sherbrooke $222.00; Montreal 
Calvary $180.31 ; Granby $123.32. 

This year it was decided to re-arrange the Bursaries. Most had an 
amount to their Credit which would never be used, so some were 
increased in amount, yielding a larger annual prize and others the 
amounts were used to create two New Bursaries, one called the Main- 
tenance, yielding $20.00 a year to help pay the room rent of all Students 
attaining a certain standard, the other, Minister's College Week to help 
pay the lectureship and expenses. 

The Smart Estate is being slowly disposed of. So far it has taken 
nearly all the receipts to pay expenses. 

The Neamton Property has been disposed of with a loss amounting 
to $3,932,55. This is practically the only loss we have had on the 
investments in over 30 years. 

The Endowment Fund shows a decrease of $1,040.80 in the Assets. 

The Investments are all in good shape. 

The Statements duly audited are herewith presented. 

Thos. Moodie, Treasurer. 

p.S. — Since closing the books I have received from our Chairman, 
Mr. Charles Gurd, his cheque for one thousand dollars, to create the 
"Charles Gurd Bursary." The Bursary to be at the Principal's decision. 

Thomas Moodie. 

Balance from last year - $ 1,592 99 

Interest and Dividends $8,873 41 

Less Outstanding 640 00 

8,233 41 

Subscription Interest - 17 68 

Collections 5,095 51 

Room Rent....„ 290 00 

McGill Fees Refund 53 60 

Smart Estate Sales „ ! 3,987 14 

$ 19,270 33 


Teaching Account $ 7,828 50 

Students - 1,978 72 

Buildings „. 1,485 87 

Management ~ » 1,513 69 

Interest 136 90 

Prizes and Bursaries 342 50 

Y. P. S. Lectureship . 104 00 

Maintenance . 120 00 

Ogilvie Milling Co .._ » 43 32 

Smart Estate Taxes 798 63 

Neamton Property Taxes ™ _ 162 73 

Loan from Endowment Fund _ 1,653 28 

C. P. F. S. on Account Loans 362 98 

Loan Repaid 2,000 00 

Balance „ „ 739 21 

$ 19,270 33 




Interest from Endowment Fund $ 8,610 91 

on Subscriptions ~ ' 17 68 

$ 8,628 59 

Collections, Ontario - $ 1,434 35 

Quebec 3,430 13 

Maritime - 132 40 

North West _ 83 63 

United States - -... 15 00 

5,095 51 

Room Rent 290 00 

McGill Fees Refund : 53 60 

$ 14.067 70 
Balance 3,709 92 

$ n;]n 62 


Deficit from last year $ 3,706 94 


Principal Ritchie „.... $ 3,500 00 

Professor Warriner „ 3,000.00 

Preparatory Class 375 00 

McGill Fees — 953 50 

7,828 50 


Proportion Maintenance _ 1,978 72 

College Buildings 

Proportion Maintenance.. 



Insurance :. 


■ Office Expenses..... 
Union Guarantee.. 


500 00 

494 59 

145 68 

345 60 


592 29 

200 00 

700 00 

21 40 


Library $ 50 25 

C.P.F.S » ™ 200 68 

Mortgage _ _ 86 65 


Y.P.S ~ $ 200 00 

Mrs. M. McKechnie „ ....- 120 00 

1,485 87 

1,513 69 

Z2,7 58 

320 00 

Prizes and Bursaries _ ~ ~ 563 00 

Ogilvie Milling Co. S. F 43 32 

$ \7,777 62 





Cash Balance Last Year $ 2,627 71 

Loan to Current account repaid _ 1,653 28 

Mortgages repaid „ 5,500 00 

Legacy Mrs. Stibbs 500 00 

Neamton Property Sold 3,600 00 

Colonial Investment & Loan Co 120 00 

Zion Memorial Bursary 250 00 

Danville, Urbana C. R. Bonds 7,000 00 

Ogilvie Milling Co. S. F 43 32 

Bursaries 1,616 75 

$ 22,911.06 


Mortgages $ 9,000 00 

Neamton Property Expenses 2,532 55 

Balance 1 1 ,378 5 1 

$ 22,911.06 


Mortgages $ 72.000 00 

2,400 00 

325 00 

130 00 

.. ...- 2,000 00 

3,980 00 

12,643 35 

Illinois Traction Co. 6% Pref., 

Illinois Traction Co., Common _.. 

Colonial Invest. & Loan Co 

Dominion Textile Co. 6% Bonds 

Montreal Light, Heat & Povi^er Co. 5 % . 
Dominion Coal Co. 7% Pref 

Ogilvie Milling Co. 6% Bonds „ 12,454 83 

Dominion War Loan 5^% Bonds.. 

Jacksonville Railvi^ay & Light Co., 5% Bonds 

Bloomington, Decateur & C. Railway 5% Bonds.„ 

Bank of Montreal Stock 

Montreal Tramways Co. 5% Debentures 

Laurentide Co. Stock 

Cash in Banks „ 

Assets, 1922.. 

4,955 40 

4,500 00 

1,000 00 

7,805 50 

1,492 00 

1,000 00 

11,378 51 

$ 138.064 59 

139,105 39 

1,040 80 



Audited anJ found correct, 

Montreal, 3rd June, 1923. 





Barrie $ 10 

Brantford _ 125 

Burford 10 

Cobourg „ 85 

Coldsprings 10 

Embro 12 

Forest Central 13 

" Lake Shore :'. 9 

" Plympton „ 3 

Frome _. 20 

Garafraxa 3 

Guelph 100 

Hamilton 1st 330 

" Immanuel 5 

Kingston 1st 20 

Bethel 24 

" Calvary IS 

Lanark 125 

London 1st 20 

London-Southern 6 

Maxville 52 

Middleville 12 

Hopetown _... 4 

Rosetta 5 

New . Durham _ 10 

Ottawa 1st 50 

Ottawa Wei. Zion 25 

Scotland 18 

Sherkston „ 25 

Stratford 35 

Toronto Bond 25 

" United » 61 

Birchcliff „ 25 

" Broadview 75 

Bloomingdale 12 

West Montrose „.... 1 

Freeport 6 

Zion „ _ - 10 

Low Banks 10 

Elcho 2 

Diltz Road - 2 

Bethel 3 

2 Personals 15 


Ayer's Cliff 45 

Brigham ™_ 13 

Cowansville 22 

Danville 35 

Farnham Centre 5 

Fitch Bay 28 

Granby — 123 

Melbourne 25 


Montreal Emmanuel 751 00 

00 " Calvary „„ 180 31 

00 " Pt. St. Charles... 20 00 

00 " Amherst Pk 20 00 

00 " Crystal Springs... 15 00 

50 Sherbrooke .;„„ 222 00 

50 Stanstead South 25 00 

00 Personal W. H. Miner 100 00 


00 $1,630 13 

02 Mrs. S. H. C. Miner 1,800 00 


00 $3,430 13 


00 Maritime. 

00 Baker's Settlement „... 1 OS 

28 Brooklyn 8 25 

00 Chebogue 7 00 

00 Keswick Ridge 16 00 

26 Kingsport : 10 06 

25 Liverpool 10 00 

50 Margaree 8 OO 

09 Milton ..„ 7 10 

80 Noel 5 00 

29 South Maitland 2 30 

00 Lower Selma 5 00 

00 Pleasant River „ 1 71 

00 Hemford 3 50 

25 Sheffield 22 60 

00 Yarmouth - 2Q 00 

00 Union N.S. & N. B 4 83 


55 $ 132 40 


27 North West. 

58 Victoria. B.C 10 00 

80 Vancouver 1st 24 40 

00 Carlton Union Sask 7 00 

00 Kitsilano, B.C 10 00 

00 Westerham Leader 7 25 

00 Walsh, Alta 5 70 

25 Russo-German 19 28 


00 $ 83 63 

— United States. 

35 - 15 00 

00 Recapitulation. 

00 Ontario $1,434 35 

00 Quebec „ - 3,430 13 

50 Maritime _ 132 40 

00 North West....„ ::. 83 63 

00 United States 15 00 


00 $5,095 51 




The Seventy-Six Annual Meeting was held in the Beach Meadows 
Church, commencing on Wednesday, July 6th. 

The Chairman of the Union, Rev. C. T. Tavener, presided, and Messrs. 
Dale H. Moore and Ralph Barker were appointed minute secretaries. 

A cordial address of welcome was extended to the visitors by Rev. 
Geo. W. Ball, acting pastor at Beach Meadows, and responded to by J. W. 
Flewwelling, of St. John, for the delegates. 

"Living Issues" was the title of an address given by the retiring chair- 
man, Rev. Campbell Tavener, of Lower Selmah. 

On Thursday morning. Rev. J. L. Alexander conducted the openmg 
devotional service. 

The roll call showed that delegates were present from all but one church 
in the Union. 

The following were elected as honorary members : Rev. W. T. Gunn, 
D.D., Toronto; Rev. J. L. Alexander, Hamilton; Rev. T. W. Jones, West- 
mount; Rev. T. C. Crosby, Wilmot; Rev. Horace Peckover, Brooklyn. 

The secretary reported 17 churches connected with the Union, with 
about 700 members. Value of property, $85,000.00, all clear of indebtedness. 
$9,000.00 raised during year for local church purposes, and over $2,000.00 
for benevolent purposes. Sunday schools report 500 members enrolled, while 
young people's societies have 228 members. 

The treasurer reported total receipts $1,034.23, and a balance on hand of 

Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows : Chairman for 
1924, Rev. Geo. W. Ball, Liverpool, N.S. ; Secretary, J. W. Flewwelling, St. 
John, N.B., ; Treasurer, A. E. Williams, Yarmouth, N.S. 

Rev. Churchill Moore of Keswick Ridge, N.B., was received into 
membership by letter of transfer from the Quebec Association. 

One of the most important matters dealt with by the Union was the 
Church Union Resolution. In introducing this, Mr. Flewwelling briefly 
outlined the history of the movement. A. E. Williams also spoke of some 
of the results which would follow the consummation of Church Union. 

The resolution which was unanimously adopted, approves of the basis of 
union and provides for the procuring of necessary legislature in order to 
effect and consummate the union of the three bodies. 

"Christianity and the Social Consciousness" was the subject of an in- 
structive address given by Rev. J. W. O'Brien, of Yarmouth. 

An address was given by Dale H. Moore, of Sheffield, N.B., entitled, 
"The Value of the Churches to the College." The speaker made a strong 
plea to the churches to be on the lookout for j'oung men to enter the 
college as students for the ministry. 

A stirring address on work among young people was given by Rev. J. 
Lambert Alexander, of Hamilton, Chairman of the Congregational Union of 


The Budget for Home and Foreign Missions was discussed, and it was 
decided to ask the churches to raise $1,400.00 for denominational purposes. 

Rev. Campbell Tavener was appomted representative on the Maritime 
Religious Work Council. 

An invitation from the church in Keswick Ridge, N.B., to meet there in 
1924 was accepted. 

A statement prepared by the Forward Movement Executive Secretary, 
H. W. Barker, showed that the churches of this Union had subscribed 
$4,553.54 to this fund, of which $4,263.57 had been paid. 

On Sunday morning, the Union Sermon was delivered by Rev. J. M. 
Hooker, of Pleasant River. The observance of the Lord's Supper followed, 
Rev. Geo. W. Ball, presiding. 

Rev. T. W. Jones, of Westmount, gave an eloquent address at the 
Young People's meeting in the afternoon on, "The Privileges and Responsi- 
bilities of these Wonderful Days." The speaker made an earnest appeal to 
his hearers to accept responsibility for service through the church. 

At the closing session a large audience gathered to hear Rev. W. T. 
Gunn, D.D., of Toronto, General Secretary of the denomination. 

The thanks of the Union were extended to the friends in Beach Meadows 
for their kindness in providing entertainment, and the meeting adjourned to 
convene in Keswick Ridge, in 1924. 





Honorary President : — Mrs. M. M. Savage, 61 Guilbault Street, Montreal. 

President: — Mrs. Thos. H. Hill, 43 Tecumseh Avenue, London. 

Vice-President-at-large : — Acting President, Mrs. C. R. Crowe, 284 Wool- 
wich Street, Guelph. 

Vice-Presidents (Ex-Officio) : — The Presidents of the Branches. 

Recording Secretary : — Miss Laura M. Miatt, 63 Forest Hill Road, 

Secretary and Editor of "Monthly Leaflet": — Miss Effie A. Jamieson, 
137 Confederation Life Building Toronto. 

Treasurer:— Mrs. M. H. Haight, 18 Boswell Avenue, Toronto. 

Superintendents and Conveners, 1923-1924 : — ■ 
Home Missions, Miss Katherine M. Lighthall, Emmanuel Church, Montreal ; 
Foreign Missions Supplies, Miss E. E. Snarr, 60 St. Mary Street, Toronto; 
Literature, Mrs. W. G. Anderson, 387 Glencairn Avenue, Toronto ; Mission- 
ary Pleading, Mrs. Peter Munro, Maxville, Ont. ; Baby Bands, Mrs. Edgar 
Eddy, 9 Duggan Avenue, Toronto ; Mission Bands, Mrs. D. McEwen, Max- 
ville, Ont. ; Mission Circles, Mrs. Robert Wightman, 6 Montclair Avenue, 
Toronto ; Associate Members, Miss Helen M. Wright, 34 McGill College 
Avenue, Montreal ; Librarian, Miss Margaret Moodie, 157 Northclif f Avenue. 
N. D. G., Montreal; Systematic Giving, Mrs. A. J. Heath, 381 Westhil! 
Avenue, Montreal, Quebec ; Labrador Supplies, Miss Mary Allen, 13 Cumber- 
land Street, Toronto ; Prayer Union, Mrs. J. T. Daley, Port Hope, Ont. ; 
Publications Committee, Miss Muriel Wilson, Montreal ; Finance Committee, 
Mrs. John Wickson, 40 Wychwod Park, Toronto. 

Finance Committee : — Mrs. John Wickson, Mrs. Walter E. Booth, 
Toronto, Miss L. Silcox, Toronto, with the Board Treasurer, the Branch 
Treasurer and the President and Secretary, ex-officio. 

Library Committee : — Miss Margaret Moodie, Librarian, Miss Eva War- 
riner, Mrs. Eraser Gurd, Mrs. E. C. Woodley, all of Montreal. 

Business Committee : — Mrs. W. D. Lighthall, Calvary Church, Montreal. 

Resolutions Committee :— Mrs. John Leslie, 4270 Western Avenue, West- 
Mount, Quebec. 


The Thirty-seventh Annual Meeting of the Canada Congregational 
Woman's Board of Missions, convened in Stratford Church on Tuesday, 
Wednesday and Thursday, May 29th, 30th and 31st, 1923. 

There were officers, delegates, life members and visiting friends 


The Executive met on Tuesday afternoon, from 3 to 6 o'clock. 

The Opening Meeting on Tuesday evening was the Young People's 
Session, with the Vice-President, Mrs. Crowe, presiding. The Girls' Mis- 
sion Circles of Stratford, assisted by Scripture reading, the rendering of a 
chorous and a duet. Miss Sibyl Hosking, under appointment to Angola as 
a Nurse, gave an address — "My Missionary Purpose". Mrs. Robert Wight- 
man of Toronto, the new Superintendent of Girls' Circles, was the second 
speaker of the evening, her subject; "Heroines of the Cross". The Presi- 
dent, Mrs. Hill, also spoke a few words to the young people. 


The opening Session on Wednesday morning was led in devotions by 
the President, Mrs. Thomas Hill, whose message was a challenge to greater 

On recommendation of the Executive, Mrs. W. G. Martin of Brantford, 
and Miss Lighthall of Montreal were appointed Minute Secretaries and the 
various Committees for the Convention were chosen. 

The reports of the Superintendents were presented and were full of 
cheer, good work accomplished, with desire for better service still, in the 
future. The Home Mission Supplies had the best report ever presented. 
Foreign Mission Supplies had an inspiring report, for in addition to the 
usual supplies, the equipment for the new Hospital at Chisamba had been 
sent out. There were also much inspiration in the reports of the depart- 
ments among the chi\dren and the young people. Thus throughout, the 
work of the Board in all departments, progress was noted and optimism pre- 

The address of welcome in the afternoon was presented by Mrs. G. 
A. Mackenzie, and was most cordial, as with much warmth of expression 
she bade the Board and its members welcome to Stratford Church and 
homes. This was followed by the Annual Address of the President, Mrs. 
Hill, letters of greeting from former workers, Mrs. M. M. Savage and 
Miss Edith Clark, were read and reciprocal messages ordered sent to these 
leaders who had served the Board so well in the past. 

The Secretary's report covered the work of the year, new Departments 
had been established and gave promise of much service for the future, there 
had been growth in organization, especially among the children. Baby Bands, 
Mission Bands and also some organization of Girl's Circles among the young 
ladies and senior girls. The staff of Missionaries had grown to nine workers 
and with the appointment of Miss Hosking, we have a staff of ten workers. 

The Treasurer's report was presented by Mrs. Haight. Even though we 
had not attained our objective and had been compelled to close the year 
with a deficit in our pledged work of $624.00, still there was cause for grati- 
tude that we had gifts approximating $15,145.05, the largest sum ever raised 
by the Board. The budget for next year, $17,700.00, was accepted with enthu- 
siasm and a grim determination to this time attain the objective. 

The periods of worship were conducted by Miss Silcox and Mrs. 
Boehmer and followed the thought of our need of God and God's need 
of us, God our Sufficiency, we His co-workers. These thoughts seem 
to permeate all our Sessions and gave courage to face cheerfully the 
greater work which lies just ahead. 

Greetings were sent to our Missionaries in their far off Field, great 
pleasure was expressed at the presence with us of Aliss Diadem Bell, one 
of the Senior missionaries, whose addresses were a matter of much in- 
spiration to all. She spoke on the supbjects of "Changing Womanhood" and 
"The Native Church in Angola." 

The important matter of action to be taken in order to bring our 
Board into line for Church Union, was presented, and by an overwhelming 
majority it was voted that we authorize the Congregational Union of 
Canada to act for u in the coming legislation covering Church Union, thus 
bringing ourselves in line for the new United Church. 

The Executive presented for consideration of the Board members, the 
suggestion that we approach the Woman's Board of the Interior, offering 
if the Mission approved, to take over Means School for Girls at Dondi, the 
funds to be raised by a special campaign among the women of our churches. 



It was agreed that the Executive should be empowered to continue nego- 
tiations and to proceed with this matter should an answer in the affirmative 
be received. 

One very happy Session was the last afternoon, when after an open 
Conference on Methods, the Baby Band and Mission Band hour was held, 
Mrs. Hill giving an address to the babies and mothers and Miss Bell to 
the Mission Band. A programme of songs and pageants was presented 
by the children. 

This year there was established the custom of having a Communion 
Service, the Pastor of the Church, Rev. G. A. Mackenzie administered the 
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper on Wednesday evening. This service 
will be continued from year to year. 

At the closing Session, the President presided, devotional period was 
taken by Mrs. F. A. Steven of London, Mrs. Ira W. Pierce, of Cranby, 
addressed the meeting on the subject of "Life Contrasts in Christian and 
Mohammedan Faiths", and Miss Bell gave the closing address, and Rev. 
G. A. Mackenzie pronounced the benediction. 

A cordial invitation was received from Emmanuel Church, Montreal, 
to meet with them next year and the invitation was gratefully accepted. 

For Year Ending May 15th, 1923. 
Balance on Hand, May 15th, 1922- 

Special Funds $ 2,724.47 

Less General Fund Deficit 98.94 

Guelph Branch „ $ 882.99 

London Branch , ' 1,458.62 

Alaritime Branch _ 886.11 

Ottawa Branch .,_ 1,513.30 

Paris Branch 1,282.17 

Quebec Branch 3,483.64 

Toronto Branch 3,784.93 

West Branch 1,433.33 

Miscellaneous 420.46 

$ 2,625.53 



General Expenses : 

Annual and Executive meetings, Bank charges, 
Office rent, printing and stationery, publications, 
Secretary's salary and travelling, Baby Band 
Expenses $ 3,055.99 

Foreign : 

Missionaries' Salaries, annuities, house funds, 
travelling, depuation work of Miss Bell, etc. $ 6,829.14 
Africa, Education of Boys and Girls, native 
teachers, Hospital supplies, balance of un- 
dertaking for new Hospital, etc., etc 2,472.10 


114 congrega'-ional year book 

Special : 

Zululand, South Africa $ 103.00 

India 175.31 

China 209.00 

South and Central America 39.44 

Miscellaneous, including Federated Fees, Ar- 
menian Relief, grant to Board Library, etc. 165.50 


Home Mission grant to C.C.M.S., including 

Foreign and New Work in the West $ 1,500.00 

Labrador _ 129.25 

Northwest Medical Supplies. 15.45 

Special Funds on hand $ 3,701.16 

Less Pledged work deficit 624.26 








Chairman — Charles Gurd, Esq. 

Deputy Chairman — Arthur Birks, Esq. 

Secretary — W. H. Black, Esq., Bell Telephone Co., Montreal. 

Treasurer — Thomas Moodie, Esq., 30 St. John Street, Montreal. 

Auditor — John Anderson, Esq. 

Board of Directors — Mr. S. H. Alexander, Hamilton, Mr. W. E. Booth, 
Toronto, Mr. Arthur Birks, Mr. W. H. Black, Mr. Chas. Gurd, Dr. W. D. 
Lighthall, Mr. T. B. Macaulay, Mr. Thos. Moodie, Mr. A. McA. Murphy, 
Mr. W. A. Wood, Montreal. 
Member of Conditional Gifts Committee — Mr. Thos. Moodie. 

W. & 0. Branch, 5 Annuitants 

Mrs. Jane Peacock, Mrs. M. E. Sanderson, Mrs. M. B. Bolton, Mrs. E. 
M. Hobbs, Mrs. C. E. Margrett. 



W. T. Gunn, D.D. Rev. A. E. Mann 

G. EUery Read, D.D. 

' James Plant 

T. A. Munroe. 

' I. W. Pierce 

J. Lambert Alexander ' 

' T. W. Jones, B.D. 

R. Wilson Carr ' 

' W. H. Warriner, D.D 

A. E. Teale 

' A. F. Pollock 

Frank Sanders ' 

' J. W. Newbery 

J. T. Tucker 

' T. DeC. Rayner 


Reuben Hall 

' P. V. Sampson 


A. L. Richards ' 

' M. H. Sanderson 

G. F. Kelly 

' J. Arthur Steed 

J. T. Dalev, D.D. 

' W. Cox 

H. J. Horsey 

' M. T. Walker 

G. H. Craik 

' J. A. Hochstatter 

G. W. Ball 

H. D. Whitmore . 

' W. H. Thomas 

Rev J. G. Hindley Rev. W. E. Gilroy 

H. J. Kilbourn 

Prof. E. A. Cook 




One Annuitant, Rev. Hugh Pedley, D.D. 


Rev. W. T. Gunn, D.D. 

" G. Ellery Read, D.D. 

" T. A. Munroe 

" J. Lambert Alexander 

" G. W. Ball 

" A. E. Teale 

" Frank Sanders 

" J. T. Tucker 

" E. J. Thompson 

" T. W. Jones, B.D. 

" Chas. Gushing 

" J. T. Daley, D.D. 

" M. Kelly 

" H. J. Horsey 

" G. H. Craik 

" John Lyall 

" A. E. Mann 

" H. D. Whitmore 

" J. E. Lloyd 

Rev. James Plant 

" G. F. Kelly 

" W. H. Thomas 

" W. H. Warriner, D.D. 

" A. T. Pollock 

" J. W. Newbery 

" R. Wilson Carr 

" P. V. Samson 

" W. H. Sanderson 

" J. Arthur Steed 

" W. Cox 
Dr. Reuben Hall 
Rev. E. G. Warren 

" H. N. Jackson 
Mrs. W. T. Currie 
Miss H. J. Melville 

" M. W. Melville 

" Diadem Bell 



General By-laws 

i. — membership 

1. As Beneficiary Members — Ministers duly received by the Society 
through either of the branches hereinafter mentioned, and retaining their 
membership in connection with either fund in accordance with its by-laws. 

2. As Life Members — Any person not being Beneficiary Members, 
who shall have paid to the fund Twenty Dollars at one time. 

3. As Annual Members — Churches collecting for the fund, to be 
represented at the annual meeting, or at any special meeting held in the 
year following the payment of their collection, by one delegate, who shall 
not be a Beneficiary Member. 


1. Any Congregational Minister in Canada who is in good standing 
in the denomination and the Pastor of a Congregational Church or a 
Missionary of the Canada Congregational Foreign Missionary Society, 
or a Professor in the Congregational College of Canada, may be admitted 
as a Beneficiary Member of either branch of the fund by a majority of 
four-fiifths of the Directors present at any meeting of the Board. 

2. Before confirming the admission of any applicants, the Board of 
Directors may, if they think it necessary, make enquiries concerning their 
general health; and if the result of their enquiries proves unsatisfactory 
the Directors may either decline to confirm the reception, or require 
such additional remuneration as, in their opinion, would be sufficient to 
cover the extra risk. 



1. Any Beneficiary Member, not an annuitant, ceasing to reside in 
Canada, shall thereby lose beneficiary claim on either fund, but the 
amount of his annual subscription to the Widows' and Orphans' Fund 
shall be placed to the credit of his family, under the condition of Article 
No. XII., then to accumulate with interest at the rate of six per cent, 
per annum until his death, when it shall be paid to such person or per- 
sons as may be lawfully entitled to receive it. Beneficiary members of 
the Retiring Ministers' Branch, ceasing to reside in Canada, shall cease 
to have beneficiary claim, but may, in special cases, receive relief from 
the fund to the amount of their subscriptions to the fund. 

2. Any Beneficiary Member leaving the Ministry or the denomina- 
tion shall thereby forfeit all claim upon the fund, unless he has been a 
member for ten years; but after having paid ten years' annual subscrip- 
tions he shall have the privilege of withdrawing from the Society, and 
receiving as surrender value of his claim on its fund, an amount based 
upon the reasons of his withdrawal, as follows: If he leaves the coun- 
try, but not the ministry of the denomination, he shall be paid three- 
fourths of the total amount of his annual subscriptions; if he enters the 
ministry of another denomination, he shall receive one-half of the total 
subscriptions paid; if he leaves the ministry, he shall be entitled to two- 
fifths of the total subscriptions paid. But no member shall be entitled 
to receive anything from the Society if he was not in good standing in 
the Congregational Union of Canada at the time of his withdrawal from 
the denomination or ministry. 

3. Any Beneficiary Member who may have been connected with the 
Society, as such, for a period of not less than five years, and who has 
paid all his annual premiums may, if he so desires, withdraw his mem- 
bership from the Society, and claim a refund of two-fifths of the amount 
of the premiums paid in by him, if wife is still living. 


1. Any member returning to Canada (if permitted to resume his 
connection with the Widows' and Orphans' Branch) shall pay all arrears 
and an additional rate of 20 cents per annum for each year of his ab- 
sence, and the amount accumulated to the credit of his family shall 
relapse to the fund. 

2. Any member resuming his connection with the Retiring Minis- 
ters' Branch shall do so on conditions to be arranged by the Directors. 


1. An annual meeting of the Society shall be held at the same time 
and place as that of the Congregational Union of Canada, at which a 
report from the Directors and the Treasurer's accounts shall be pre- 
sented, Directors elected for the ensuing year and any other general 
business of the Society transacted. 

2. Special meetings of the Society may be held at its pleasure, 
expressed at any meeting thereof, or at the call of the Directors. 

3. Beneficiary Members, in connection with either branch of the 
Fund, shall be entitled to attend and vote at all meetings of the Society. 

4. In case of a division, a majority of two-thirds shall be necessary 
to constitute a vote. 



1. The funds of the Society shall be held and managed by a Board 
of ten Directors (five to form a quorum), eight residing in or near the 
City of Montreal, to be elected annually by the Society. 

2. The Directors, when elected, shall, from their own numbers, 
choose a Chairman, Deputy-Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary, and 
may make such standing rules for their own guidance (not being incon- 
sistent with the Act of Incorporation and its amendments or by-laws), 
as they may deem needful, subject to the approval of the Society at the 
next annual meeting. 

3. They shall also have power to fill vacancies in their own num- 
ber, shall be eligible for re-election, and shall hold office until their suc- 
cessors are appointed and assume their duties. 


1. The funds of the Society shall be derived from Annual Church 
Collections, Subscriptions, Donations and Legacies, the rates paid by 
Beneficiairy Members, and the proceeds of investments. 

2. The amount received for Church Collections, or otherwise con- 
tributed for the general purposes of the Society, shall be divided between 
the Branches at the discretion of the Board ; but money contributed from 
any source, and especially designated for either Branch, shall be so 

3. The Funds shall be invested only in undoubted securities to be 
held on the Society's behalf by the Chairman or Deputy-Chairman and 
the Treasurer, in the name of the Incorporated Society. 

4. Any investments or transfers from one investment to another 
shall be made only by vote of the Board. 

5. The Treasurer shall give such security to the Board for the 
funds in his possession as they may from time to time require. 


In the case of any dispute arising between Beneficiary Members or 
Annuitants and the Directors of the Society, each party shall choose an 
arbitrator, and these, if necessary, an umpire, whose decisions shall be 


The amount of the rates of premiums and annuities shall be re- 
considered at each fifth annual meeting, reckoning from that held in 
1863, and should any re-adjustment be needed such re-adjustment shall 
not be deemed to be a violation of good faith by any parties whatsoever. 


The By-laws of the Society may be enacted, amended or repealed at 
any annual meeting, provided that notice to such effect has been given at 
the previous annual meeting. But this shall not apply to the case pro- 
vided for in By-law IX. 


Widows' and Orphans' Branch 
xi. — beneficiary subscriptions 
The following shall be the scale of rates, payable annually, by Bene- 
ficiary Members of the Widows' and Orphans' Branch: — 

1. By those received under thirty years of age, and by Alumni of 
the Congregational College of Canada, subscribing within twelve months 
from the date of their ordination, Ten Dollars. 

2. By those received over thirty and under forty years of age, 
Twelve Dollars. 

3. By those received over forty and under fifty years of age, Four- 
teen Dollars. 

4. By those received over fifty and under sixty years of age, Six- 
teen Dollars. 

5. By those received over sixty years of age, such a special rate 
as may be agreed to by the Society. 

6. All subscriptions to be payable semi-annually on the 1st of Janu- 
ary and July, and if not paid within three months, to be subject to a 
fine of $1. If not paid within twelve months, due notice having been 
given by the trustees, the minister so in arrears shall be held to have 
withdrawn from connection with the fund. 

7. Any Beneficiary Member, who shall have paid thirty annual 
premiums, according to the above assessment, shall be exempt from fur- 
ther subscriptions, and shall maintain his status as a Beneficiary as 


There shall be paid from the funds of the Society to the families of 
the Beneficiary Members the following annuities: — 

1. To their Widows for life, or until re-marriage. Two Hundred 
and Fifty Dollars per annum. 

2. To their Widows for each Son under the age of sixteen years, 
and for each Daughter under eighteen years Thirty-five Dollars, but 
Seventy Dollars for the youngest child. 

3. To Guardians on behalf of Orphans, Seventy Dollars for the 
youngest and Forty-five Dollars for each other child, and two-thirds of 
what would have been payable to the Mother had she not deceased, until 
they attain the ages mentioned in the preceding section, provided, never- 
theless, that the Directors shall have power to delay such payments to 
Guardians until they are satisfied that they will be properly applied. 

4. It shall be competent for the Society, on recommendation of the 
Directors, to continue an annuity to an Orphan by special annual grant 
beyond the period named in Article 2, should there be special reasons 
for so doing. 

Retiring Ministers' Branch 
XIII. — beneficiary subscriptions 
The following shall be the scale of rates, payable annually, by Bene- 
ficiary Members of the Retiring Ministers' Branch: — 

1. By those received under thirty years of age, and by Alumni of 
the Congregational College of Canada, subscribing within 12 months 
from the date of their ordination. Four Dollars per annum. 

2. Those received over 30 and under 35 years of age, Five Dollars 
per annum. 

3. Those received over 35 and under 40 years of age, Six Dollars 
per annum. 

4. Those received over 40 and under 45 years of age, Seven Dollars 
per annum. 


5. Those received over 45 and under 50 years of age, Eight Dollars 
per- annum. 

6. Ministers over 50 years of age shall be received only on such 
terms as the Directors may agree to. 

7. Ministers who may pay at once, or for whom may be paid by 
their Churches or by others, a sum equal to the amount of fifteen years' 
purchase, according to the age rate indicated above, may become Bene- 
ficiary Life Members. ^ 


1. Beneficiary Members of this Branch having attained the age of 
65 years and having been compelled to resign the active duties of the 
ministry, shall be entitled to an annuiry of $250 for life, payable quar- 
terly, from the Retiring Ministers' Fund; but should there be any good 
or sufficient reason why it should not be paid — of which reason the So- 
ciety shall be the sole and sufficient judge — it shall not be paid, anything 
in these by-laws to the contrary notwithstanding. 

2. It shall be competent for the Society, on recommendation of the 
Directors, to increase the annuity for any Beneficiary Member by a spe- 
cial or annual grant, not exceeding the sum of $100 per annum addi- 
tional, and said grant may be made for life, by reg^ular vote, after 12 
months' notice given at any annual meeting of the Society. 

3. Should the income of either the Retiring Ministers' or Charitable 
Fund not be sufficient for the payment of annuities for which it is liable, 
it shall be right and proper for the Society to make such reduction, pro 
rata, on all annuities as will cover the deficiency, anything in these by- 
laws to the contrary notwithstanding. — See By-law XVI., Clause 2. 


1. The proportion of Fellowship Branch Subscriptions, Donations, Leg- 
acies, and Church Collections available shall be placed to the credit of an 
account to be called the Fellowship Branch , until the sum of One Thousand 
Dollars is secured, the interest of which only shall be available for 
grants or annuities. 

2. After $1,000 is secured, one-half of said Subscriptions, Collec- 
tions, etc., shall be reserved to constitute an Endowment Fund, until 
the sum of $5,000 has been secured. 

3. The other half with the proportion of interest due to this ac- 
count, shall be available for grants or annuities; but should the income 
in any year exceed the disbursements of that year, the Surplus, after 
allowing a small balance for contingencies, shall be added to the En- 


1. The Society may, from the Fellowship Branch Fund, make special or 
annual grants to any aged or infirm Congregational Minister laboring in 
Canada, though not a Beneficiary Member. 

2. Should the Retiring Minister's Fund not be sufficient for the 
claims of annuitants, it shall be proper to supplement that Fund from 
the Fellowship Branch Fund. 



The annual meeting of the Congregational Provident Fund Society was 
held in First Congregational Church, Ottawa, on Thursday, June 7th, 1923 
at 4.30 p.m. 

Rev. A. F. Pollock, Pastor of First Congregational Church was appoint- 
ed chairman of the meeting. 

Mr. Alex. McA. Murphy of Montreal was appointed Secretary of the 

Rev. T. W. Jones of Calvary Church, Montreal offered prayer. 

The minutes of the last annual meeting by unanimous resolution were 
taken as read and adopted. 

The annual report of the Directors as prepared by the Honorary- 
Secretary, Mr. W. H. Black, was received and adopted along with the an- 
nual report of the Treasurer, presented in person by Mr. Thos. Moodie, 

It was moved by Rev. Geo. E. Read, Sherbrooke, Que., seconded by 
Mr. Johnston of Hamilton and carried unanimously "that the Directors of 
the Soociety be authorized to take all necessary steps to amalgamate the 
Society with the sister organizations of similar character and purpose 
of the negotiating Presbyterian and Methodist Churches in accordance 
with the provisions of the basis of Union." 

It was moved by Rev. T. W. Jones, seconded by Rev. W. H. Warriner, 
D.D. and carried unanimously that the members of the retiring Board be 
re-elected as follows : 

Mr. W. D. Lighthall, 11 Place d'Armes, Montreal. 

Mr. Chas. Gurd, Id Bleury Street, Montreal. 

Mr. W. A. Wood, 246 Hampton Avenue, N.D.G. 

Mr. T. B. Macualay, Sun Life — Dominion Square, Montreal. 

Mr. A. McA. Murphy, Id Bleury Street, Montreal. 

Mr. W. H. Black, c/o Bell Telephone Co., Montreal. 

Mr. Arthur Birks, 39 Place d'Youville, Montreal. 

Mr. Thomas Moodie, 30 St. John Street, Montreal. 

Mr. W. E. Booth, 32 Warren Road, Toronto, Ont. 

Mr. S. H. Alexander, 176 Hughson Street, S. Hamilton. 

By unanimous resolution Mr. John Anderson was re-appointed auditor, 
and the thanks of the Society were recorderd for his appreciative services. 

Mr. Thos. Moodie, was elected representative of the Society on the 
conditional gift committee. 

Mr. Thos. Moodie, Honorary-Treasurer, submitted an actuarial report 
prepared by Mr. A. B. Wood, Chief Actuary of the Sun Life Assurance 
Company. Based upon this report and upon the recommendations of the 
Honorary-Treasurer it was unanimously resolved that the benefits payable 
to Widows be increased from $250.00 to $300.00 per annum. 

The Actuary reported that the Society would not be justified at the 
moment in making an increase with respect to retired ministers. 

Rev. Geo. Ellery Read, D.D. of Sherbrooke, Que., gave notice that 
he would introduce a motion at the next annual meeting to amend the by- 
laws respecting special cases. 


It was moved by Rev. W. T. Gunn and seconded by Rev. Dr. W. H. 
Warriner, D.D. and carried unanimously^ that the hearty thanks of the 
Society be tendered to Mr. Cloarles Gurd, its Chairman, for his handsome 
donation of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) to be divided in equal amounts 
between the Widows and Orphans Branch and the retiring Ministers branch. 

A resolution of thinks was also passed to the retiring Directors. 

The Meeting Adjourned. A. McA. Murphy, Secretary. 


The story of the past year is contained in the report of the Treas- 
urer, and it should prove satisfactory in every respect but one. The one 
unsatisfactory feature is the meagre sum we are able to paj' our Mem- 
bers. It is true that progress has been made, and that the Actuarial 
Study which is now proceeding will likely warrant a further increase. 
The fact remains, nevertheless, that a retiring allowance of anything 
less than $500 a year is absolutely inadequate. In view of Avhat indus- 
try is doing for its workers, the Churches should take this matter more 
seriously to heart. The Churches require an educated ministry and 
strong leadership, and should not neglect this means of maintaining and 
increasing the standard of capacity and attainments by offering to those 
whose profession does not lend itself readily to the acquisition of wealth. 
some adequate assurance that when the ability to work has passed, 
the leisure of old age shall not be entirely unprovided for. 

The character of the investments should command your confidence, 
and the return thereon, which is in the neighbourhood of 7%, is a tri- 
bute to the personal and painstaking work of the Chairman and the 
Treasurer. There is an increase in Assets during the year of over $7,600, 
and it would not be proper if we did not take this opportunitj'' of thank- 
ing our Chairman, Mr. Charles Gurd, for his very generovis gift which 
has added the very considerable sum of $1,000, one half of which has 
gone to the credit of the Retiring Ministers' Fund and one half to the 
Widows' and Orphans' Fund. The Assets might be called a Reserve, 
since it is these funds which guarantee to the Annuitants and Bene- 
ficiaries the ability of the Society to continue the payments. It must 
be remembered that except for the return on our invesments and the 
very moderate fees, we have no guaranteed income. Other denomin- 
ations require fixed percentages of the income of both the Church and 
the Minister, to be paid to Societies like ours, and under such a practice 
the Income is assured and a smaller reserve fund is required. We may 
say for ourselves that in relation to our obligations, our Assets are 
greater that others, but j^our Secretary at least is convinced enough to 
wish that wc had the powder to levy an adequate tribute both on the 
salaries of the ministers and the revenues of the Churches to provide 
more adequate pensions. 

Perhaps imder Union w-e may be in that happj' condition. 

The position of the Society under the projected Union with the 
Methodist and Presbyterian bodies wall come before j^ou at this An- 
nual meeting. Your Board recommends that you should take such ac- 
tion as will indicate that j^ou are prepared to take the necessarj- legal 
steps at such times as seems opportune, to merge j'our interests wath 
those of the United Church of Canada. 

You wall also be cplled upon to elect a new Board of Directors 
and an Auditor. 

W. H. Black, 
Montreal, June 2nd, 1923. Secretary. 



Your Treasurer has to report a good year for the Society. But while 
there is an increase in the subscriptions of $139.88 there is a falling off in 
the number of Churches remitting. In Ontario five less, Maritime 6 less, 
Northwest the same number 3, Russo-German 3 less, Quebec an increase of 
2, in all 12 less. 

The contributions have been divided according to the new rule estabhshed 
last year, 40%, 40%, 20%. 

In the W. and O. Branch, the increase in Assets amounts to $3,962.71. 
we have carried $3500.00 to Capital a/c leaving $716.00 at Cr. of Revenue 

There are five Annuitants and thirty-one Beneficiaries, Rev. Leroy Rice 
having left the Country. 

In the R. M. Branch the increase is $3639.03. We have transferred 
$2500.00 to a/c leaving $887.02 at Cr. of Renvenue a/c. 

There is one Annuitant and thirty-seven Beneficiaries and one applicant 
Rev. H. Norman Jackson, who is recommended for acceptance by the Direc- 

In the Fellowship Branch the increase is $283.67. We have transferred 
$333.97 to Capital a/c leaving ^333.97 at Cr. of Revenue a/c. 



Interest and Dividends „ $5,049 93 

Less outstanding 632 50 $4,417 43 

Collections 463 60 

Beneficiaries 376 00 

Bond repaid 1,000 00 

C. Gurd 500 00 

5,757 03 


Deficit last year „ - „ $ 264 97 

Annuitants '. 1,328 75 

Expenses 200 60 

United Brethren Ass 75 00 

Mortgage 3,000 00 

Balance - 1,887 71 

$6,757 03 



Mortgages ~- $25,500 GO 

St. Louis & Springfield Railway 5% Bonds _ 3,400 00 

Montreal Loan & Mortgage Co., at 150% 6,825 00 

Real Estate Loan Co „ „. 600 00 

Royal Bank of Canada 1,734 00 

Bank of Montreal 3,286 00 

Montreal Tramways Co. Stock 740 00 

Montreal Tramways Co. 5% Debentures 414 00 

War Bonds 1937 5^% 2,973 24 

War Bonds, 1934, 5^% 23,196 14 

Congregational College of Canada Loans 1,125 90 

Outstanding Interest 632 50 

Cash » 1,887 71 

$72,314 49 
Assets 1922 „ 68,35 1 78 

Increase $3,962 71 



Balance from last year $6,792 91 

Interest and Dividends — $2,737 66 

Less outstanding » 605 50 2,132 16 

Collections - 463 60 

Beneficiaries - — 235 00 

Bond repaid 1,000 00 

C. Gurd -- 500 00 

Congregation College of C - ™.- 164 43 

$11,288 10 


Annuitants $ 250 00 

Expenses 100 29 

Mortgage 6,800 00 

Rev. C. C. Claris refund 30 00 

Balance 4,107 81 

$11,288 10 



Mortgages - $24,300 00 

Montreal Loan & Mortgage Co. at 150% 5,100 00' 

Real Estate Loan Co „ 501 40 

Royal Bank of Canada „. _ 856 00 

Montreal Tramways Co. Stock 740 00 

Montreal Tramways Co. 5% Debentures..^ ^ 414 00 

Laurentide Co -.„ - 1 ,000 00 

Loan to C. C. of C 1,976 07 

Outstanding Interest : 605 50 

$39,600 84 
Assets 1922 35,961 81 

Increase - _ $3,639 03 



Balance last year ™ „ „. „... $1,584 27 

Interest „ _ $51 83 

Less outstanding „ „ 42 00 9 83 

Collections „ „„ „ „ 231 84 

$1,825 94 


Mortgages „ _ $1,200 00 

Balance „._ 625 94 

$1,825 94 


Mortgages $1,200 00 

Outstanding Interest 42 00 

Cash .„ „_ „ 625 94 

$1,867 94 


Audited and found correct, 

1st June, 1923. 




Ontario, Eastern 

Kingston Calvary $ 16 30 

First „ „ 20 00 

Ottawa First 25 00 

Wei. Zion 20 00 

Maxville 16 50 

Lanark 75 00 

Ontario Central 

Barrie „ 



Birchcli£f .., 

172 80 

5 00 
10 00 

10 00 
17 57 
45 00 

87 57 

Ontario, Western 

Brantford 20 00 

Embro „ 5 00 

Forest Central 5 00 

Frome _ 5 02 

Garafraxa 3 25 

Speedside 5 00 

Guelph 15 00 

Hamilton First 71 59 

" Immanuel 10 00 

London First 10 00 

Scotland 5 25 

Stratford „ 5 00 

Watford 10 00 

Elcho 1 25 

Diltz Road 2 00 

Sherkston _ 5 00 

Bloomingdale „ 7 25 

West Montrose 4 00 

Freeport ™- 2 50 

192 11 


Ayer's Cluff 15 00 

CowansAdlle 10 00 

Danville _ 12 00 

Fitch Bay „. 13 00 

Granby „ 43 50 

Melbourne 40 00 

Stanstead South 15 00 

Sherbrooke 115 00 


Amherst Pk 5 00 

Calvary 81 42 

Emmanuel „ 270 55 

Pt. St. Charles > 10 00 

630 47 

3 00 
2 50 
5 00 
2 50 

2 50 

3 75 
2 31 


2 37 

10 00 

7 50 

41 90 

North West 

Vancouver _ 15 55 

Kitsilans 5 00 

Victoria 5 00 

German Conference 3 SO 

Hopefield 1 50 

Calgary Ebenezar 3 64 



Chebogne „ 

Liverpool .„ 

Lower Selmah 



Pleasant River 

Baker's .Settlement. 




34 19 



Eastern 172 80 

Central .'. 87 57 

Western _ 192 11 

Total Ontario 452 48 

Quebec „ 630 47 

Maritime „.... 41 90 

North West 34 19 

1159 04 


W. & O. B. 4/10 463 60 

R. M. B. 4/10 463 60 

F. B., 2/10 231 84 

1159 04 



(Note: — Where address of Secretary is not given in full, add name 
of Church). 

Name of Church Name of Minister Secretary 

Brooklyn Vacant Milford Godfrey 

Beach Meadows. " ..Mrs. Geo. G. Haughn. 

Chebogue Vacant Miss A. L. Pinkney, R.R. 2, Yar- 

Economy R. P. Murray Enoch Huntley 

(Presbyterian) . . 

Kingsport Rev. G. W Crosby Mrs. O. O. Davidson, Canning, 

Kings Co. 

Liverpool G. W. Ball Mrs. A. H. Dunlap. 

Milton " 

Lower Selmah C. Tavener A. M. Anthony, Maitland. 

Noel " M. S. O'Brien. 

South Maitland... " Mrs. W. Rose, Urbania. 

Margaree P. G. Purnell W. R. Cranton, 

N. B. Margaree. 

Pleasant River J. M. Hooker Mrs. Philip Fancy, Colpton. 

Baker's Settlm't Mrs. A. Bolivar. 

Hemford T. W. Johnston. 

Yarmouth John G. O'Brien A. E. Williams. 



Keswick Ridge Rev. Churchill Moore. Miss Mary H. Mitchell, R.R. No. 3, 

Scotch Lake " . Mouth of Keswick. 

Scotch Settlement; " 

Sheffield Vacant E. C. Burpee, R.R. 1, Maugerville. 

Ayer's Cliff Rev. W. H. Thomas.. Mrs. Hazel Rexford. 

Boynton " . .A. C. Parkhill. 

Brown's Hill " 

Brigham Vacant Jas. Judd. 

Farnham Centre. . 

Cowansville R. Wilson Carr, A. P. Reuter. 

Danville (Federated) .E. G. Warren E. E. Philbrick. 

Fitch Bay John Murray Mrs. O. W. Brown. 

R. R. 2, Ayer's Cliff. 

Granby I. W. Pierce J. G. Fuller. 

Melbourne G. H. Craik, B. A H. A. Jones. 

Ulverton " Miss B. Mountain, Ulverton. 

Rock Island H. A. Carson, B.A Jos. Wallace. 

Sherbrooke G. Ellery Read, D.D.. .F. S. Rugg, K.C., 149 Quebec St. 

Waterville A. E. Teale, B.D L. Larson. 


Amherst Park C. Gushing, B.A Mrs. Allan MacLaine, 1196 De St. 

Valier St. 

Calvary T. W. Jones, M.A F. N.Stephen, 195 Oxford Ave. 

Crystal Springs... B. J. Lazenby E. H. Wilde, 3600 Benoni St. 

Emmanuel Geo. Adam Wm. H. Smith, 315 Hampton Ave, 

Point St. Charles. M. H. Sanderson Charles Upton, 222 Coleraine St. 

Union Vacant Geo. L. Elliott, 147 Lusignan St. 

St. Anne de Bellevue 

(Union) Donald McLeod Prof. A. W. Kneeland. 




Name of Church Name of Minister Secretary 

Kingston, First Federated with Chalmers' Presbyterian Church. 

J. H. Davis, 210 Union St. 

Bethel A.S.Duncan A. K. Williams, 20 Garrett St. 

Calgary ...A. F. Brown Mrs. E. Thompson, 27 Main St. 

Ottawa, First A. F. Pollock, B.D w. T. Lamb, 110 Carling Avenue. 

W. Zion H. I. Horsey T. D. Berry, Apt. B, 18 Fourth Ave. 

Maxville H. D. Whitmore Mrs. Dr. McEwen. 

Middleville Jas. Plant John N. Mather. 

Hopetown " j. p. Gunn, R.R. 4, Lanark. 

Rosetta " p. Peacock, R.R. 5, Almonte. 

Lanark Federated with Jas. Watt, Lanark. 

Presby. Church 

Rev. T. J. S. Ferguson 


Barrie Wm. Hipkin Mrs. A. Godden, 64 John St. 

Churchill Baptist Supply H. Gibbons, R.R. 2, Acton Ont. 

Cobourg Vacant A. W. Hayden, Cobourg. 

Coldsprings " Herbert Davidson, Cambourne. 

Dalston G. H. Knighton Wm. Brown, R. R. 1, Barrie, Ont. 

Edgar " Walter Thompson, R. R. 1. 

Shanty Bay. 

Crown Hill " S. Dunsmore, R.R. 1, Barrie Ont. 

Pine Grove Geo. M. Blacket Ed. Warren, Woodbridge, Ont. 

number Summit.. " B. R. WaUis, R.R. No. 3, Weston. 


Blrchcliff W. J. D. Gibson C. A. Gardner, 19 Haig Ave. 

Birchcliff, P.O. 

Broadview Rev. A. L. Richards ... Harold G. Blankarn, 543 Carlaw 

Evangelical Church of 

the Deaf Vacant Chas. R. Ford, 78 Frizzell Ave. 

Bond Street W. R. Mackay C. Fry, 68 Gifford St. 

Northern Ronald McLeod J. T. Bost, 18 Cornish Rd. 

Olivet T. C. ColUns-Williams.Wm. Davis, 49 Brownlow Ave. 

Western G. H. Hunter J. H. Pedley, 43 Harbord. 


Brantford W. G. Martin W. Buskard, 103 Darling St. 

Burford G. F. Kelly J. A. Telfer, R.R. 2, Burford, Ont. 

New Durham - " E. Henderson, R.R. 2, Harley, Ont. 

Bmbro H. N. Jackson Miss Mabel Munroe 

Forest, Central Vacant Miss Jennie Smith. 

Plympton " Duncan Smith, R.R. 5, Forest, Ont. 

Lake Shore " B. Lloyd, R.R. 3, Forest, Ont. 

Frome Wm. Cox Miss E. Casscadden, R.R.3, Shedden 

Garafraxa Vacant Thomas Hutchinson, 

R.R. 5, Belwood. 

Speedside " Rae Freure, R.R. 5, Rockwood. 

Guelph Frank Sanders A. Mitchell, 9 Douglas St. 

Hamilton, First J. L. Alexander, B.D. L. G. Cattell, 7 Beulah Ave. 

Hamilton, ImmanueL.M. T. Walker Miss B. Pettit, 465 Main St. W. 


(Glammis P.O.).. P. Reith (Presby) 

London, First Matthew Kelly F. W. Robins, 124 Wortley Road. 

Southern. . .H. B. Storey L. R. Anderson, 221 Colborne St. 


Name of Church Name of Minister Secretary 

Scotland A. E. Mann Melvin Halliday, Scotland. 

Stratford Geo. A. Mackenzie Geo. Gilbert, 356 Cambria St. 

Tilbury Presbyterian Supply.. 

"Watford T. de C. Rayner Miss Maude Marwick, Watford. 

Warwick " Miss Ella McCormick, R.R. No. 2, 

Blcho B. C. Searle Alonzo Comfort, Wellandport, Ont. 

Diltz Road " M. Michener, R.R. 1, Dunnville. 

Bethel " C. Gracie, RR. 1, Silverdale, Ont. 

Sherkston H. G. Foster (Meth) .. Oliver Sherk, R.R. 1, Port Colborne 

Maple Grove Supply A. E. Williams, RR. 2, Shelburne, 

Bloomingdale J. W. New^bery p. Snyder, R.R. 2, Waterloo, Ont. 

West Montrose .. . " -^v, Howlitt, West Montrose. 

Preeport " ^rs. w. S. Wiegand, R.R. Preston. 

Listowel Walter Rayner -^i^s Edith Peffers. 

Zion Duncan McColl M. C. Hohlsclagel. R.R.I, Marsh- 


Lovs^banks " Mrs. Louis Ehde, R.R.I, Lowbanks. 

Mt. Carmel " Mrs. M. Mitchener, R.R. 8, 

Gobies. . , J. Mager (Supply) Henry Tottle, Gobies. 

Windfall " G. Wilkins, R.R. Rtchwood. 



Brandon Vacant H. Cater, 602 North St, 

Winnipeg Central Geo. Laughton A. L. MacLean, 

479 McDermont Ave. 
Crescent. . .Geo. A Dickson T. R. Carrie, 551 Rosedale Ave. 


Carleton Union Field. 

Chellwrood B. Ralph, LL.D Mrs. Richardson, Chellwood, Via 


Blaine Lake " Mrs. Lawson Pool, Box 125, 

Blaine Lake. 

Balmoral " 

Naseby Mission Student Field W. D. Smith 

Salter " " A. Kimoff 

Cando " " W. Gavin 

Norwich " " Mr. Munro 

Beswick " " Mr. Ford 

Ibbestone " " 

Crane Creek " " Pete Morris 

Lizard Lake ..... " " 

Wilson Lake " " 

Richard Mission Student Field J. MacPhersori 

Bromley " " 

Badger Bluff " " 

Ellastone " " 

Calgary E. J. Thompson C. R. Wonnacott, 3810 Centre St. S. 

British Columbia 

Vancouver, First A. E. Cooke Chas. F. Currie, 1745-16 Ave. W. 

Grandview..W. P. Goard W. H. Lewthwaite, City Hall. 

" Kitsilano 

(Union Church) .. J. H. Cameron R H. Wyatt, 2820-llth Avenue, W. 

Victoria A. K. McMinn E. J. C. Smith, SO Dallas Rd. 


Swedish Work 

Name of Church Name of Minister Secretary 

Highland Park, Alta. .A. G. Swantrom Gus. Backstrom. 

New Norway Alta. 

Meeting Creek " Halvar Swedberg, Meeting Creek, 



Supt.— Rev. Hermon Sell, 508-Elghth St. W. 

Ebenezer, Calgary, Rich. Otto David Schreiner, 419 Eleventh St., 

Alta. N.E. 

Hopefield Castor, Alta. " Phillipp Schnell, Castor, Alta. 

Salem, Mayton, Alta..G. F. Kissler Paul Anhorn,. Sunnyslops, Alta. 

Zion, Beiseker, Alta. . . " Philip Hixt, Beiseker, Alta. 

Zion, Trochu, Alta " Geo. Schmidt, Trochu, Alta. 

Zion, Three Hills, Alta. " John Maerz, Three Hills, Alta. 

Friedens, Irvine, Alta. Ed, Hildebrandt Jacob Maser, Irvine, Alta. 

Pilgrim, Irvine, Alta.. " Geo. Schneider, Alta. 

Friedens, Walsh, Alta. " Adolph Yanke, Walsh, Alta. 

Zoar, Gros "Ventre, „ ,^ 

Alta. " Wm. Kraus. Gros Ventre, Alta. 

Zion, Hilda, Alta J. A. Hochstatter Christian Duerr, Hilda, Alta. 

Immanuel, Hilda, Alta. " Andrew Bayerbach, Hilda, Alta. 

Matthew, Schuler, " John Lindeman, Schuler, Alta. 

Hoffmung, Schuler, " Fred Renke, Schuler, Alta. 

Postal, Buffalohead, " John Goekle, Buffalohead, Sask. 


Emanuel, Westerham, . , „^ , „ , 

Sask.Theo. Strobel Andrew Schick, Westerham, Sask. 

Zion, Leader, Sask " H. H. Nitschke, Leader, Sask. 

Bethlehem, Eatonia, " Daniel Bader, Eatonia, Sask. 


Friedens, Hanna, Jacob Kessler Gottfried Faechner, Hanna, Sask. 

Newburg, Hanna, " D. Zorhn, Hanna, Alta. 

St. Johannes " David Hass, Hanna, Sask. 

Hope Hatton, Sask A. A. Rieger Andrew Widmer, Hatton, Sask. 

St. Paul's Sagathun, , . ^ ^ ^ ^, „ , 

Sask. " Gotfried Frey, Sagathun, Sask. 

Grace, Surprise, Sask. " John Ebel, Surprise, Sask. 

St. John, Kincorth, 

Alta. " Jacob Hehr, Kincorth, Alta. 


Under Pastoral Care — 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 2,999 

Quebec ...„ 5,921 

Eastern Ontario 2,004 

Central Ontario 5,015 

Western Ontario 6.514 

Western Provinces 8,603 

Total 3 1 ,056 

Decrease from 1921—1093 

Membership — 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 677 

Quebec 2,736 

Eastern Ontario _ 986 

Central Ontario 2,193 

Western Ontario 3,139 

Western Provinces 3,031 

Total 12,762 

Increase over 1921 — 590. 

Sunday School Enrolment, teachers and scholars — 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 774 

Quebec 2,056 

Eastern Ontario „ 936 

Central Ontario „ 1,775 

Western Ontario 2,890 

Western Provinces 2,701 

Total 1 1 ,132 

Increase over 1921 — 614. 

Members of Sunday School who united with the Church — 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick „ 5 

Quebec 45 

Eastern Ontario „ 12 

Central Ontario „ 39 

Western Ontario 45 

Western Provinces 54 

Total 200 

Dencrease from 1921 — 270. 

Young People's Societies 
Membership — 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 236 

Quebec _... .-. „ 379 

Eastern Ontario 138 

Central Ontario 266 

Western Ontario ...„ 569 

Western Provinces 622 

Total ; 2,210 

Decrease from 1921 — 59. 

132 congregational year book 

United with the Church from Young People's Societies — 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 3 

Quebec 8 

Eastern Ontario „ 3 

Central Ontario 42 

Western Ontario 30 

Western Provinces 34 

Total 120 

Decrease from 1921 — 36. 


Value of Church Property — Value Debt. 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick $ 81,000 00 $ 33 00 

Quebec 582,000 00 33,200 00 

Eastern Ontario 166,000 00 18,185 00 

Central Ontario „ 477,500 00 49,750 00 

Western Ontario 325,400 00 21,371 00 

Western Provinces 557,100 00 81,902 00 

Total „.. $2,189,000 00 $204,441 00 

Decrease from 1921— 47,300, 00 Inc. 3,708 00 

Amount Raised for all Purposes — Total 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick $ 16,028 00 

Quebec 85,764 00 

Eastern Ontario 20,553 00 

Central Ontario 60,022 00 

Western Ontario 56,752 00 

Western Provinces 67,638 00 

Total $306,757 00 

Decrease from 1921— $55,275 00. 

Amount Raised in Sunday School — 1921 1922 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick $ 680 68 $ 587 00 

Quebec .: 3,615 17 4,353 00 

Ontario Eastern 1,794 43 1.794 00 

Ontario Central 3,907 68 4,079 00 

Ontario Western 5,477 50 4,866 00 

Western Provinces - 3,589 42 2.992 00 

Total $19,064 88 $18,671 00 

Decrease from 1921— $393 00. 
Young People's Societies — 

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.. 


Ontario Eastern 

Ontario Central 

Ontario Western 

North West and British Columbia.. 

187 65 

$ 152 00 

1,244 37 

692 00 

671 64 

834 00 

579 36 

611 00 

1,170 29 

1,040 00 

1,112 25 

1,064 00 

Total $ 4,965 56 $ 4,393 00 

Decrease from 1921— $572 00. 



>s '-i 



.^- , 






CREAM t^rmii 



Winnipeg; TORONTO, Canada Montreal 



Is your little one going to have a 
chance in the world? 

If you begin to plan now for his 
education it will be a simple matter to 
ensure his university training. 

The College Policy, for boys and girls, 
issued by the Sun Life of Canada has been 
devised to meet this problem in a con- 
venient way. 

This is all explained in the College 
Policy booklet. Ask for a copy, stating 
whether for a boy or girl. 

Sun Liif^ 

€«msii bjJ2ANADA